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Good samaritan in Belconnen

By MsNeenish - 4 July 2009 11

A ‘good news’ story ….

Accompanied by my two children, many bags, a shopping list and the trusty pram, I hauled myself over to Belconnen Markets at lunctime today for some grocery shopping.  After parking, playing games feeding coins into the meter, moseying over for a play on the giant mushroom, and a stroll through the fruit shop, I reached for my purse …. to find it missing!   At first I thought it must be in the pram … no.  Maybe still in the car? … no.  Then heart-attack territory as I realised it was still on top of the parking meter.  I strapped the kids back in and ran back to the meter.  No purse – and all my fault, of course. 

But there was a note tucked into the coin feeder, and a phone number, asking whoever had lost their purse to call.  I rang up and spoke to someone, arranging to meet back at the markets for a handover.   

Within 5 minutes I had my purse back.  While I thanked the young woman (20s), I didn’t give her any sort of reward – not even a coffee! – for coming to the rescue.  So this is to say to her – again, thank you so very much, and I hope you realise what a lifesaver you were.  It’s great to think that there are ‘good people’ out there who do the right thing. 

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11 Responses to
Good samaritan in Belconnen
CapitalK 1:47 pm 10 Jul 09

That is so touching and Riotact has bought you both together – what a warm fuzzy

MsNeenish 1:32 pm 10 Jul 09

Hello Nadia – there you are!

I’ve told everyone about my losing the purse at the markets, and how lucky I was that you found it and returned it.

I greatly regret not offering you a reward at the time. Do you go to the markets often? I could meet you there sometime with a thank you gift, or at the very least some coffee.


deezagood 8:25 am 06 Jul 09

Good on you Nadia – you are a wonderful, wonderful person! I wish there were more folks like you out there (and very clever idea to leave your phone number at the parking point too).

missalli 11:15 pm 05 Jul 09

Nadia, Your a champ!

I didnt think people like you existed anymore.

**I would have looked at the license too. 🙂

Nadia 10:34 pm 05 Jul 09

That’s so odd. I hadn’t looked at this site for months but for some reason looked at it tonight. (This is the person that returned your purse).

Thank you for your post, I really appreciate it. The thanks is reward enough too. Honestly, I would be lost without my wallet, so I’d like to think that someone would return mine should I ever misplace/lose it.

By the way, I felt bad for doing it, but I had a quick look at your driver’s license so when someone called I knew I was giving it back to the right person 🙂

GardeningGirl 7:18 pm 04 Jul 09

Spam Box said :

Great stuff! although personally I would have offered a reward

Yeah, but I’m guessing MsN was feeling quite upset and flustered at the time.

BerraBoy68 5:57 pm 04 Jul 09

I sincerely hope good karma visits the girl who helped you!

Mike Bessenger 4:53 pm 04 Jul 09

Maybe if you still have her number you could call and ask for her address and send her a gift?

Spam Box 4:47 pm 04 Jul 09

Great stuff! although personally I would have offered a reward

GardeningGirl 2:17 pm 04 Jul 09

Well done to the young lady!

Danman 12:59 pm 04 Jul 09

That’s awesome, glad to hear you got it back…I would be devastated if I lost my wallet, and that’s not even including monetary loss.

I wish that there was more people like this in our society.

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