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“Gentlemans Me Time” ??

By FustyMusty 3 August 2011 33

Am I alone in my irritation at ads being aired during prime time, well, constantly, on commercial FM  suggesting “Gentlemen should get a bit of me time”, to offer a quickie on the way home from work with the suggestion this fixes home tensions…


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33 Responses to
“Gentlemans Me Time” ??
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steveu 9:40 am 04 Aug 11

qbngeek said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

djk said :

The “smooth cha-cha” ad is a lot more irritating imo.

“Everyone will love your smooth cha-cha!” WTF?!? Are you going to show it off at your next dinner party??

Wow. The things you miss by not listening to commercial radio. Must be fun to explain to the kids what the ads are about…

We switched to JJJ after the smooth cha-cha ads started and my 8 year old son said he wanted a smooth cha-cha because it will help him to get more friends. The bonus is I don’t have to listen to lady gaga or rhianna or any of that crap anymore.

Never looked back, even if some of the music on JJJ is of questionable quality at least I don’t have to listen to songs about getting down at a party or giving blowjobs in toilets and then explain it to my kids anymore. You can shove 104.7 and all the other commercial radio stations up your jacksie.

Well said. Whilst JJJ is music focused, they offer a bit more of a different view of the world than the commercial presenters who, quite frankly, spend alot of the time plugging a business in between the commercial breaks. I always switch to JJJ – as whilst I respect business choice to advertsie, Im not going to have the ‘smooth cha cha’ conversation with my kids at this stage in their lives, nor have them singing the song on the way to and from school!

Jethro 9:33 am 04 Aug 11

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Holden Caulfield said :

Commercial radio.

That’s your problem.



Cheap 9:03 am 04 Aug 11

Look at all the old prudes in this thread. If hearing allusions to sex on the radio makes you “want to vomit” I strongly suggest that you get help.

Classified 7:04 am 04 Aug 11

john87_no1 said :

No more irritating than being a male and having to listen to ads concerning the light bladder leakage problems of mothers and middle aged women. No more irritating than listening to Rhianna’s “music” describe sex acts at all times of day.

In short, you are not alone.

I always enjoy the ones about how women can go horse riding on the beach, dance on the bonnets of cars and meet handsome strangers. But only if they use the right brand of tampon.

wildturkeycanoe 6:06 am 04 Aug 11

Do these “establishments” have a drive through service for those in a hurry to get home in time for dinner?

vg 8:51 pm 03 Aug 11

Hand shandy on the way home from work? Where do I sign up

digitalchet 8:41 pm 03 Aug 11

While the ‘smooth cha-cha’ ad is bad, it really doesn’t beat the NIB ad:

“Reeelaaaaaaax…. Reeelaax aabbooouuuuttt the taaaaaxxxx…”

Truly an infuriating and maddening concept. I would seriously deck the person who came up with that.

_Pollyanna_ 8:23 pm 03 Aug 11

I’ve heard the radio advertisement referred to and it makes me have a little vomit. As if his colleagues would be in awe of the prostitute he brings to the corporate dinner! LMFAO!

And then he goes into awkward man detail about what the prostitute assisted him with afterwards, EWWWWW.

screaming banshee 8:12 pm 03 Aug 11

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Holden Caulfield said :

Commercial radio.

That’s your problem.


+eleventy million

JessP 7:25 pm 03 Aug 11

I get a laugh about the gentleman’s services – especially that one about the guy who takes the escort/lady/working person to the business dinner – where everyone is surprised!!! I just want to yell ‘ITS BECAUSE SHE IS A WORKING GIRL AND YOUR COLLEAGUES KNOW IT STUPID and she helps him with is little problem later! TOO MUCH INFO PEOPLE

The smooth cha cha ad is just plain wrong, that song about the girl wanting to do bad things with far too much details about the bad things is just wrong.

+1 for Turning it off!

fabforty 5:50 pm 03 Aug 11

Ben_Dover said :

BimboGeek said :

Some men are selfish, greedy and inconsiderate. At least the ads will flush them out of the woodwork.

If some women were not selfish, greedy and inconsiderate and put out a bit more, men would not need to resort to such services.

Sauce for the goose/gander etc.

If you can be so stupidly sexist, so can I.

I’m not sure it’s the women you meet that are the problem.

But as far as “gentlemens clubs” are concerned, it doesn’t matter how high-brow and sophisticated those ads try to dress it up – they……are………brothels !!!

And those “smooth cha-cha” ads really are terrible.

p1 2:49 pm 03 Aug 11

john87_no1 said :

arescarti42 said :

chewy14 said :

….an old Picture mag and ….?

Picture mag? Uh, does internet porn know you’re cheating on it?

Made my day!

And Mine! +1

john87_no1 1:41 pm 03 Aug 11

arescarti42 said :

chewy14 said :

Surely a bit of “me” time involves a box of tissues, an old Picture mag and some lubricant rather than a trip to a brothel?

Or are they offering to lend you a hand?

Picture mag? Uh, does internet porn know you’re cheating on it?

Made my day!

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