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Florey man gets stabby whilst in psycosis

By S4anta - 3 April 2008 97

The ABC greets us with the news this morning that ACT’s newest soft serve on crime has dealt out an 18 month good behaviour bond to a Florey man, Mr Anthony Staines whom after gobbling mushrooms and imbibing in the standard speed binge stabbed a women in the adbomen.

Justice Penfold has suggested that the attack acted as a wake up call to Mr Staines, and the rest of the fatally criminally stupid that Canberra is the place to take a bunch of drugs, commit a crime, get pinched and get a soft sentence quicker than Todd Carney’s Ute in Bruce.

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97 Responses to
Florey man gets stabby whilst in psycosis
BerraBoy68 6:36 pm 05 Apr 08

The other part of the ‘Pugwash’ urban-legend was that the Cabin-boy was named Roger. So whenever he was mentioned in an episode he would be “Roger the Cabin-boy”. The actual characters name was, from memory, Tom.

Back on topic… so if the family of the lady who was stabbed decided to take matters into their own hands and give this prize tosser a beating, or even a mild stabbing to the abdomin (‘an eye for an eye’), do you think Penfold would be as lenient? Personally I think she’d throw the book at them. The ACT legal system is in a very sad state….

BTW: is it just me or does anybody else think of DangerMouse when they hear the name Penfold? Cor…

Thumper 11:43 am 04 Apr 08

Ah, la menta, thanks. I always wondered about that one 😉

la mente torbida 10:40 am 04 Apr 08

Closest was a character called Willy

la mente torbida 10:36 am 04 Apr 08


Urban myth…there was never a seaman staines in Pugwash

Thumper 8:14 am 04 Apr 08

Truly f*cking remarkable. Does someone have to die before we see a decent sentence?

Oh that’s right, it doesn’t make any difference.

(BTW I believe that Seaman Staines was a character in the kids cartoon Captain Pugwash!)

Aeek 9:16 pm 03 Apr 08

According to the CT, the prosecution was in agreement.

imhotep 8:21 pm 03 Apr 08

From the ABC; “In her sentencing remarks, Justice Hilary Penfold said the evidence suggested Staines irrational attack on the victim has operated as a serious wake-up call.”

A wake up call? He stabs a woman and does NO time for it. Why would that wake him up?

This is the same magistrate that gave another d*ckhead 8 months for rape.

What DO you have to do to get a serious jail term in the ACT?

The Jas 8:16 pm 03 Apr 08

Man I went to primary school with this guy, he was pretty screwed up then and it looks like things haven’t changed.

papadoc 3:46 pm 03 Apr 08

Mr Evil said :

So, according to Penfold, stabbing and rape are both okay?

F*ck Me!

I know what I’m doing this weekend!

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:44 pm 03 Apr 08

Typical of the laughable standard of our justice system.

Mr Evil 1:35 pm 03 Apr 08

So, according to Penfold, stabbing and rape are both okay?

F*ck Me!

Special G 12:48 pm 03 Apr 08

It must have been at the lower end of the stabbing someone in the abdomen spectrum. Disadvantaged childhood, drug habit, etc, etc

mutley...again 12:47 pm 03 Apr 08

Ari said :

Perhaps he’ll join the navy to rehabilitate … at one stroke becoming Seaman Staines.

Now THAT is a hair trigger!

Ari 12:23 pm 03 Apr 08

Perhaps he’ll join the navy to rehabilitate … at one stroke becoming Seaman Staines.

ant 12:14 pm 03 Apr 08

I imagine that it was a “cry for help” or somesuch. Maybe when there’s a jail nice and close, they’ll be more inclined to send peopel to it?

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