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Flyballers hard done by at the show?

By johnboy - 2 March 2009 111

I know when I go to the show it’s the flyballers I always make a beeline for.

But it would seem the people and dogs providing that entertainment aren’t being well looked after. Here’s one blogger’s view of proceedings:

    after a while of scraping through the dirt possum started limping and then we saw that she had scraped the skin off her dew claw pad. poor baby. we taped her up but it didnt help and she ran a lot slower so we lost races we would normally win. we ended up having to pull her out so she wouldnt get hurt worse, and we finished only third when we were pretty sure of a first or second. we did one good time, but if they dont fix that surface for next year i think we wont go. the bad part of the weekend was made worse by the fact that we, the flyballers, were not given parking permits into the exhibitors part of the showground and would have had to pay show rates for parking. this didnt apply to people doing agility, or with the silly show dogs. what is it with the human race, that people always have to JUDGE someone else, and what they do, as not worthy somehow? so we parked out on the street and came back to find a window smashed and the car broken into. we lost important stuff we probly shouldnt have left in the car, and yet again i am left wondering at the complete deadshits human beings can be at times. especially canberra bogans.

What’s Your opinion?

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111 Responses to
Flyballers hard done by at the show?
Danman 10:19 am 03 Mar 09

kms, you could have remained blissfully anonomous and save face if you just let this thread run its course.

I am a pet owner and sympathise with your concerns, however, your subsequent postings offer yourself no help furthering your concerns.

I hope the situation is improved for you and your club in the future.

Tempestas 10:18 am 03 Mar 09

Grundy/Gobbo/Skidbladnir, you seem to know too much to be a disinterested uninvolved observer. Perhaps you might belong to the lets breed them unti their insane, why would you work them instead of looking at how pretty they are crowd.

Personally I think any person who keeps a working dog as a pet and doesn’t allow it work should be deprived of all sorts of things.

The OP’s point was that they write their blog for a specific audience and weren’t writing to withstand the onslaughts of F*wit notitalls like yourselves who inhabit this place.

If this gets me in the moderation queue then so bit it.

kms 10:17 am 03 Mar 09

thanks psydfx. i dont think i have made myself very clear really, i was annoyed at johnboy for using my stuff without crediting me but he fixed that, and then i got annoyed at OTHER peoples comments that were having a go at me, when they werent privy to the whole context of my BLOG and what i use it for etc. esp people making peronal comments about me or my life, which were just cheap shots and off topic anyway. it also feels a bit like i am the one who actively started the complaint about the show when i was just griping on my blog and not expecting that to be read by anyone who doesnt know me (i dont want more exposure for my blog, its not that sort of blog) and really it was johnboy who raised the issue of how we were treated. i have since been commenting on peoples comments and am grateful for those that expressed their concern as well. i just dont like being personally attacked when i didnt even start the whole thing here at riot act.

PsydFX 10:10 am 03 Mar 09

kms, it’s funny, when I read the OP I was sympathetic towards you, and disgusted that the event organisers would provide a sub-standard arena for your dog, and treat you in such a manner.

Re-reading it, I still fail to see how Johnboy is taking something out of context, or making you look bad – he is merely referencing your complaints surrounding the event which many people here assume to be justified.

kms 10:09 am 03 Mar 09

sorry gobbo, is that aimed at me? i know who the organisers were (i was there), and they were not happy with the conditions either and have already asked competitors for their input! in my first comment i said that whatever gripes i had werent with the competion organisers (see above). as i said they already lobby the show society but seem to get nowhere. i dont recall griping about what other clubs do or dont do, but i can tell you now that other dog associations get treated differently and thats a known fact in bizarro dog world, for whatever reason. it happens at the sydney royal too. this is despite the fact the flyball is a big crowd drawer usually (which is i think johnboys original point).

Gobbo 10:05 am 03 Mar 09

It would appear that the flyball comp at the Canberra Show was organised between the Canberra X-Factor Flyball Team of the ACT Companion Dog Club and the Show people. Contact details for the doggie peeps can be found at

Perhaps you should contact them and advise where they got it so wrong from your perspective. It will allow them to improve for neext year.

And don’t gripe about other clubs have the ability to organise things better. That is hardly their fault. 🙂

kms 10:04 am 03 Mar 09

sepi said :

I love the flyball – I also like the agility dogs too. I wish they wouldn’t put all the dog stuff way at the back of the show.

so do i:) all the dog stuff is great and we usually get big crowds but it was a lot quiter this year, and the dust was bad for spectators as well, i dont think that spot under the pine trees is the best location, in case you didnt get that already……

sepi 10:00 am 03 Mar 09

I love the flyball – I also like the agility dogs too. I wish they wouldn’t put all the dog stuff way at the back of the show.

RandomGit 9:57 am 03 Mar 09

Man, people really love to be cnuts for the barest excuse eh?

Maybe the flyballers can invest in a few rolls of astroturf and a packet of tent pegs, or other suitable temporary surface, to roll on and roll off when they do their thing?

I sympathise with your (entirely readable) concerns kms but it does seem the devil of these details is on the users head.

grundy 9:56 am 03 Mar 09

kms said :

at least on blogger i can control who gets to comment on my words, thats my point.

Well that’s no fun!

Johnboy actaully shows a lot of restraint and does not cut/chop or delete many comments at all that I have seen. Your comments are still here aren’t they?

Most bloggers also do anything they can to get their blog read… and RiaoACT has done that for you. If you don’t want it read, then don’t blog.

PS: Welcome to RiotACT. Come join in a bit more often, it’s a fun place to catch up on the latest local news and openly comment on the articles. 🙂

kms 9:54 am 03 Mar 09

PS in relation to my last comment, i have already emailed johnboy himself on that, and dont want to start another argument about use of internet sources etc. sorry, i got a little unfocused there.

grundy 9:51 am 03 Mar 09

Welcome to the internetz KMS.

Johnboy accidentally your whole blog… :S

kms 9:51 am 03 Mar 09

i will respond in kind
a) yes the dogs deserved better, all of them.
b) i can control the other hard surfaces shes on and we were not told the truth about that particular surface. i finished the doctorate a year ago, i AM knitting thanks, and my husband runs the dog, im just a team helper. as for living vicariously, what the hell would you know about me or my life?!
c) sigh. do i really need to explain the intricacies of flyball competition organisation? this WAS a legitimate comp, its been held at the show for 10 years, and every year the flyball gets treated worse and worse.
d) given the blog was written mostly for people who know me, that sentence makes sense in that context, and in relation to other posts about flyball and flyballers get treated like a lesser kind of dog sport. CF: earlier comment about agility and show dogs.
e) i didnt CHOOSE to come to riot act, i was dragged here and i either say nothing or defend myself. i am not the one who complained on riot act about the treatment of flyball at the canberra show. that, i believe, was the eminent journalist known as johnboy. i have only responded to questions/comments etc. perhaps johnboy could have done a better job of contextualising the quote of mine he used so that it would have been clearer where HE stood on the issue and you could have argued with HIM rather than me. if my friend hadnt told me what had happened the argument may or may not have continued with me knowing nothing about it and not able to defend/represent myself. in that sense, being fore-warned might have been nice.

the copyright issue has been clarified by others, and the mistake was about not giving credit, but i would also say that there is a thing called ‘spirit of the law’ designed to give some grey areas around the way in which law is interpreted. fair use might be a nice thing to hide behind legally but when do you need to consider possible harm caused? at least on blogger i can control who gets to comment on my words, thats my point.

Skidbladnir 9:33 am 03 Mar 09

I am torn between
a) Saying “That dog deserves better”,
b) Saying “Hard surfaces are everywhere, we’re in the middle of a drought, maybe you should go back to your knitting\Doctorate instead of living vicariously through your dog”
c) Saying “Why not do flyball at any one of the other courses around Canberra, in a legitimate competition?”
d) Pointing out how strange it is for someone who drove from Sydney to Canberra for their dog to win an interstate contest to use the phrase “what is it with the human race, that people always have to JUDGE someone else, and what they do, as not worthy somehow?”,
e) Or just saying “Harden up sunshine, welcome to RiotACT”.
So went with f) All of the above.

Jb could have asked permission\told you he was running with it, but its not like he was trying to pass it off as his own work, and isn’t Blogger under Creative Commons by default?

@Poptop: You mean copyright.

kms 9:26 am 03 Mar 09

no i wasnt talking about you gardening girl. i appreciate that some people here got the point about the way volunteer exhibitors and their animals get treated. gobbo, the dew clas comes into contact with the ground as the dog approaches the box that is holding the ball. dew claws are also called ‘stop pads’ and are used by dogs like brakes, to slow them down. when they run on grass they dont get scraped. possum has been doing flyball for 2 years usually on grass, this is the first time she lost skin off her pads, and it happened to at least 3 other dogs at this comp, which is the first time any of us have had it happen. we have a member on the show society committee and she has been lobbying them for years but they just wont water it up there, its as simple as that. i know there are water restrictions but they could put us down on the main oval where the agility was if they know the track is going to be no good, especially given the speed at which some of our dogs move.

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