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Further proof of booming ACT economy

By Thumper - 2 August 2006 21

As further proof that Mr Stanhope should become Australia’s next great leg spinner, the CT is reporting that the ACT government is considering a number of moves to balance the books or to recoup monies they have squandered over the past five years.

On the cards, according to the CT, is the closure of everyone favourite nature reserve Tidbinbilla, as well as the transferring of responsibility to NSW for the management of Namadgi National Park.

Excuse me for a second while I cough. That is a total of two thirds of the ACT and yet the Hedgehog bleats about the Commonwealth having to much control of the Territory.

Admittedly Tidbinbilla is muted to be farmed out to the National Aqurium or someone, but that is only if they want it, remembering that a massive amount of regeneration work needs to be done due to fires of 2003.

The samer could be said for namadgi in regard to fires and money for regeneration.

Deb Foskey said the complete list of possible cuts showed the Government was “environmentally illiterate”.

I agree. It also shows a government in panic mode with no plan for the future except to get themselves out of debt as quickly as possible.

Other cost cutting measures are simply astounding, such as, reducing feral weed control, reducing feral animal control, closing camping grounds among others.

But then again, we have a 40% uplift in development proposals so we must be doing well.

This, in my seriously humble opinion, is without doubt, the worst government the ACT has seen in terms of economic management. If even half of these cuts are made it will impact upon Canberra in a hugely negative way.

Afterall, are we not trying to lure people here?

CT report here.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Further proof of booming ACT economy
Mr_Shab 1:06 pm 02 Aug 06

Feel free to get off your high horse and refute the claims, Unbeliver.

Unbeliever 12:54 pm 02 Aug 06

What self-serving not to mention socially, environmentally and morally defunct perspective on the broader issue of economic management all this crowing seems to be about. I feel sick.

Thumper 12:35 pm 02 Aug 06

Okay, I’ve had enough of this. Not having a go at anyone but….

It is LABOR party.

No ‘U’ in Labor. As in ALP Labor, not that Mexican dude Manual Labour.

Actually, that’s very correct, there should be an “I” in it, because there’s no ‘U’, except to blame others…..

I’ll climb back under my rock now….

Joker 12:22 pm 02 Aug 06

Liberal’s good economic managers? I think that’s a misconception. Federally we have the Government giving money to people who don’t work a baby bonus, Costello losing 2 billion on the currency exchange markets, a massive foreign exchange deficit, massive personal debit. House prices going through the roof as result extra costs associated with the purchase of a home, Stamp duty, Lenders Mortgage Insurance etc.
highest taxes ever, bracket creep. On the positive they have tightened the welfare state and reforms to the vocational education system has been positive.

I think Kate Carnal was good for the territory, made a few mistakes, but not as bad as the Current Labour hacks.

As far as I concerned the Labour party in the ACT is dead!

LG 12:05 pm 02 Aug 06

Indeed Thumper.. indeed!

toby101375 11:41 am 02 Aug 06

From one who is involved with the planning department let me tell you that under the blanket the minister is being lax on multi-unit developments. ACTPLA is being very leniant in letting these developments through. As small as dual occ. to high rise multi.

Regarding the current government agenda; Labour is done for, state and national. Stanhopes obviously one of the most incapable leaders this city has ever had. These pollies that sell the family silver for quick cash ought to be burnt at the stake.

Thumper 11:35 am 02 Aug 06


at the moment we have the worst of both worlds.

Bad economic management and reduced services!

VYBerlinaV8 11:30 am 02 Aug 06

Joker makes a good point. Another point to consider is that Liberal governments tend to be better economic managers than Labour. HOWEVER, Liberal governments also tend to reduce services. That’s the choice. With the country pretty well swimming in $$ at the moment, it’s a shame that the ACT bunch can’t get their shit together. Hard times may not be that far away…

Mr_Shab 11:17 am 02 Aug 06

As it has been since the time immemorial, Mr. Evil.


Joker 11:03 am 02 Aug 06

“I hope all the tools who voted for Labor in the ACT elections just because they don’t like John Howard are freakin satisfied now!”

Isn’t that how JH became PM? The people voted PK out.

Mr Evil 10:59 am 02 Aug 06

Mr Shab, unfortunately that is most probably true.

I’m just cranky because some people cast a vote for the wrong bloody reasons.

Mr_Shab 10:54 am 02 Aug 06

Yeah – ’cause young Brendan and his brains trust would have done a better job.

Methinks we’re boned whoever we vote for, Mr. Evil…

Pandy 10:54 am 02 Aug 06

Hargraves said the proposal to close Tidbinbilla lasted 15 seconds. What did he say about the report in the CT that 150 jobs in Enviroment have to go? will this be from the rangers staff? Or was this idea not mooted by ‘lower levels of the public service’?

Mr Evil 10:18 am 02 Aug 06

Is this the Govt the ACT had to have?

I hope all the tools who voted for Labor in the ACT elections just because they don’t like John Howard are freakin satisfied now!

S4anta 10:13 am 02 Aug 06

One hopes that when the CT states that is a ‘pie in the sky’ list, it seriously is. There are some services here that are being mooted for closure that will create certain havoc with our giood friends from Parks and Wildlife in NSW.

Love the way how the blame the ‘lower levels of the public service’, as opposed to themselves for allowing the little people to come with up with such a damaging document.

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