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Furniture Direct fails to deliver. Newsflash, guys: it’s bad business to give false assurances to close the deal.

By ImaybeabitchBUTnotYOURbitch 2 June 2009 43

We ordered something from Furniture Direct in late April. Before we ordered it, we asked when it would be delivered as we needed it soon. The salesman said it would be a couple of weeks, and when questioned further, he confirmed that we could expect delivery in two weeks’ time. Satisfied that we would have the item by mid May, we paid in full for the item plus delivery.

Three weeks later I started calling Furniture Direct. After making several calls – they don’t ring their customers back – I was informed that the item would definitely be delivered the following week. I said this was unsatisfactory and asked about cancelling the order as I’d found something elsewhere that could be delivered immediately.

The manager I spoke with pointed out that the small print on the sales docket says no refund will be made for a ‘change of mind’. I argued that the situation is not a ‘change of mind’ on my part; it’s a breach of their verbal contract to deliver my furniture within two weeks. After substantial debate, the salesman said he could offer a credit note but not a refund. We can’t afford to be out of pocket for that amount of money, and there is no way we will be buying anything from Furniture Direct in future.

It’s been over 5 weeks now and (surprise, surprise) we haven’t heard from Furniture Direct. I’d much rather have a refund than the furniture now; I don’t want them to have my money. It seems that all I can do, though, is spread the word and save others from similar hassles.

A postscript: I was bitching about  this to a friend last week and she said she’d ordered furniture for delivery in March – it hasn’t come yet, either. Imagine our surprise when we discovered we were BOTH dealing with Furniture Direct! I wonder how many more customer dollars they are sitting on while we wait in limbo for our furniture…

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Furniture Direct fails to deliver. Newsflash, guys: it’s bad business to give false assurances to close the deal.
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Jim Jones 4:28 pm 04 Nov 09

This thread deserves a bump: I talked to some friends recently who’d (unsurprisingly) had similar problems with Furniture Direct, to wit:

Furniture Direct lied about delivery dates in order to make a sale, failed to deliver as promised, then failed to provide a refund when asked politely. Apparently the couple having problems with Furniture Direct have followed through the proper lines of complaint (ending with the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and have had the Tribunal find in their favour … Furniture Direct couldn’t be bothered to get involved in the process and *still* hasn’t refunded the money after more than 6 months of messing these people around.

Apart from the need to name and shame, I find it a bit depressing that there’s a lack of proper consumer support for this sort of thing.

The message I get from all of this is: If you have a company take your money and give you nothing in return, you’re pretty much stuffed, because there’s no organisation with the authority to enforce restitution.

I’m more than a little appalled by this. If I were the people in question, I’d be doing more than simply badmouthing Furniture Direct … hell, given the frustration they’ve experienced, I think that I’d be sorely tempted to go chuck some bricks through their windows in protest.

el 6:47 pm 03 Jun 09

I can never understand why people read a legitimate account of something like this, and feel the need to attack the person making the post. Give your opinion, but attacking someone like this is really quite weird.

Agreed 100%. The OP tried to get things resolved and got royally stuffed around – name and shame away AFAIC.

ImaybeabitchBUTnotYOURbitch 6:34 pm 03 Jun 09

Wow, who’d have thought the Internet could be a place for rude and unwarranted personal attacks?

It is not my intention to smear the business but to discuss its practices and policies publicly in the hope of saving somebody else from having similar difficulties. I’m glad that some have had positive experiences buying from Furniture Direct, but the fact that others have had experiences like ours indicate that this business could stand to improve their customer service and policies regarding back orders.

We would not have ordered this furniture, which we needed in place before putting up several sets of interstate visitors, if we had not been told we’d have it in time. We’d simply have bought similar furniture somewhere that *could* deliver it in time.

In the past (elsewhere) I’ve had great service and told others because I like my friends to have good experiences and avoid bad ones. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

While I understand the retailer’s argument that they don’t want to end up out of pocket, I’m sure they can sell the furniture to another customer – and the next customer who orders this item will no doubt be very pleased that it’s available immediately.

I am disappointed that the retailer failed to honour their undertaking to deliver the item by the time we needed it, we had to make several calls to find out delivery would not occur until at least two weeks after we needed it, and that despite our polite, persistent approaches we have been unable to get a refund even though they breached the verbal contract to deliver our order within two weeks.

I did worry about the Kleenmaid angle, but I suspect it’s probably just poor customer service.

Gee, I really wish we hadn’t sold all our milk crates on eBay to pay for that order… they’d have been pretty handy.

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