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Gay Street Parade for Canberra?

By johnboy - 10 February 2006 44

I was on the Cube website looking for information to share with you about Gay Speed Dating events held at that club (No, really). Members of the Gay community feel free to let us know if this concept appeals more than hiding in bushes on Black Mountain Peninsula? (Maybe the concept will take off as the nights get colder?)

In any event the last one was on 08-FEB-06, so we’ve just missed it.

However while there I saw they’re looking for feedback on development of a gay and lesbian street parade called Carnivale for Canberra. So get cracking on the form if you’ve got views on the concept.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Gay Street Parade for Canberra?
Jey 10:38 am 10 Feb 06

here here!

johnboy 10:38 am 10 Feb 06

Sounds like you’ve got a protest issue to parade about UB.

Unbeliever 10:28 am 10 Feb 06

barking toad,

it’s a fact that I’m not discriminated against in federal law in marriage & relationships laws; in parenting & family Law; in Medicare & PBS and superannuation laws; in taxation and social security laws (not to mention the discimination faced by others under veterans’ benefits and Defence Force benefits) because I’m a bloke. Nor am I discriminated against because I’m from a racial minority (thank god). But I am discriminated against, in all the areas above, because I’m gay.

That single reason for these discriminatory laws/policies has by virtue of their existence politicised my sexuality and my relationship!

So despite the fact that this is but only one of the many aspects of who I am, I feel like I have to raise hell about it and not keep ‘f*&^%&* shouting’ about it, because it’s not a choice to accept discrimination.

Like Nina Simone said – ‘you don’t have to live next to me, just give me my equality’ … and that’s all I want (not being able to speak for anyone else here) – equality, no more, no less. Then I’ll shut up!

barking toad 10:23 am 10 Feb 06

More’s the pity – nobody told the crackhead “financial consultant” in Sydney last year.

Really, my point is, why the need for the constant parades?

Jey 10:19 am 10 Feb 06

Ubeliever, I did express my views to the organisers, I think I did. I’ve been terribly busy over the last couple of months with my own UC based queer activism.

johnboy 10:09 am 10 Feb 06

While not wanting to diminish the importance of allowing same sex couples to access each others super…

Not quite the same thing as the struggle against apartheid is it?

Unbeliever 9:58 am 10 Feb 06

May be that’s the intent of giving your views to the organisers – what the point of a parade would be. Celebration/protest?

There is still a lot of discrimination, significantly though not only, in federal law in Australia. For example, the Australian Parliament insists on denying the fundamental human right of equality in relationship recognition to ALL
citizens, at Howard’s bidding.

Aside from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium (among many others), South Africa is the latest nation to acknowledge the human rights of equal and formal relationship recognition for ALL of its citizens. And to think Australia once had sanctions against South Africa for its prejudice and narrow-minded policies towards a section of the South African population.

johnboy 9:58 am 10 Feb 06

Well bestiality is illegal and homosxuality isn’t.

So that’s a good start no?

barking toad 9:54 am 10 Feb 06

If it’s just for gays and lesbians it’s discrimatory. What about those into bestiality? Why exclude those who like to strap on guineau pigs or cuddle up to a nice sheep?

Seriously, I’m so over this gayness. If you’re gay so be it. Do it, don’t be ashamed but ffs, just because you’ve decided to come out, why the need to keep fucking shouting about it in my face!

simto 9:02 am 10 Feb 06

I wandered past Cube on my way to APK last Friday, and they were advertising Lesbian Speed Dating.

Bearing in mind the old joke “what do lesbians do on a second date – buy a house – what do gay men do on a second date – what second date?”, I’m wondering whether lesbian speed dating means signing a twelve month rental agreeement?

Jey 9:00 am 10 Feb 06

1. I don’t think the Queer Community has too much to celebrate- while things are kinda ok for us in the ACT, around Aus it’s not the case, not to mention around the world.
2. Mardi Gras begin as a protest, not a celebration. If it was organised and set up as a protest that would be awesome, sure they’re may be protest type banners or whatever but to organise and market it as a celebration is bs. I think we have a long, long way to go before we can celebrate for the hell of it and there’s much more important things we could be doing with our time, effort, money and resources.
3. Pink Dollar! The idea of this parade is kinda to funnel ppl into Cube, it ends in the ‘square’ where Cube is located. Cube isn’t preferred by many members of the Canberra Queer Community, it’s targeted at a very specific market.
4. I heard this would be something like the ‘Gay and Lesbian’ parade. Hello! What about the rest of us? I’m a big fan of the inclusivity of ‘queer’.

Swaggie 8:39 am 10 Feb 06

Oooo what an great idea – slavishly copy what they do in Sydney – lets build a harbour bridge across the lake as well. Terrubo has the right idea.

terubo 8:00 am 10 Feb 06

Come to think of it, two floats and the Territory Police Band would look rather forlorn. Maybe better to have an ACT float as part of Sydney’s Mardi Gras.

Thumper 7:56 am 10 Feb 06


A Canberra gay street parade?


terubo 7:46 am 10 Feb 06

See you in the BMP bushes, JB. Don’t run, don’t hide.

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