“Free” wireless internet for Canberra

Vic Bitterman 22 November 2006 9

There’s a ‘free’ wireless internet deal for those Canberran’s on the Northside down to roughly Torrens/Farrer in the south, on offer from a company called iBurst.

The catch is that you have to buy a wireless iBurst modem (they quote $259.95 + $10 delivery), and a setup fee of $149. For this, you get a tiny 200Mb free data per month (both upload and download is counted), and anything over this is charged at a hefty 22c per meg (ie $220 per Gb!).

Bit expensive for me, and I don’t live in the coverage zone, but others may find this useful – perhaps if you just do email once per week? But then again, if this is you, a pre-paid dialup account is probably more ideal.

Their website is www.spin.net/freeoffer

For what it’s worth…..

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9 Responses to “Free” wireless internet for Canberra
el el 1:58 pm 24 Nov 06

Nah, not really an issue for me…I don’t go on huge downloading sprees or anything.

Avy Avy 12:45 pm 24 Nov 06

el are you concerned about going over quota?

andy andy 12:59 pm 23 Nov 06

el – not everyone can get ADSL2 for a start…
Second, the internode service is likely better.

I’d almost try this free wireless shiznazz (to compliment my ADSL) but not at the costs specified.

el el 11:42 am 23 Nov 06

I can recommend iinet, rather enjoying the speed of ADSL2. 8GB quota I think it was(peak/offpeak incluside) includes VOIP, if I remember correctly I think it’s $79 a month.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:04 am 23 Nov 06

There are free Nerdband nodes in Civic and Dickson if you need a wireless fix.

shauno shauno 9:55 am 23 Nov 06

I used iburst for a while but soon got rid of it. Besides being a rip off they were extremely inflexible in the billing arrangement. At the time I think I was on a $99 a month 1mbit plan but while overseas for every 2nd month I wasn’t using it and wanted to only pay for the months when I was back in aussie using it. But no I had to keep paying while I was away.

RandomGit RandomGit 9:00 am 23 Nov 06

Anything not earned is useless.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 8:57 am 23 Nov 06

what a rip off!

Ralph Ralph 7:53 am 23 Nov 06

I only get 200MB wireless fraudband (256Kb) from Tel$tra at $25 a month.

Yes I know its a dud offer but from next March their (Tel$tra’s) prices are dropping and the wireless service is apparently being ramped up to 14 megabits per second.

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