Ginger beer in Canberra

johnboy 20 March 2009 66

So as to stop the moronic chuckleheads polluting the Folk Festival thread, let us here discuss the where’s and whyfores of alcoholic ginger beer in Canberra.

Is the store bought stuff up to scratch? What’s the best way to make your own?

Knock yourselves out.

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66 Responses to Ginger beer in Canberra
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Americanberran Americanberran 12:08 pm 20 Mar 09

Danman in the cellar?…hmmmmmm, I was thinking more like dungeon. OK I’ll stop; he’s hardly worthy of stalkdom, lol.

Disposable Disposable 12:07 pm 20 Mar 09

Thanks Danman I’ll head out there today.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 12:05 pm 20 Mar 09

Johnbody – a drop of tabasco sounds nice, but you’ve really gotta try whacking fresh chillis in during secondary fermentation: it’s unbeatable.

Disposable Disposable 12:05 pm 20 Mar 09

I just checked the new Jim Beam product and it is Bourbon and ginger beer. Danman where do you get the alcoholic Bundaberg ginger beer? I am very keen to try that one.

Apparently there is a small brewery on the Sunshine Coast that make a good one as well. For me Stone’s is the only decent one that is commercially available here.

Sounds like I need to head out to Kambah, I’d better hide my 2615 Tattoo.

ant ant 12:04 pm 20 Mar 09

JB, regarding your recipe, when you mix it all up, do you add the usual amount of sugar as per the kit instructions, or is the honey the only sugar you add?

I’m pretty keen to try this one. Might happen today even.

Has anyone done a beer kit, and then added ginger? I’ve heard of this but never seen any detailed recipes.

Granny Granny 12:04 pm 20 Mar 09

Maybe everyone could bring along their ginger beer and we could have judges and stuff.

ant ant 12:01 pm 20 Mar 09

Granny said :

Let’s go on a ginger beer crawl!


I haven’t copied down the recipes in the thread yet (my battery is getting low and any minute the computer will tell me to sod off as it wants to sleep) but they look good. I bought a 2nd fermenter last year to make lemonades and ginger beer in. So far I’ve only made the kits, but am intrigued with the idea of making beer, that is ginger flavoured. Some people then get creative and empty a bottle of rum in too before bottling.

The kit ginger beers I’ve made turned out just fine, and I use the brown plastic bottles so there’s no danger of explosions. So far no disasters, in fact the results have been more consistent than my beer efforts.

There is a very active homebrew club, a friend took me to a meeting, they meet at a club in narrabundah, might be the German club. They bring samples and my goodness, I am NOT worthy. some of them were nectar of the gods. There was this russian black porter/stout thing that was pure ambrosia. they mostly do mashing and growing own hops and all kinds of things.

Danman Danman 11:59 am 20 Mar 09

Disposable, in reference to your querstion in th eother thread – I get Bundy Ginger Beer from Danman Denman Cellars in Gunghalin, near the Pizza Haven(?) there.

Danman Danman 11:54 am 20 Mar 09

JB – Thanks for the honey and Ginger tips – I use Homebrew mixes from Kambah too, and can fully reccomend them..

I have made alcoholic Ginger beer, Alcoholic Sars and want to try an alcoholic cola, which I intend to mix with bourbon on an ad hoc basis providing more of a kicker than a usual bourbon and coke.

If you wanna know about brewing, Canberra has a homebew fraternity – not sure who to contact though. Google may in fact be your friend, I am too lazy.

Granny Granny 11:51 am 20 Mar 09

It sounds delicious. Honey and ginger – two of the nicest things in the world!

Americanberran Americanberran 11:50 am 20 Mar 09

“Sure fire” recipe, John?…sounds like my last kitchen odyssey, lol

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:49 am 20 Mar 09

One of the best things about brewing ginger beer is that it leaves the brewing tub with residual flavour. So if you go from making a ginger beer straight to making a wheat beer, the wheat beer will have a delicate sweet ginger overtone. Very nice!

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:47 am 20 Mar 09

There’s a brewing place in Kambah that is absolutely top notch. They have regular tastings, good for advice and recipes, and they even sell second hand bottles.

You dumb schmoes!!!

Americanberran Americanberran 11:46 am 20 Mar 09

Can somebody please explain to me the difference btw a moronic chucklehead, and a Canberran cackleberry?;for I’m new to the scene …

johnboy johnboy 11:45 am 20 Mar 09

So here’s my sure fire recipe:

1. Ginger beer kit from Brew Your Own At Home in Kambah
2. 1kg Honey
3. 1 big hunk of ginger.

Peel the ginger and slice thinly, the idea is to maximise surface area.

Simmer for 10 minutes the honey, sliced ginger and two cups of water. You don’t want to over-boil, but it has to get up to boiling point to kill wild yeasts in the honey.

Throw this mix into your fermenter with the rest of the ginger beer kit, and water to your fill line, and ferment as you would beer,

When bottling put a drop of tobasco sauce in each bottle along with your secondary fermentation medium.

Allow two weeks for secondary.

If any of these terms confuse you, go talk to the nice people in the brew shops.

Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 11:37 am 20 Mar 09

U-Brew it in Hume have a good Ginger Beer recipe.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:36 am 20 Mar 09

Johnboy is trapped in the 1940s.

Granny Granny 11:35 am 20 Mar 09

I think I probably do have to admit to being a moronic chucklehead.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:35 am 20 Mar 09

Moronic chuckleheads?

Are you getting all your cusswords from a mafia dictionary or something?

Granny Granny 11:31 am 20 Mar 09

Let’s go on a ginger beer crawl!

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