Flame Of The Week – you are all loser War Hammer goof balls

johnboy 13 March 2009 62

It’s been a little quiet on the quality flame front.

But in the discussion on race course fashion competitions newbie “hurra” has excelled his or herself:

    Firstly, to all you loser War Hammer goof balls, I strongly advise you all to get a life and maybe even a job!!! After reading these comments, well all the loser ones, it reminded me of how many losers there are in Canberra.I think it’s safe to say that none of you were at the races on Sunday because you were too busy playing War Heads and eating left over pizza from 2 weeks ago. This website is a joke and it really proves that you people have no life and probably no girlfriends / wife, therefore you would have no idea about fashion or the races. If you were at the races you would have heard the non jealous people comment to how great the winner looked, but I guess you guys would never be asked to judge a fashion show, because your to busy on this website 🙂

A little let down by the smiley face at the end, but a top effort regardless.

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62 Responses to Flame Of The Week – you are all loser War Hammer goof balls
starkiss.martini starkiss.martini 5:26 pm 16 Aug 09

So, I put into google “is warhammer for losers?”… and after reading that post, for once in my life, I actually WANT to play warhammer! That flamer has just made my boyfriend happy. Yeah, he likes warhammer and he’s got a girlfriend! A hot one, that now will attempt to enjoy warhammer! 🙂

Granny Granny 6:30 pm 14 Mar 09

I play my War Hammer in the closet!

Granny Granny 6:29 pm 14 Mar 09


And I’m just pretending to have needed to Google that.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 6:23 pm 14 Mar 09

Johnboy is just showing off his inner loser Warhammer goof ball.

Granny Granny 6:19 pm 14 Mar 09

Having sought advice from my friend Google, I must concur that this is the case.

: )

johnboy johnboy 6:10 pm 14 Mar 09

Granny said :

And she certainly wouldn’t have played War Hammer.


But if she did she’d definitely play Slaanesh.

Granny Granny 6:02 pm 14 Mar 09

And she certainly wouldn’t have played War Hammer.


ant ant 5:49 pm 14 Mar 09

I don’t think Scarlett O’Hara would have made a dress (or a skirt) out of THOSE curtains however.

Granny Granny 2:37 pm 14 Mar 09

ant said :

And where did she steal those curtains from?

Well, fiddle-dee-dee! War, war, war; this war talk’s spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream.

If a curtain dress is good enough for Scarlett O’Hara and Giselle from ‘Enchanted’ it’s good enough for the Canberra races I should say. After all, Scarlett Rules: When Life Gives You Green Velvet Curtains, Make a Green Velvet Dress ….

Starscream Starscream 11:42 am 14 Mar 09

warhammer rules!

S4anta S4anta 11:26 am 14 Mar 09

The small technical glitch with this persons plan is that he/she forget to mention that the fashion parade at any race meeting is merely an excuse for the punters to have spew, grab more beer and have their legs broken by the crime syndicate that is paying for their day out.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 9:46 am 14 Mar 09

because you were too busy playing War Heads and eating left over pizza from 2 weeks ago.

“Eating pizza from two weeks ago”, would leave one rather too incapacitated to attend any races.

Ok, and what is “War Hammer” and/or “war heads”? (I’m going to regret asking that aren’t I?)

ant ant 12:35 am 14 Mar 09

But why did she think we are all into War Hammer? Enquiring minds want to know. And where did she steal those curtains from?

Granny Granny 12:20 am 14 Mar 09

I saw a horse once.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 12:05 am 14 Mar 09

The fashion at the races would be much better if it wasn’t just a bunch of dumb, overdressed bogan moles who drink too much.

I reckon the horses would have to be smarter than most of those chicks.

bd84 bd84 11:43 pm 13 Mar 09

Aw but I like laughing at all the losers in the warhammer shop at woden. Hmm the angry comment was well written and the spelling was good too. I wonder if this girl is cute and single? haha ..(well i’m guessing they’re female)

and lol @ “goof balls”

Granny Granny 11:11 pm 13 Mar 09

Hilarious, astro!

ant ant 8:14 pm 13 Mar 09

True, astro, but! She did make a bizarre and puzzling accusation that we all play War Hammer. So far, it appears that no one’s admitting to that, so the lack of weird capitalisation is trumped by the left-field naming of us all as dunnies and dragons fans.

astrojax astrojax 6:49 pm 13 Mar 09

i can’t believe no-one else but me entirely agrees with this poster…

but then, i can’t believe i can’t believe it’s not butter is not butter…

almost a classic, flame buT LACKED APPROpriate capITALISATION IN STRANGE PLACes.

Granny Granny 6:22 pm 13 Mar 09

Looks like someone woke up on the wrong end of their parasol, eh what?


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