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Get down to the library now for your home energy use kits

By johnboy 5 March 2009 26

Simon Corbell is proudly launching the Home Energy Action Kit which you’ll be able to loan from public libraries if you’re one of the happy few to still live near one.

    “The Home Energy Action Kit is an effective and practical set of tools to help householders become energy smart and it is available for free loan from our public libraries.”

    The kit contains:

    — A power meter to measure energy consumption and running costs of appliances;
    — An infrared thermometer to measure fridge, freezer and hot water temperatures;
    — A compass to identify the orientation of the home and passive solar heating opportunities;
    — A stopwatch to measure shower and tap flow rates;
    — Instructions on using the equipment and worksheets to calculate your home energy efficiency; and
    — A Home Energy Action Plan to record actions you will take to save energy and reduce bills.

(Comic by Panama)

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Get down to the library now for your home energy use kits
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Granny 12:29 pm 06 Mar 09

I think it’s fair enough to start off with two and see if there’s a demand in the community. It works well enough for books. If there’s a huge waiting list they can always request more.

I think it sounds like an interesting exercise – not sure if it’s compelling enough to propel me through the doors of my local library, though.

caf 12:23 pm 06 Mar 09

2 at each library. You won’t know unless you ask, anyway.

ant 12:10 pm 06 Mar 09

If there’s 2 kits at the library, I suspect the list to borrow it will be very flapping long. Useless for determining one’s energy consumption in the near future.

i might contact my local council, you never know, they might have such a thing (doubt it though).

AngryHenry 12:05 pm 06 Mar 09

That might be the only useful thing in the kit for some people caf. I never leave my tv on standby. The only things on in my house during the day are a clock and the fridge.

I’ve been there and done that with the heating/warm clothing scenario, now I can afford to have the heater on a bit longer (and live in a house with central heating meaning I have control over what rooms are or aren’t heated at any given time). While that may be selfish I have spent enough Canberra winters cold and sick in my time to not really care.

The point I’m trying to make I guess is that if there are only two of these kits in the Civic library as an example it’s a token effort and a waste of time and money.

Obviously it would be more of a waste of money if everyone got a kit but really the money would have been better spent on a campaign to break some of these habits that have been ingrained over the years.

An even better solution would be to perhaps focus more on the consumtion used by industry as opposed to domestic.

For me it just seems they want to be seen as doing something when in reality they’re not doing that much at all.

sepi 12:00 pm 06 Mar 09

You can actually book a HEAT (home energy audit test) test on your house and an expert comes out with all this gear to suggest ways to use less power in your home. This is an ACT govt thing too.

The thermometer was actually interesting – the same room can have hot and cold spots several degrees different, indicating draughts from the floor or ceiling, or too much exposed glass (windows) in a corner, or heat reflecting from the concrete verandah outside half the room.

caf 11:54 am 06 Mar 09

Umm.. the library? That’s kind of the whole point of this thread, ant.

Angry Henry: If you can see how much per hour a device like, say, a heater is using, you might choose to use it less and wear more warm clothing. Or something like a TV on standby, which most people leave on 24/7, but have little idea how much that’s costing them.

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