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Free Bus Travel for Cyclists

By Kramer - 3 December 2007 28

In a move which will further enrage the rednecks who think bicycles dominate this town, Comrade Stanhope has announced free bus travel for cyclists travelling on the trunk routes, which are serviced by busses with bike racks. The free busses start from today, meeting one of the objectives outlined in the government’s climate change strategy.

Will we now see tight-wad commuters lining up for the bus with their bike, just to get a free ride? Personally, I think ACTION should provide more frequent, and free services on the bus routes to the top of Mt Stromlo & Mt Ainslie, especially on weekends 😉

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Free Bus Travel for Cyclists
bd84 8:42 pm 03 Dec 07

I think you will find the racks will only take full size bikes anything smaller the lock won’t take.

I don’t know why they’re making it free for people with bikes to travel, I think ACTION need the fare more, plus what’s the difference from someone walking to the bus stop? The government is breeding lazy people who can’t be bothered riding all the way?! lol. not that I would ever try riding to work from my place..

Bikes on buses take up room where people can sit and/or stand, they jam pack the buses already since the government cut everything, doubt their new network will fix it either.

GnT 8:18 pm 03 Dec 07

All the buses on the 300 routes (intertown route) have the bike racks. They are dead easy to use – don’t be afraid. BTW these same buses all have disabled access – good to know if you’re travelling with your pram, which you can just wheel on. I wonder if I can travel for free if I take my bike and my pram with kids?

Nemo 6:45 pm 03 Dec 07

I’m dropping my son and his bike to school every morning so he can get a free trip home.

mikey 6:36 pm 03 Dec 07

I am grabbing my daugthers trike and taking the bus to work tomorrow. Look out for the one with the sparkly tassels coming in from Gungahlin.

Thumper 3:13 pm 03 Dec 07

Fair call Ingee, Northside for me.

I’ll take more notice from now on…

Lilli 3:00 pm 03 Dec 07

I think this isn’t such a bad idea, although the main reason I haven’t used the racks yet is fear of not being able to use them effectively/quickly enough not to frustrate other commuters.. I’ve never had a close enough look at one to keep these worries at bay so until I get a clear cut demonstration on their ease of use I will probably just stick with riding the whole way!

Ingeegoodbee 2:34 pm 03 Dec 07

We must be looking at different buses Thumper – on the southside I rarely see a bus eqipped with a rack that dosn’t have a bike on it.

p1 2:33 pm 03 Dec 07

I have never used one because I have no idea how to find out what buses have them, and all way assumes that the first bus to ever have a full rack would be the one I tried to catch. But something for free….

fnaah 2:28 pm 03 Dec 07

hmmm – “cyclists” – does a unicycle count? 😉

justbands 2:23 pm 03 Dec 07

Word is they’ve ordered quite a number (86 was what I heard) of new buses all equipped with said racks.

Thumper 2:16 pm 03 Dec 07


that is a much better proposition.

As for what else is wrong with the racks? Well, lack of use in comparison to costs.

I will admit, I have once seen one in action, quite an outstanding sight!

johnboy 2:12 pm 03 Dec 07

The problem with the racks is:

— Insufficient capacity
— Lack of certainty that an equipped bus will be coming by
— Separating rider from property with no collection verification system.

Personally I’d like to see buses have half the seats ripped out and people encouraged to wheel their personal transport on board, just like on the trains.

justbands 2:06 pm 03 Dec 07

Not a bad idea I reckon. Can’t see myself using it much….when I ride, I ride the whole way to/from. Still, it’ll be there should I need a rest.

postmanpat 1:54 pm 03 Dec 07

What is wrong with the bus rack idea? I don’t use them myself but a great insurance policy should I be too tired to ride all the way home.

I do think though that now we will see a situation where cyclists will be frustrated and may have to wait as buses go past with both bike racks occupied…

Thumper 1:44 pm 03 Dec 07

That is, um, bizarre, to say the least.

Obviously they haven’t got enough people using their highly expensive, but little used bike racks.

Talk about justifying a decision…

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