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Furniture shopping in Canberra

By koalathebear 31 May 2010 35

We’re moving house and need to buy furniture for the new house.

IKEA has a flat delivery rate of $295 but you can’t order online so we’d have to do a day a trip to IKEA to buy everything and then have it delivered – that’s a little inconvenient at this stage.

Bringithome will go to IKEA, buy and deliver on your behalf but they charge 23% of the total purchase price so you have to be careful of what you want to buy so that you don’t end up paying ridiculous fees.  We wouldn’t want to pay more than the IKEA flat delivery rate.

Domayne and Freedom have nice furniture albeit expensive.  We also rather liked some of the shelves at the Whitewood Warehouse.

Has anyone bought anything from Licas Furniture World?  Apparently the furniture is made from Malaysian timber, assembled there and imported over.  We were trying to steer away from Chinese imports because sometimes the quality of the wood treatment is suspect with dubious (sometimes toxic) chemicals used.  The furniture looks nice enough but we have no idea of the quality.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

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Furniture shopping in Canberra
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RoyKwan 4:33 pm 21 Mar 15

Licas Furniture World has changed its name to Colour Me Furniture and their new website is They specialise in custom sofas and beds which are made in Australia. You can choose any fabric, design and size that you want.

difinity 11:38 am 31 Oct 10

I have used Ikea for more than 30 years. Pick and choose the pieces and your home will not look like a furniture store…
As for delivery, fold your back seat down and stick it in your car. (need a euro hatchback to do this).

The only issue I have found is that Homebush may not have in stock what I want now, today!

I cannot believe that ppl pay such outrageous fees for delivery from Homebush to Canberra, or why some ppl find shopping at ikea so difficult. Try shopping at Freedom – see if you can get any customer assistance there?

cegee 12:44 am 04 Jun 10

so… are they saying this because they’re worried the dog would get out and go walk about or get stolen or something? personally i reckon leaving a dog locked up all day is pretty cruel… but like you say, everyone has a different approach!!

koalathebear 10:17 pm 02 Jun 10

Some very conscientious dog owners say that a dog should never be left unsupervised in the backyard (even a dog-proofed yard!) … even when it’s not a puppy anymore. They think that you should:

1. either be at home all the time with the dog; or
2. crate the dog all day, coming home to let it out at lunch or get a friend to let it out at lunch to stretch its legs and wee

Everyone has a different approach to raising their dog 🙂

cegee 9:02 pm 02 Jun 10

koalathebear said :

inlymbo: Thanks – you’re a sweetheart. Believe me, the mauling I am getting here is nothing compared to the skewering I recently received on a US dog owners’ forum for saying that we were intending to leave our dog in our backyard unattended when we were at work so I’m pretty sanguine about it.

eh? what’s wrong with leaving a dog in the backyard?!

koalathebear 2:30 pm 02 Jun 10

luther_bendross: We checked out 1825 furniture this morning and we loved the place. We picked up a dining table/bench set which is just gorgeous. We fell in love with a lot of the furniture there although we only went away with the table set 😀 Thanks heaps for the rec – the prices really were very reasonable!

ProudTenant 8:20 pm 01 Jun 10

Forgot to say, I also buy a lot of second hand furniture – good quality but great prices – you know – $10 for a bookcase or $5 for a chair. Great accent pieces once you’ve painted them.

I use Feast Watson Stain & Varnish in Japan Gloss colour (Bunnings about $44). Amazing results. Family, friends and visitors always make positive comments when I’ve finished a new piece. Try it. They look great with the lighter furniture too.

ProudTenant 7:23 pm 01 Jun 10

I managed to buy an excellent quality large 2.5 seater lounge, a dining table and 6 matching chairs, a coffee table, entertainment unit, buffet, and side table for just over $3000 at Freedom – all matching. At that time, delivery was free because I bought $3000 worth of stuff – not sure if they still do that. It is the Spin range. Great clean lines in a beautiful light wood shade. Very easily adaptable to Japanese influences (if you like that kind of thing.) Keep your furniture simple, and use decorations, pictures, pillows etc to bring colour to your space. It works beautifully.

Stay away from Domayne – hugely overpriced.

Good luck.

koalathebear 5:23 pm 01 Jun 10

inlymbo: Thanks – you’re a sweetheart. Believe me, the mauling I am getting here is nothing compared to the skewering I recently received on a US dog owners’ forum for saying that we were intending to leave our dog in our backyard unattended when we were at work so I’m pretty sanguine about it. It is a bit funny that in the same thread here I’m accused of being extravagant AND cheap, albeit by different posters 😀

Thanks heaps for all the recommendations – some of them are great. We’ll head out to Fyshwick for some additional shopping based on the recs. We’ve managed to trim down our IKEA list to a manageable size to make it worthwhile using bringithome when they start taking orders again (5th June trip is closed for orders and I’m not sure when the next one is).

As to the IKEA detractors, I used to kind of loathe IKEA. When I lived in Hong Kong, the humidity there made all the faux wood warp and ripple in a really hideous fashion and I found it annoying that everyone raved about it so much. When I moved to Beijing, though and had to furnish my apartment there, it was a godsend in terms of convenience and simplicity.

These days, I wouldn’t want to fill our whole house with IKEA but the charm of IKEA is that it’s very simple and so compatible with most rooms and furniture. For basic furniture, I think IKEA’s very worthwhile. Thank again for all the help. Since moving back to Australia last year, RiotACT has been incredibly helpful for us in terms of helping us reintegrate back into Canberran society 😉

ConanOfCooma 3:53 pm 01 Jun 10

Revolve. If you’re cheap enough to shop at Ikea, you can go to revolve. Or Massive’s, whatever it’s called now.

H1NG0 1:57 pm 01 Jun 10

Vast interior is probably the best furniture store in my experience. Nice mix of classic and modern furniture. Good service and quality goods at a reasonable price. I moved into a new house not long ago and purchased a new dining table + chairs, coffee tables and a few other things and couldn’t be happier. Their delivery guys also do a good job. Very organised.

ThisIsAName 10:02 am 01 Jun 10

Furniture wise (almost opposite Ozcro) is worth a look. The range of styles is a bit limited, but they can customise some things. You can get the pieces raw too. A friend was happy with a desk she had and I’ve ended up ordering a batch several pieces. I recall they were a bit cheaper than Ozcro, but are probably targeting a different niche.

Helen 9:46 am 01 Jun 10

We recently had similar fun with Ikea. The boxes containing the furniture we wanted were about 2 inches too long to fit in the car and I just couldn’t face spending $295 delivery.
So we went out to Gladstone St on the weekend and bought a TV unit from Furniture Wise. We liked it more than anything we saw at Ikea, it was cheaper than similar units at Ikea, and it fit in the car! Plus I got to make friends with a lovely sharpei named Jasper…

I think it’s well worth the time to park on Gladstone St and explore the furniture shops there – a lot of them seem to have similar stock with widely varying prices, so you can get good deals if you don’t buy the first thing you see.

Richo 8:36 am 01 Jun 10

+1 On Ozcro in Fyshwick. Just brought kids bedroom furniture for 2 rooms there and they even custom made 1 of the pieces to suit out room and they negotiated on price when we ordered it all together. Going back there in a month to order a Tassie Oak hall table which they make on site.

Eyl 8:21 am 01 Jun 10

There is a truck hire place out at the Airport, they are pretty good on price and the trucks have lifts on the back, makes it easy. Cant remember prices n stuff. hope that helps ><

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