Gabriel has been described as the best independent feature film to come out of Australia since Mad Max.

realityskin 13 November 2007 7

Got this email from a friend of the writer/actor Matty Hylton Todd ( he was the lead singer in Canberra band Mudeye some years ago ), would be great if as many people possible went and saw this (apparently) awesome Australian made flick on either of one of the four nights ( this Thur,Fri,Sat,Sun ).

Gabriel is set in Purgatory, a dark, smoky-looking realm for souls stuck between heaven and hell. Fighting over Purgatory and its ruin of a city are two groups: seven archangels and seven fallen angels. Gabriel, the archangel of the title, is sent to Purgatory to reclaim the realm for heaven.

“Most of you who know me will know my history and therefore understand that this event has been in the pipeline for at least the last 16 years of my life.

Once again the ball has been mostly left in our court and we need to pull all stops to try and get the number 1 spot in the box office on our opening weekend.

That weekend starts in 5 days on Thursday 15th November and will be monitored constantly by SONY from there on until the film is pulled off the cinema screens, Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun we need number 1.

Considering the ‘not so large’ scale of advertising campaign that Sony have allocated, we will need to pray that Chinese Whispers and the underground swell are big enough to push us over the line.

Shane, myself and all associated with the film are very proud of it and believe that people will enjoy what has been achieved, the impossible film made possible by a bunch of crazy humans.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the big machine judges success by ‘Bums on Seats’ and that’s where this annoying group email, sent by me, comes into effect.

It’s like a pyramid scheme you know…like AMWAY : ) I tell you guys, and the thousands of others, and I try to get you to pass it on to as many people as you can etc etc.

So if all of you,, whom happen to be friends, family or associates of mine, could please tell as many people as you know and get them to do the same, then we just might buck the system.

Buck em all that’s what I say, let’s do it people…let’s buck em for crying out load, it’s about time someone did and who better to buck em than us hey…hey?…sorry I just lost it a bit there : )

Love you guys and gals and I know that, if you haven’t already seen it, you will witness the passion and commitment of an amazing feat when you see ‘GABRIEL’ as many times as you can afford to from Thursday 15th November onwards at Hoyts, Greater Unions and all good theatres across Australia.

Basically the opportunities for theatrical release around the world depend upon our success here in Australia and to SONY that really means number 1 in the box office.

Let’s just give this little battler, that just so happens to be better than most of the crap that comes out of HOLLYWOOD, a fair crack at the world audience it deserves.

See you all at the movies on Thursday 15th November.”

Groundbreaking Australian Movie Shot entirely on JVC ProHD

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7 Responses to Gabriel has been described as the best independent feature film to come out of Australia since Mad Max.
ogrex ogrex 8:09 am 16 Nov 07

Thanks for that info. For some reason it just wasn’t showing up on Yahoo Movies yesterday, but I see it’s there as of this morning.

realityskin realityskin 5:03 pm 15 Nov 07
ogrex ogrex 5:02 pm 15 Nov 07

Is this showing anywhere in Canberra this weekend? I was looking forward to going to see this, but now I see that it’s showing in Sydney… but no [obvious] locations in the ACT. I guess we have to wait.

astrojax astrojax 4:43 pm 15 Nov 07

saw the last few frames of movie show last night – margaret seems to have rated it but david seemed to have given it a low 1 and half stars… pondscum?

Ozhair Ozhair 8:50 am 14 Nov 07

I’ve been following the progress of this pic for a while. Shot with the same camera I own, so I was intrigued to see what they could do with it.

It looks amazing, especially when you consider the camera costs less than $7,000.

And while it may not end up being brilliant, at least it’s not yet another Aussie “coming of age” flick, or *shudder* “You And Your Stupid Mate”.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 10:46 pm 13 Nov 07

It looks okay. My critical eye says Hellboy meets that dumb movie where Nick Cage was an angel and the goo goo dolls did a dumb song about it.
But I’ll see it. Go Australian films! Hey, it might even surprise me.

Mick Mick 10:05 pm 13 Nov 07

Whoa. Mudeye. I remember them! I still have their EP. They ROCKED.

The movie looks good too. I didn’t even realise it was Australian when I saw the preview. It looks schmick…

I’ll go see it..

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