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Free parking in Woden

By stereo henry - 13 July 2010 35

I’m soon to begin a new job in Woden and being a perennial tight-arse who doesn’t like public transport I don’t want to pay for parking (or for a fare).

I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about where you can park free of charge that’s within walking distance of the shopping/office precinct.

Failing free parking, any suggestions about cheap places to park would also be appreciated.


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35 Responses to
Free parking in Woden
You 5:11 pm 13 Jul 10

Step 1 – Go and get your motorbike license.

Step 2 – Buy yourself a cheapo 250cc bike.

Step 3 – Park for free anywhere in Canberra.

Step 4 – Profit.

bubzie 4:48 pm 13 Jul 10

CIT car park on ainsworth street, phillip.

not even ten minute walk away!!

(If you are a p-plater, or young, .etc, you really can blend into the cit crowd, if anyone questions you! hehe!)

Daspuck 3:56 pm 13 Jul 10

When I worked in Woden I had a colleague who used to park at the Lyons shops. Some other people would park in the visitors parking in the apartments across the road in Phillip. Both are about a 15-20 min walk in to the centre.

The other option- park in the Westfield which gives you two hours free- then pretend you’re a smoker (maybe you are!) and every 1hr and 50 minutes tell your boss you’re out for a cigerette break and then tear off and move your car out and back in again- Doing that 4 times a day will also give you your 20 minutes of exercise a day too:)

The boom gate ideas are novel, but essentially you’re “stealing”- you’re parking in a pay area and deliberately not paying for this right. Not that i’m a moral kinda guy, but I’m more thinking about the embarassment you’d get if you were busted wheeling a shopping trolley through a boom gate:) The driving after another car goes through is also pretty funny, but it’d be more of a “one off” sort of thing rather than a day to day thing. Give it a go anyway

Holden Caulfield 3:54 pm 13 Jul 10

pete74au said :

Buy a motorcycle and there is a stack of convenient free parking

The money saved can go towards your private health care needs.

marcothepolopony 3:43 pm 13 Jul 10

Free parking all day just off Ainsworth Street, Phillip, just walk down Hindmarsh Drive, takes 10 minutes. That is unless the Hospital have taken over the carpark.

pete74au 2:53 pm 13 Jul 10

Buy a motorcycle and there is a stack of convenient free parking

Very Busy 2:45 pm 13 Jul 10

Right opposite Woden Shopping Square there is 2 hour parking along Staverton Place in Lyons. This street is almost never patroled by parking rangers. There are quite a few regulars that park there. Once in a blue moon you might get a ticket but over time it works out infinitely cheaper to park there and cop the very rare fine rather than pay for parking daily. It’s much closer than walking all the way from Phillip.

Um – I hope no parking rangers are reading this!!! lol.

la mente torbida 2:34 pm 13 Jul 10

Again, as a struggling student, you used to be able to push a shopping trolley into the parking entrance to get a fresh ticket. Leave quickly, no charge.

la mente torbida 2:32 pm 13 Jul 10

Could always try this trick: park under Woden Plaza.

When leaving, get behind a car in the queue to leave. As the car swipes their ticket and leaves, follow closely behind and get out before the boom drops.

Cheap bastard!

p1 2:25 pm 13 Jul 10

Parking is free for my motorbike. Although on days like today, I’m wish I had driven a car and paid for parking…

grunge_hippy 1:43 pm 13 Jul 10

get a motorbike. thats what hubby did when he started work in woden. free parking, cheap to run.

mind you, this was all good until he got hit by a car… so take it with a grain of salt!

astrojax 1:36 pm 13 Jul 10

home, with a bicycle…

or deep into the surrounding ‘burbs, with a bicycle..??

deye 1:33 pm 13 Jul 10

ride a bike, walk, or blade will be your free options 😀

preacher 1:15 pm 13 Jul 10

Grenville court – East side – inner court 6 hours parking only – outer court – all day. But that fills up by approx. 8.30
Then go to Prospect court – street parking – all day. usually fills up by 9am.
Dundas court as a last resort.

Or if you’re really lazy and don’t want to walk the 10-15 minutes, park in the plaza, and keep moving the car every 2 hours….good luck finding a park after you move your car, and even better luck not annoying the boss doing that tactic.

la mente torbida 1:11 pm 13 Jul 10

Where do you live?

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