Foskey up in arms about Forde

Thumper 1 November 2007 10

The ABC reports that RA favourite Deb Foskey has criticised development in the new Gungahlin suburb of Forde, saying new homes will not be able to adequately harness green energy.

Dr Foskey says despite promises of environmentally friendly living, the blocks being offered for sale are too narrow or have poor orientation for solar energy and that it is up to the ACT Government to regulate future land releases so homes can be built on green principles.

She does however have a point, and states that “They’re (the ACT government) after the bottom line of profit, whereas the ACT Government should be pursuing a bottom line of economic, ecological and social sustainability.”

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10 Responses to Foskey up in arms about Forde
Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:48 pm 02 Nov 07

I raised this concern at the so-called “Forde community workshop” put on by the Forde developers over a year ago.
Everything was supposedly on the table, but the reality was absolutely nothing changed from then to implementation. The plans were a done deal.

The Forde street layouts are however a *little* better than what the LDA has been releasing in Harrison and now in Franklin, but could be much better.

Although I should concede Harrison 3 – Hillside – is much better, but only because it parallels Flemington Road which is dead north-south at that point – see the LDA only get solar orientation right by accident!

The point I have laboured with both Ministers Corbell and Barr, and with Neil Savery, is that if they don’t get this most fundamental design aspect right, it is that much harder to build appropriately.

Our submission to the draft Territory Plan said as much (pages 16, 18-19, 22-23)
It also called for the block star ratings to be declared at the point of sale, thereby turning it into an economic imperitive – the only language LDA seems to understand.

But it seems that the next 10 years worth of new estate concept plans are already completed, and the LDA isn’t keen on reviewing them in accordance with current solar access principles. Needs a Minister to put the boot into the issue.

So good on Deb Foskey for raising the issue. Credit where it’s due.

hax hax 9:54 pm 01 Nov 07

Im amazed that the Greens (of all parties) are actually on the builders side – these poorly designed suburbs/blocks make it hard to achieve the best outcomes when building a house, especially on a budget.

Everyone knows where North is except the govt/ town planners.. to be fair it must be hard working from a windowless office in some basement, far far away from the real world.

sepi sepi 4:51 pm 01 Nov 07

She has a point though. In North Watson half the houses are diagonal to the street, so as to be North oriented. Correct orientation to the sun can dramatically improve livability and energy bills.
but on small blocks with the house at an angle it means instead of a backyard, you get four tiny triangles of green space.
So it would be nice if the govt would actually draw the streets so that houses could face the street and face north.

Ponkygirl Ponkygirl 2:13 pm 01 Nov 07

The houses in Coronation St never had a media room, a parent’s retreat and some place called “meals”.

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 1:35 pm 01 Nov 07

Hey that’d be ironic as well – since it’s on account of having to move out of Yarralumla that Foskey’s been looking for new premises.

Apologies for the dual post.

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 1:33 pm 01 Nov 07

They can rename Yarralumla Forde – unless there is a PM Yarralumla in the works somewhere.

I’m sure Forde would prefer being a swanky inner suburb over some new coronation street sardine tin.

pierce pierce 1:29 pm 01 Nov 07

That suggestion (however facetious it may have been 🙂 is an outrage Lord Maelinar – it dishonours one of this countries greatest Prime Ministers ever.

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 1:27 pm 01 Nov 07

poor orientation ?

You mean is it a rectangle or a square or a diamond or a rhombus or a cube ?

I think the ACT Government, in a blinding move to show pure and utter disregard for Deb Foskey and the sheer amount of stupidity coming out of her office, should rename Forde to Greene.

Lets just presume that Canberra’s newest landbuyer was not just in this for her own capitalist purposes, bigger blocks of land don’t equate to greener living, they equate to bigger wastage of otherwise good land.

I think somebody should come along and carbon credit her scheme.

Thumper Thumper 1:05 pm 01 Nov 07

Slow one….


Joe Canberran Joe Canberran 12:58 pm 01 Nov 07

RA – proudly brought to you by Thumper.

Day off or just a slow one at the office?

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