Good graphic designers?

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As many of us work for the gubmints, and a helluva lot of resources go on graphic design services, I thought we could share.

Who are the gooduns, large and small?

A couple of the supposed “gun” graphic designers around town are lazy and produce absolute cr*p at huge prices,but I wonder, is that partly because we in the Services give them poor direction and impose banal requirements – and they simply give up on quality?

And who are the brilliant unknowns?

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12 Responses to Good graphic designers?
PickedANickname PickedANickname 10:10 am 01 Jun 09

I used to work with Graphic Designers once as a business manager and before that a print rep.

Hands down Liz Faul for reports or publications and anything arty. Also with a lone designer you are getting a resonable rate and not having to feed a studio.

If you want a studio I would talk to Ben at Paper Monkey.

puzzlepunk puzzlepunk 9:03 pm 31 May 09

wow allot of these websites people are posting are poorly designed hehe.

Firstly I work for 2B Advertising and Design – were’ pretty good, we always bring chocolates to meetings and are cheap!.

Secondly in my opinion these are the other folks to seek out , Swell, Papercut, Voodoo, Co-Ordinate, Couch and did I mention 2B ? – good medium sized studio’s that have some nice stuff in their portfolio’s.

To answer the other part of your question, working on public service briefs can sometimes be like … um … I better not say anything.

emd emd 3:55 pm 31 May 09

Brilliant, small, local graphic designer: white fox communications Love his style, quite reasonably priced, and good service.

anotherbloke anotherbloke 3:06 pm 31 May 09

I’ve got to say I’ve had great dealings with the whole team at Voodoo Creative in Phillip. Easy to deal with and always get the jobs done on time and for a reasonable price… they seem to have two websites and website stuff at

pmm pmm 10:39 am 31 May 09

Claire at Papercut is fantastic. Very client focussed, will go out of the way to assist and make the finished project great, also puts a focus on sustainable design. .

Ivan76 Ivan76 8:24 am 31 May 09

Let me suggest Ntasha Gerebtzoff at Gr8 @mosphere, I used them to design my business logo, letterheads & cards and was extremely happy with the work she produced.

The pricing was reasonable and she really listened when I described what I wanted the logo to achieve, the design work was exactly what I was after.

Their focus is primarily interior design work but give her a call in relation to graphic design also, she’s a genius..

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 12:22 am 31 May 09

Daryl at is excellent and a nice bloke to boot.

Thumper Thumper 9:44 pm 30 May 09

Sorry, should add that Pendragon is probably more into garden design and interior design these days.

Thumper Thumper 9:43 pm 30 May 09

Pendragon Design. But I’m not sure she has time to do anything at present. However, excellent, very excellent, for a small business.

I’m not even sure if she’s in the phonebook.

housebound housebound 9:37 pm 30 May 09

Swell will probably turn around in a few weeks and refuse all new clients because they have suddenly, and inexpilicably, become rather busy. They already don’t read RA – because they have lives – but now they never will.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 9:22 pm 30 May 09

It’s a subjective topic, but IMHO SWELL Design in Manuka does some excellent work. They have a website but I’m too lazy to look it up. Check Google.

tess553 tess553 5:46 pm 30 May 09

Try Liz Faul – her website is here.

I know Liz and her talents through some great work she has done over the past few years (gratis) for a community group I am involved in (or should that be “group with which I am involved”?)



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