Giant fish

smokey2 13 November 2006 11

I noticed 6 large fish in the Molongo river in Bogan city on Saturday [Ed- Queanbeyan?].

These things are black and over 2 feet long. I was told they are Indian carp.

These must be Bogan fish and are headed down the Molongo towards the ACT.

Whats the best way to catch them?

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KaneO KaneO 6:26 am 15 Nov 06

Metre plus sized carp are quite common in many areas, and are a joy to catch.
Berley up with corn to get them on the chew, then follow theonlyjames structure.
Generally if carp are just cruising and visible they aren’t actively feeding. If you can see them, they can see you, and they go off the bite.
Aim along submerged structure where food would naturally deposit for the best success.

Or for real fun, catch them on fly – black ant works well, as does a little bit of cork. Workout what they are feeding on and then match it.

Carp are really useful for chucking in the hole when planting a tree, or as an insect attractor – the flies bother the carp, not you.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:00 pm 13 Nov 06

Sounds good to me gurunik

gurunik gurunik 8:59 pm 13 Nov 06

Cyprinus carpio boganis.
found in fetid backwaters in urban enviroments.
thrives in runoff.
attracted to sound, use V8 engine sounds and AC-DC to attract. be aware that these will be mature breeding specimens. for a younger catch use nickleback etc and turbo 4 cylinder engines.
bites well on premixed spirits or generic beer.
will not respond to tofu.
an angler wearing fitted denim trousers, black t-shirt with a vehile on it, and a beanie should find success.

ant ant 8:29 pm 13 Nov 06

It’s the sewerage going into the river. makes em big and mean.

Thumper Thumper 1:40 pm 13 Nov 06

Back in the old days on the Spewah they once caught a murray cod that needed a bullock dray team to drag him out.

After it had fed the whole town of Echuca for a week, a family used it’s skeleton as the frame for a house.

Fair dinks…

Swaggie Swaggie 1:35 pm 13 Nov 06

There are Carp the size off Submarines in the east basin of Lake BG so these are probably of the same ‘mob’. I know people despise them but they give great scrap on light tackle – I quite like catching them – but not for the table.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 1:15 pm 13 Nov 06

if they’ve come from Queanbeyan are you sure they would be safe to eat?
They do say the water is special there..

theonlyjames theonlyjames 1:04 pm 13 Nov 06

Canned Sweetcorn kernels are also worth a try. Three or four threaded onto a small hook attached to a light running sinker rig (small pea sized sinker, 3kg line and a tiny swivel) has worked for me before. Use a float if the fish are sitting high-up in the water.

Danman Danman 1:03 pm 13 Nov 06

try fishing – works for me 🙂

S4anta S4anta 12:35 pm 13 Nov 06

Try soaked bread in tumeric

Ari Ari 12:12 pm 13 Nov 06

Rapidly expanding bait … a.k.a. dynamite

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