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GDE duplication is GO GO GO

By johnboy - 25 July 2008 72

[First filed: July 23, 2008 @ 17:58
Second filing July 24, 2008 @ 09:20]

The heat is ON!

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope and the Minister for Municipal Services John Hargreaves have just announced that the duplication of Gungahlin Drive is to start immediately.

    Work will commence on the southern end of the GDE immediately with a tender to be called next month with work to begin on the northern end of the road to be completed within the term of the next government.

Completion in four years.

Whingeing, it gets stuff done!

UPDATED: What appears to have set this off is Zed promising CityNews that he’d do the duplication. The ABC mentions some childish slanging over the timing.

The Liberal policy is on their website dated 21 July, but I couldn’t tell you when it got there.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Brendan Smyth is having a swipe at the Stanhopian U-Turn. He asks some hard questions about the funding:

    The question that the Chief Minister now has to answer for the Canberra community is how will he fund the GDE duplication project? Will he:

    • introduce a second appropriation bill?
    • raid the Treasurer’s Advance?
    • suck in funds from other road projects (as he did for the first GDE project)?
    • undertake a borrowing program to raise the capital?

We’re also somewhat interested as to how Zed is going to fund his proposal.

FURTHER UPDATE: Greens’ candidate Shane Rattenbury is saying he’d like to see a transit lane being built with the rest of it.

More Updateyness: The Community Alliance’s Norvan Vogt is attacking “One road for the price of two” and promising that he’d do better if he were king.

One more update for the road: Zed Seselja is so furious about his over-complicated media strategy leaving himself open to gazumping that he’s issued one of his amazingly rare media releases to vent his outrage at the same policy as his own being announced by the Government.

Surely the policy isn’t all that bad Zed? It is rather like your own.

What’s Your opinion?

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72 Responses to
GDE duplication is GO GO GO
johnboy 8:27 pm 23 Jul 08


You’re either affiliated with the Liberal party, or pretending to be to discredit them.

Either way you’re acting illegally in the manner of your posting, and abusing our other contributors.

Neither of which we tolerate.

So disclose your interests or cease now.

And cut out the abuse of other posters while you’re at it.

In relation to your content, the CM is still the in Government for some months now.

You’ll just have to deal with that.

Barracks 8:22 pm 23 Jul 08

An office in Tuggers actually, which is the sh*t right now because I have to drive from Palmerston. On a bad day in peak hour GDE takes me 40 to 50 minutes to do what should be a 10 min trip past Glenloch, BEFORE I even get onto the Parkway.

The question is what office are u from? U the nob who wrote the release re-promising to paint lines at Aranda? Like that might cut 2 minutes off my daily grind.

If you think there are any election policies on the Labor website, then post the link Mr Stanhope.

tom-tom 8:16 pm 23 Jul 08

hey barracks whose office do you work out of?

might want to look under policies on the alp site.

with staffers like you its not wonder the libs are so inept.


Barracks 8:08 pm 23 Jul 08

Ask the Libs to promise a dragway and Stanhope will have one giftwrapped same day dude.

peter@home 8:06 pm 23 Jul 08

so where the hell is my dragway??

mutter, whinge, whinge mutter…

Barracks 8:02 pm 23 Jul 08

Try this link and check the policies bit

Couldn’t find any election policy on … so where does Stanhope file their full election promises for us to check out?

Barracks 7:58 pm 23 Jul 08

This is a crackup. I saw the City News today in its bundling showing the Lib announcement on GDE. It’s already printed.

And the Libs have a full policy on their website Looks like Stanhope has panicked with his media release – no policy, not even a final number. Pretty lame to say he hasn’t worked out the final number yet. I guess he got burnt last time when he said it was $53 mill

Stanhope’s promise of $4 million for a “second lane” from Aranda is an old announcement they did a few weeks ago. That is just repainting the lines from further back after cars get off the road over Belconnen Way.

I love Captain Cranky’s line that

“Thanks to good project management, the road came in earlier than scheduled and within budget.”

Yeah right. The Lib policy says they promised 4 lanes by 2004 at $53 mill. I thought the road opened in April this year, not April 2004.

johnboy 7:56 pm 23 Jul 08

I’m guessing that internal polling happened to it.

sepi 7:55 pm 23 Jul 08

I wonder what happened to the consultation John Hargreaves said he was going to do before he made any decision on this??

miz 7:29 pm 23 Jul 08

Thank God. That Aranda bridge bit is a scarily narrow stretch of two-way – an accident waiting to happen. Worst case scenario – a prang could cause a car to flip over onto the road below.

Morgan 7:03 pm 23 Jul 08

What a great idea, why didn’t we think of doing that, in the first place…

aronde 6:51 pm 23 Jul 08

4 years? Is that longer then it took to build the whole thing originally? Also amazing what whinging AND an election year will do.

And given that the duplication process is starting only a few months after being fully open, the question must be asked how much extra money will this cost over building the damn thing as dual lane to begin with?

Pandy 6:37 pm 23 Jul 08

Aint going to stop ACT Light Rail and the Greens from complaining.

johnboy 6:32 pm 23 Jul 08

No Time!

Pandy 6:31 pm 23 Jul 08

What about light rail?

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