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Life is looking up

Game on – Greens launch Senate campaign

By johnboy - 27 April 2007 28

The Greens are kicking off their concerted effort to win seats in the Senate and have sent in the following for those with an interest:



Lead Senate candidate Kerrie Tucker will introduce our fantastic Greens team of ACT candidates
Margret RoadKnight & Jeannie Lewis will launch our campaign with an inspiring concert

Plus surprise events
Celebrate the powerful vocals, wit and wisdom, flair and soul of two of Australia’s greatest performers. Margret RoadKnight and Jeannie Lewis first collaborated 40 years ago, and their paths have continued to cross as they’ve explored political songs, gospel, world music, cabaret and other styles.
Tilley’s plays host to the perfect launch of our campaign to see Kerrie Tucker elected as Greens Senator for the ACT, and immediately change the balance of power in the Senate.
Greens members $25, Others $35

Available from ACT Greens 8-10 Hobart Pl, Civic T: 6247 6305, and at the door, Tilley’s Cafe Lyneham
Authorised by Roland Manderson for the ACT Greens 8-10 Hobart Place, Canberra City 2601

If they can fill Tilleys at $35 a head it starts to look like real money.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Game on – Greens launch Senate campaign
caf 4:55 pm 27 Apr 07

It amuses me that Ralph can wax lyrical about “Elites” in a way that implies that isn’t one himself, when he also makes comments like this one:

I loathe dickson woolies. Scungy buskers and beggars loitering around the entrance, then inside you have to jostle with the freaks you see riding bikes around town, yuppie hippies etc.

Elite? Moi?

terry_wrist 4:18 pm 27 Apr 07

Ralph, what do you mean the elite? I drive a nice car, have a fat bank account and spend up at overprices restaurants in Manuka. I don’t vote Greens. I prefer to actually make a difference by making my home as environmentally friendly as possible, not supporting a bunch of ineffective radicals.

And there can be no denying that the Greens are a slightly radical group. Rather than call for practical measures to curb greenhouse emissions, they call for impractical measures such as stopping all coal and uranium exports. To be a real political party, the Greens have to think smart and think long term. They need to do what the other parties could but are not doing such as:
– Developing subsidies and ways to fund development of environmentally friendly transport (in the US, you can buy an electric sports car with a range of 500km on a single charge!), in Australia all we have is the Prius.
-Develop ways to subsidise the cost of installing water tanks and photo-voltaic cells (solar panels)an all new Australian homes and a fair percentage of established homes.
– Develop policies to protect jobs and the economy as we hopefully move away from coal and uranium as major sources of income over the next 50 years.

If they can come up with solutions to these, I will vote for them. Until then… well you saw what happened to the democrats.

johnboy 4:04 pm 27 Apr 07

Nah, uncap domestic electricity prices and there’s no need for shortages.

some big power bills to encourage efficiency though.

Ralph 3:59 pm 27 Apr 07

Best that the market decide what the coal industry does. Theoretically it can be business as usual for coal if they can buy carbon offsets on the cheap elsewhere.

It amuses me that we can largely lay the blame at our supposed coal powered pollution problem squarely at the foot of the environment movement. It was they who were screeching about the dangers of nuclear after the three mile island accident. All we were left with at the time was to expand our coal fired power industry. They were happy with that.

Their latest round of hysteria over supposed human induced global warming has seen state governments too frightened to expand our current coal fired power network. Efficiency gains can only go so far, but when we start getting power outages we can again point the finger at them.

johnboy 3:46 pm 27 Apr 07

Yes it is, but it defeats the purpose when they also have it married with subsidies for solar panels etc, banning nuclear and shutting down the coal industry.

True, lack of faith in the market there. If the coal industry can contrive to emit no pollution then what’s the problem?

Sammy 3:22 pm 27 Apr 07

And whats with the hideous Corel-Paint-like graphics of the two women? They reek of junior graphic designer.

And I can’t take anyone seriously who removes a letter from their name (Margret?)

Then to top it off, rather than hyphenate their surname, they just join the two names together, but keep a CAP on the second surname.

It’s just all wrong.

Ralph 2:53 pm 27 Apr 07

Anyway Ralph, isn’t the Green’s carbon tax policy the only sane game in town for anyone who thinks greenhouse effect is serious?

Yes it is, but it defeats the purpose when they also have it married with subsidies for solar panels etc, banning nuclear and shutting down the coal industry.

LG 2:36 pm 27 Apr 07

True seepi, but I think that climate change becoming a mainstream issue has reduced the green vote.

Because the two major parties have started to run with the issue, the ‘majority’ of voters will trust the majors on the issue. In my opinion, the general public don’t trust the greens to make sensible policies that balance the needs of the individual and overall economy with environmental issues.

seepi 2:21 pm 27 Apr 07

I agree that the democrats are gone, but I thought the green vote was increasing. Climate Change is a pretty mainstream topic these days.

johnboy 1:43 pm 27 Apr 07

well no-ones forcing you to go lads.

Anyway Ralph, isn’t the Green’s carbon tax policy the only sane game in town for anyone who thinks greenhouse effect is serious?

bonfire 1:35 pm 27 Apr 07

tilleys ?

enough said.

Nero 1:28 pm 27 Apr 07

Looks like a dykes-fest to me.

barking toad 12:25 pm 27 Apr 07

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it.

I’ll be splitting logs for the fire so
I can generate CO2 to promote more tree
growth to produce more firewood.

The circle of life.

Unbeliever 12:25 pm 27 Apr 07

I love a slogan I saw just this year, ‘There are no jobs on a dead planet!’ The Greens may not appeal to the unwashed, today-tonight-fed masses – but that’s hardly an argument against their policies. A bit less spin would be good Ralph!

Ralph 11:43 am 27 Apr 07

They, along with the Democrats, are a spent political force in this country. Sure, they’ll continue to get a few votes from the elites but their day has been and gone.

Revealed preference shows that people are willing to talk the talk on the environment but at the end of the day realise that greens are luddites, socialist, and anti-jobs.

Having said that, I do hope this event is vegan and carbon neutral.

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