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Gallagher declares year of blood… donors

By johnboy - 10 March 2009 33

No it’s not the start of a leadership push.

Rather Katy Gallagher has named 2009 “the ACT Year of the Blood Donor”,

    The launch was held at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) Blood Donor Travelling Exhibition. The Exhibition, which will be in Canberra until 12 March 2009, encourages individuals to find out their blood type and highlights how ordinary Australians can help to save lives through blood donation.

    “It is estimated that 1 in 3 Australians will need blood products at some time in their lives,” Ms Gallagher said. “Yet just 1 in 30 Australians give blood.”

    “This year the Blood Service is appealing for more than 100,000 new blood donors, in addition to the 40,000 who registered following the bushfires in Victoria.”

I’m not allowed to give blood on account of being a mad cow. So the rest of you better get down there and bleed.

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33 Responses to
Gallagher declares year of blood… donors
Skidbladnir 2:54 pm 10 Mar 09

Quit making excsues, people.
Just call them and ask them to go over the eligibility criteria over the phone on 13 14 95.

Big ones for most people are:
Younger than 17 or older than 70?
Are pregnant now, or have given birth in the last 9 months?
Travelled to an ‘at-risk’ country?
Ever self-medicated with a needle, when it was not prescribed?
Had sex with gay\bi men this year? Sex with a new partner this year? Sex with a sex worker this year? Worked as a sex worker this year?

(or look here for the full list: )

Bel 2:44 pm 10 Mar 09

Just found out that you can’t give blood for 9 months after giving birth. Good to know 🙂 I will have to donate after then.

Danman 2:38 pm 10 Mar 09

I guess so justbands, I find needles uncomfortable but not scary, and have tattoo’s
I guess when you are getting a tattoo, the penetration is not as deep, and you stand to gain soo much more.

Jim Jones 2:37 pm 10 Mar 09

It’s an entirely different psychological experience.

I’m not as bad with needles as I used to be. But I do remember fainting at high school when I got a rubella inoculation.

justbands 2:35 pm 10 Mar 09

I have a tatt, and am getting another one soon & I too am scared of needles. Getting a tatt isn’t like a needle really….I mean, yes, it is…but it isn’t. I know that makes no sense.

Danman 2:30 pm 10 Mar 09

You have tattoo’s and are scared of needles?

You know when getting a tattoo, that 9 needles a second

Bel 2:26 pm 10 Mar 09

Does anyone know how long you have to wait after giving birth before you can give? I know you can’t while you are pregnant but that is about it…

Pommy bastard 2:12 pm 10 Mar 09

Maybe the topic title should be changed to;

Gallagher declares year of blood… donors (If she can find any not mad cowed)

Jim Jones 1:55 pm 10 Mar 09

Madcow, tattoos … and scared of needles.

grundy 1:13 pm 10 Mar 09

I’m a radioactive madcow.
I copped Chernobyl AND ate meat in UK during that period…

The blood takers creep away cautiously from me, but luckily my wife makes up for it!
I think she only does it for the ‘free milkshakes’ though… >.>

OzChick 1:04 pm 10 Mar 09

I am a regular donor. I donate during paid work time. It works for me…

Kramer 12:32 pm 10 Mar 09

They have recently revised the years and duration of UK residency for blood donors – so maybe you guys ahould check if you’re eligible now.

I always think of the blood bank like my own personal bank account… I’m making my semi-regular donations, as one day the mountain biking is going to go pear shaped, and I’ll be making a significant withdrawal.

Also I reckon they should make it mandatory for motorbike riders to give blood, as they seem to be the highest users of donated blood.

Anyway, I’ll be dropping off my pint at the donor mobile this week.

Thumper 12:30 pm 10 Mar 09

Yep, me too.


ant 12:20 pm 10 Mar 09

Yes, I’m potentially a mad cow too. Yet for teh brief time I was in the UK, I didn’t get to eat much beef! it cost too much then, they tended to use it more as a flavouring or a condiment.

Pommy bastard 12:15 pm 10 Mar 09

I’m not allowed to give blood on account of being a mad cow. So the rest of you better get down there and bleed.


Which is a shame as I’m O rh-, the universal donor.

The UK blood donor service was crying out for me to donate, I was donating more frequently than the usual 6 monthly interval on more than one occasion,. In fact I have “medal” for 75 donations in the UK. They won’t touch the stuff with a barge pole here.

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