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Flame of The Week – VvV in defence of Elkie Stuart

By johnboy - 19 November 2008 94

It appears we’re going to have to discontinue “Nutter of the Month” for reasons which may become clear later in the week.

But there’s nothing to stop us celebrating the best flames. On that basis I’d like to congratulate VvV for providing the inaugural FoTW in defence of the classically elegant Elkie Stuart:

    I was simply searching for a picture of what Elkie was wearing on the day when i came across this, and i can honestly say it disgusted me. I have known Elkie for years and i can honestly say she is one of the most beautiful (inside and out) people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can not believe that you are referring to her facebook profile picture as an example of her being trashy!? Are you kidding me!? That picture was taken at one of her friends 21st birthday party where the theme was “doctors and nurses” and if you ask me that is one of the least skanky nurses costumes i have ever seen. What the hell are you talking about cleavage!? can you see any!? no! Yes, she has a glass of champagne. oh wow. that must mean shes a trash bag. She is a 21 year old girl. give her a break. She was simply saying that there used to be a time where there was a standard of dressing for women at the races (as there still is for men) and it does seem that these days the fashion has drastically changed from elegant, beautiful racing dresses and accesories to the latest clubbing dress with the highest stilettos available.. which will be sure to come off after 3. Dont get me wrong, i have nothing against party dresses but there is a time and a place, and i dont think the races is one of them. It does really change the atmosphere at the races, which is really unfortunate, the races used to be such an upscale event but teh standards have really plummeted recently. As for the dig at her music, seriously, what is wrong with you people!? Elkie is an incredibly talented country musician, i would have thought that would only add to her appeal!? She is a strikingly beautiful girl from the country who is down the earth, caring, generous, has a killer sense of humour and fun who is also incredibly talented and dresses well. As for the suggestion that she won because of her family connections and calling her a “Red hill girl” i think this is completely ridiculous! I was torn between anger and laughter when i read this. Would you Mrs Grundy ever refer to someone as a “belconnen” girl!? is this just a stab at her familys wealth!? how ridiculous, you must have one hell of a chip on your shoulder. Her family is the LEAST snobby family i have ever met, they are completely lovely and warm. They used to live on a dairy farm and yet now your refering to them as a “red hill” family!? why should where someone lives have ANYTHING to do with the type of people they are. This discussion (with the exception of a few posts) has really saddened me. That there are people out there willing to completely hack into someone they dont know at all because of absolutely nothing. Surely there are people who are more deserving of your criticism than a beautiful lovely 21 year old girl who very deservedly won a fantastic comp.

The spelling is a little good for a classic flame, but the lack of paragraphs, the block caps, exclamation marks, lower case “i” and the odd “teh”… they’re all top work.


What’s Your opinion?

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94 Responses to
Flame of The Week – VvV in defence of Elkie Stuart
grundy 12:04 pm 19 Nov 08

Holden Caulfield said :

Holden Caulfield said :

It’s okay, mrs grundy is already on to that…

Oops, in response to post #8.

Yeah, I’ll get her digging more dirt on Elkie. Private I, Mrs G!

Roadrage77 12:02 pm 19 Nov 08

This whole “issue” is pathetically trivial and the whole facebook thing borders on stalking.

Obviously a slow news week. Time to run another stock standard “Hayfever is particularly bad this year” or “Where is the best Indian food in Canberra?” thread me thinks.

Holden Caulfield 12:00 pm 19 Nov 08

Holden Caulfield said :

It’s okay, mrs grundy is already on to that…

Oops, in response to post #8.

Thumper 11:59 am 19 Nov 08

Why later? This is 2008, I demand it NOW!

In fact, I demand it yesterday 😉

Holden Caulfield 11:59 am 19 Nov 08

It’s okay, mrs grundy is already on to that…

johnboy 11:58 am 19 Nov 08

Best if you all wait and see.

grundy 11:58 am 19 Nov 08

el said :

So…what’s happening later in the week re ‘nutter of the month’?

Maybe one of the ‘nutters’ sued JB? lol

rosebud 11:56 am 19 Nov 08

Gotta say I agree with Flame of the Week.

I found the discussion about women on that thread particularly neanderthal.

Only bit I disagree with is the country music bit as I’ve never heard her sing. Maybe she could put a video up on You Tube and we could all have a look and listen.

el 11:54 am 19 Nov 08

So…what’s happening later in the week re ‘nutter of the month’?

grundy 11:50 am 19 Nov 08


I’ll have to get my wife to create her own username on RA.

Can’t have her getting this sort of attention under my name!


Looks like my wife hit a sore spot for some of these ‘nutters’… 😉

VvV 11:42 am 19 Nov 08

Haha, good response BerraBoy68! Gave me a good laugh!

BerraBoy68 11:40 am 19 Nov 08

I dispute VW’s claim that she finds Ms Stuart to be beautiful both inside and out. Personally I find the sight of someone’s liver, spleen, lungs etc. to be quite disgusting. Don’t even get me started on the small intestine and pancreas. I might be wrong however and look forward to VW providing a photo of Ms Stuarts innards.

piperdoon 11:37 am 19 Nov 08

Elkie who??????

Feathergirl 11:33 am 19 Nov 08

Aw, I always enjoyed reading “Nutter of the Month”…

p1 11:26 am 19 Nov 08

Elkie is an incredibly talented country musician

Country Music? Arrrggghhhhh noooooo……

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