Gas bill showing no gas consumption in Canberra?

GasQuery 30 April 2013 10

When I moved in to my apartment I connected to ActewAGL for electricity and soon started receiving gas bills that included the normal service charge and some gas consumption. After a while the meter reading stopped increasing and from then on I have been only getting “service charges” as I am registering no gas consumption.

I live in an apartment complex and don’t have any gas connections in the apartment.

Question is, am I safe to just keep paying what they are asking me to and not worry that they are not registering gas consumption? I realise that I should probably report it but technically it’s their responsibility to tell me how much I need to pay each billing period.

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10 Responses to Gas bill showing no gas consumption in Canberra?
GasQuery GasQuery 12:27 pm 05 Jan 15

OP here, just wrapping this up in case someone reads it after a search.

I had a meter that was meant to read the hot water flowing into my apartment. Some time in mid-2014 I started receiving consumption charges as actual meter readings of about $40 per quarter, no dramas. Late 2014 I received an “estimated” bill, a reissued “estimated” bill and a letter telling me that I had been underpaying my bill; they were asking for about $500. I submitted a formal complaint and requested for a proper meter check and for the bills to be reduced back to $40. A couple of months later exactly that happened. Turns out the meter was broken and had not been working since I moved in. I had all estimated charges dropped to $40 and a new meter installed.

More here:

M0les M0les 11:07 pm 30 Apr 13

TL;DR: It’s not your fault because you didn’t write the (possibly erroneous) bills.

Don’t know about paying for a service you’re not using.

However if you do have some kind of shared-usage obligation and they decide they’ve been undercharging you, the first thing they’ll probably do is send you an apology with a bill and a statement that you’re liable to make-up the difference.

Then you’ll need to make a few phone calls and/or write some letters and after climbing-up a support line or two, you should be able to get the cost waived, reduced and/or deferred. Perseverance and patience is all that’s required.

GasQuery GasQuery 4:28 pm 30 Apr 13

OP here, I am pretty sure the hot water is on gas but that is only from the assumption stemming from the fact that we got charged for consumption when we moved in.

thehutch thehutch 2:12 pm 30 Apr 13

Depends… if you are in an apartment you probably have a common gas hot water system. If ActewAGL is having issues gaining access to the building to read the meter, it may come back to be your issue. A utility is able to recover undercharges in some situations for 9 months.

Solidarity Solidarity 10:53 am 30 Apr 13

OP your bill is due for my services in keeping your apartment safe from Lions.

paperboy paperboy 10:49 am 30 Apr 13

If water is any guide you’ll have to pay, at least for the service charge. Actew’s policy states if you can buy enough water tanks to completely eliminate the use of potable water you still have to pay a service fee for the pipes passing your house. My guess is the same applies to gas. This doesn’t explain those first bills for gas consumption though.

random random 10:47 am 30 Apr 13

RandomPoster said :

If you have no gas connection to your apartment you shouldn’t be paying ANYTHING for gas or service charges…

Not necessarily, a friend lived in a building with separately metered gas hot water but no direct gas connections to apartments.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 10:23 am 30 Apr 13

Let’s start with the obvious.

Can you locate the meter that is identified on the bill? Does it actually exist?

If not, then you’re been scammed.

RandomPoster RandomPoster 10:23 am 30 Apr 13


If you have no gas connection to your apartment you shouldn’t be paying ANYTHING for gas or service charges…

FXST01 FXST01 10:04 am 30 Apr 13

If you have no gas connections in your apartment, then why continue paying for something you cannot use?

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