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GDE Users, Unite!

By BenMac - 13 January 2009 72

I used the GDE every day and put up with the slow moving traffic just like everyone else has to. What really gets me is when I see a silver Mitsubishi Mirage (Unknown rego) driving in the bike lane.

I’ve have seen this on many different occasions during peak hour, with it happening again today. This twat gets on at Ginninderra Dr, gets directly into the bike lane and stays there until he gets off at the Tuggeranong Parkway. Today the traffic wasn’t even stopped, it was moving at a slow pace, but he still decided to drive in the bike lane just to save a few seconds.

So I urge all GDE users, if you see this moron coming up behind you, put your car halfway into the bike lane (assuming there aren’t any bikes in it at the time) and make him use the road like everyone else.

What’s Your opinion?

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72 Responses to
GDE Users, Unite!
DarkLadyWolfMother 12:40 pm 13 Jan 09

Oops, I should have mentioned that the driver was found guilty. Whether the fines resulted in any change of behavior…who knows?

FB 12:36 pm 13 Jan 09

A suggestion for someone who is brave. As you see the guy aproaching, open your car door and let him take it off. In the insuing reports just claim you didn’t see the guy and that you opened the door to liberate a bug/spider. He will be found at fault and have to pay for the repairs. I bet he wouldn’t do it again. Of course you might want to have good insurance and shitty car just in case.

Anyone got a shitbox they don’t care about?

Granny 12:34 pm 13 Jan 09

D’oh, Danman beat me.

Granny 12:32 pm 13 Jan 09

It’s obvious BenMac, pull out your mobile and video the whole thing … then YouTube it!

Danman 12:32 pm 13 Jan 09

Spitfire3 this one’s for you

Made complaint to police, national media coverage, offender dealt with.

Simple. Effective.

DarkLadyWolfMother 12:29 pm 13 Jan 09

Spitfire3, I once complained about a Taxi driver being a dangerous idiot. The Police took my statement, and eventually it ended up in court.

Unfortunately I had to take the day off work to be there as a witness, which makes doing this a right pain in the arse. Unless they can give you rough times for court sessions now and not just ‘turn up on the day and wait’?

Spitfire3 12:25 pm 13 Jan 09

DJ said :

Get the rego and make a complaint to the Police. Simple process.

That’s supposed to be the correct thing to do, but we’ve heard sooo many times (on this site and elsewhere) that taking such action results in absolutely nothing being done against the problem driver.

Can anyone say that it ever does create an appropriate result? Any anecdotal evidence?

Thumper 12:11 pm 13 Jan 09

That twat is fighting the system

Complete fckuwit is what comes to mind…

DJ 12:10 pm 13 Jan 09

Can I second that nomination?

Toby…. get help.

djk 12:10 pm 13 Jan 09

toby101375 said :

That twat is fighting the system

In what way? If everyone drove in the bike lane that would make things better somehow??

Thumper 12:09 pm 13 Jan 09

Yeah, rego/ police, no brainer…

justbands 12:08 pm 13 Jan 09

Wow. Flame/nutter of the week nomination for toby?

DJ 12:05 pm 13 Jan 09

Toby are you playing with a full deck? Go back to taking your medication.

Get the rego and make a complaint to the Police. Simple process.

Tooks 11:57 am 13 Jan 09

So how’s your silver Mirage going toby?

toby101375 11:53 am 13 Jan 09

Get to the source of your problem loser. Stop following the crowds and get of the roads during peak times. That twat is fighting the system, he/she is stronger than you. You don’t have the balls to do it. I congratulate the f***er.

But hey, if you want people to fight your battles for you then so be it pussy.

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