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For all your Canberra mapping needs…

Joe Canberran 17 March 2008 8

Ok. We have Google maps, and now the government has waded in with ACTMAPi, a highly detailed map with oodles of tools, block and sections, contours, etc.

So who is going to use this over the others, except maybe developers, police and stalkers??

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8 Responses to For all your Canberra mapping needs…
astrojax astrojax 7:14 am 18 Mar 08

fat lot of good the thing is on my mac – using safari. tells me before loading it is configuring my browser, or authenticating it, or something, but then the toolbar at the top is all but hidden – and with no pop-ups on the icons to tell me what they are, i was unable to do anything but look at a nice drawing of the act. what a riot.

les les 11:08 pm 17 Mar 08

Keys are often called Legends in mapping. Maybe you missed that geography lesson.

Spectra Spectra 2:11 pm 17 Mar 08

It’s handy, but you know what would be great? If I could find the key. As far back as primary school we were taught that a map should always have a scale and a key (presuming there was anything that needed any explanation, which this map has all over the place in every mode). Apparently the guys creating this system missed that year 5 class.

iceu iceu 1:26 pm 17 Mar 08

This has been around quite a while and I admit that I’ve used it. We’re looking at buying a house so this gives us more detailed imagery (eg. “so that’s what the neighbours keep behind that fence – 5 old cars!”) as well as easements. Sure, I could get the information from elsewhere, but I’ve found it kind of useful.

KandyA KandyA 12:58 pm 17 Mar 08

feel the power canberra

high school geography students with crayons could scan up something just as useful

Cameron Cameron 11:56 am 17 Mar 08

Yeah… that’s almost back in the day of “This site optimised for IE4” – hah!

fozzy fozzy 11:50 am 17 Mar 08

Looks like they’re still stuck in the mid 90’s. That was about the last time I saw a website that stated it only worked with IE. To Quote:

3. Browsers.

If you are using the SVG plug-in, ACTMAPi works best with browsers that use the Internet Explorer engine. Such browsers include:

* Internet Explorer versions 4 or higher and
* Netscape Version 8 with the rendering engine set to Internet Explorer and with ActiveX enabled in the security settings. These values may be set as follows:
1. Right mouse click within an Internet window and select ‘Display like Internet Explorer’.
2. In the Tools menu, select Options, then Site Controls.
3. On the ‘Site List’ tab, click on ACTMAPi, displayed under ‘My Settings’.
4. Under ‘Web Features’, tick ‘Allow unrequested pop-up windows’ and ‘Enable ActiveX’.
5. Select the Internet Explorer rendering engine.
6. Click ‘OK’.

It may be possible to use the SVG plug-in with other browsers or with other versions of the browsers listed above. More information regarding this is available from the Adobe web site.

ACTMAPi may be used without the SVG plug-in with some limitations in most browsers, including Mozilla, Firefox and other versions of Netscape.

So it works with a convicted Criminal’s browser (Micro$oft), a browser that has officially ceased production (Netscape). Or you have reduced functionality with everything else. Great!

To help those who may not know, if you use Firefox on Windoze there’s plugin called IETab that enables FF to use the IE rendering engine.

Tempestas Tempestas 11:07 am 17 Mar 08

This has been about for a while. It’s useful for looking for easements, Developement applications, open spaces and the like, its not a useful map for directions. I think the market is not the same as Google and whereis is typical Telstra rubbish

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