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Good psychologist / psychiatrist in Canberra?

By solstice68 - 29 September 2010 31

Can anyone recommend a good psychologist for depression / relationship issues?

And a good psychiatrist for depression / emotional issues?

Thank you very much for your time.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Good psychologist / psychiatrist in Canberra?
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Archieharris 3:25 pm 11 Dec 16

+1 for Dr Dev RoyChowdhury. I saw him for some time and he has been the best. I took so much out of our sessions. Personally, I’d definitely recommend him a 100%.

Also, I agree with everything that pibloktoq mentioned. I think it would be prudent to know the process and ask relevant questions before seeing someone.

farnarkler 9:20 pm 09 Mar 15

Remember there is a vast difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist. A psychiatrist studies for double the time a psychologist does and they have to be an MD before they can study psychiatry. 12 years vs 6 for a psychologist.

birder 10:06 am 07 Mar 15

First, do what pibloktoq has suggested. Go to a GP and get a mental health care plan. That will reduce your costs considerably.

I found psychologist Keith Baker through the APS’s “find a psychiatrist” service. He was empathetic, caring and profession, and most of all, effective. With his help, I was able to work through my particular issue in about 5 months. Not only do I really feel that I’ve overcome that problem, but the tools we used have enabled me to face other issues on my own as well (although I’d be more than happy to go back to a psychologist again if needed).

I agree that you should look for someone who uses evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy. The problem is that many people say they use CBT but they don’t, really. I had seen a few other psychologists and wasn’t particularly satisfied. But Keith Baker’s approach is very straightforward and helps you find the real root of your issues, as well as how to deal with them. I believe he is a counseling psychologist.

I just googled him and he doesn’t have a website, but his contact number is listed as 0458 066 232.

olearyrebecca5 11:29 pm 06 Mar 15

Dr Dev RoyChowdhury

(he is the Director of DR PSYCHOLOGY in Civic)

Dev is the best psychologist I have seen in Canberra so far. After seeing a few shrinks in Canberra, I was quite disappointed. And so I looked at online reviews and went to see Dev as he has good reviews on the net. My GP also strongly recommended him, so that helped too.

I must admit, Dev was a breath of fresh air. He took the time to listen to me and help me understand my issues. He did not rush through my life story to tell me how everything about me was all wrong (trust me, I have psychs in the past tell me how I was so broken and helpless). Instead, Dev helped me piece my life back together. He is definitely a class apart.

I have found Dev to be exceptionally intelligent, competent, professional and unassuming. I would definitely recommend him. Personally, he has been a saving grace.

Sharing his contact details from his business card that I have:


Phone: 0430 032 587


Location: Level 6, 39 London Circuit, Canberra City, ACT 2601

I would suggest that you make a booking in advance as he keeps quite busy. Also, please check these details in future in case they change. Hope this helps.

Mikey_mike 2:54 pm 06 Oct 11

cleo said :

Do we have a forensic psychiatrist here in Canberra.

TAD said :

@cleo no.

You only have less than a handful in NSW as well.

Its not something you would ordinarily need unless you are trying use a mental health defence in court.

Actually, we do. Dr Daniel Bonner is a forensic shrink. He’s an exceptional psychiatrist. Only thing is, and this is a big one, you have to be sucked into the criminal justice system first before you see him, further, he doesn’t do consultancy work (i.e defence opinions). Hope that helps, but it probably won’t.

hank2604 5:56 pm 14 Jun 11

attention seeker

Calochilus 4:32 pm 14 Jun 11

cleo said :

Do we have a forensic psychiatrist here in Canberra.

Dr Zoltan Zadanyi

valleygirl 1:37 pm 04 Mar 11

farq said :

mp2615 said :

FWIW, I would suggest consulting a GP first. They can probably recommend someone plus help with medication if needed.

Funnybone are in Lyneham:

Phone/Fax: (02) 6230 6022 Email:

Good luck with it, at least the weather is improving.

Ah funnybone is classic. Heard many funny/crazy stories about the lady running it.

Hi, would you mind sharing what you know about this counsellor, I have concerns that she is not supplying correct counselling to my husband currently?

valleygirl 1:34 pm 04 Mar 11

Hi, I see a couple of comments re funnybone counselling. Just wondering if you would like to expand on this counsellor as my husband currently visits this cousellor and I do have concerns as to her conduct and the outcomes he is getting from this counselling. I feel that our troubles have in fact increased since he started seeing this counsellor. I’d be very interested and thankful if those with knowledge of this counsellor could share with me their thoughts on this counsellor. thanks so much

Red Robin 11:50 pm 24 Oct 10

Tom Sutton, in Deakin, is very compassionate with a very caring manner and all the patience in the world. He helped a resident recover from the aftermath of the Bali Bombing.

TAD 7:58 am 30 Sep 10

@cleo no.

You only have less than a handful in NSW as well.

Its not something you would ordinarily need unless you are trying use a mental health defence in court.

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