Googong pipeline protest

johnboy 9 December 2011 108

Here in the Eagle’s Nest we think the Murrumbidgee to Googong Pipeline is a brilliant idea. But not everyone’s a fan.

Charlotte Meany has posted this video and sent an open letter to the Minister:

Dear Minister,

The Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline water transfer is a horrific project happening right on
our doorstep here in Burra. It will be responsible for destroying the delicate eco-system here
which is far more important to future generations than 150 million dollars worth of profit in
company wins and jobs.

You are in one of ACTEW’s videos promoting it. Interesting none of those videos allow comments!

Well my little protesting one does so please go and have a look and please make a comment:

While you are there please take note of the publication which can be acquired from Enviroment Dept!

Instructing AGAINST the use of pipeline for drought solution.


Charlotte Meany


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108 Responses to Googong pipeline protest
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colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 1:55 pm 25 Oct 12

Ah memories!

And just for the lulz

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 9:15 am 15 Dec 11

ceam said :

Anyway, as my husband says, leave it alone because time will tell. I’ve had my say.

Yes, you’ve had your say, much in the same way people shouting at no-one at bus stops has had their say.

Has it actually got you anywhere? Has it achieved anything for your cause? Or, has it made you look like an absolute nutter and made your cause a joke?

I will give you a clue, the last question is the only one to which the answer is yes.

The Traineediplomat The Traineediplomat 2:24 am 15 Dec 11

Does Ceam have a Burra tat?

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 10:27 pm 14 Dec 11

ceam said :

” A pipeline from Burra to Canberra is hardly on the scale of the other proposals discussed, so what makes you so certain that the conclusion of the document applies more than the above quote?”
The length of the pipeline has no bearing on the damage down at the source ie., the pumping station at the river and the output pumped through creek beds at the reserve. It wouldn’t matter if the pipe were 600kms or the current 20km – the damage remains the same either end.

Charlotte – You keep insisting the phrase “RESERVE”, but according to all the maps I’ve found, the Burra Ck does not go through a reserve anywhere along the path you mentioned but instead into what is classified by NPWS as Googong Dam foreshores – London Bridge, Blewitt Ln, Queanbeyan River etc. – Page last updated: 28 February 2011
So all this eco-friendly green garbage you’ve been spewing is based on waters that fall into a zone that may and will flood, is not protected and it seems apart from you nobody really cares about. Get over it, it is not going to cause any major side effects. Knowing that your own house’s pollution is going straight into these same waters, how considerate can you be?
If I seem unsympathetic, I’ve tried being conservative before. I saw the riverside where my wife and myself got married, with beautiful poplars and weeping willows along the banks, turned into a treeless aquaduct lined with the quarried leftovers of failed headstones and benchtops. Instead of a river flowing quietly with trout and platypus it became a torrent where you couldn’t swim safely. Unfortunately the river was turned into an irrigation canal, because they needed the water downstream for rice farming. I hated what they did but there is nothing we could have done about it – this is progress at the cost of what we love.
God, if you hate change that much, you have no chance over the next 50 years when this whole world goes apocalyptic. Just, if you are going to make claims, get your facts straight!

ceam ceam 6:02 pm 14 Dec 11

shaky videos are all the rage these days eg cloverfield ,paranormal etc ha! Better than the actew ones that look like a bad remake of b-grade 70’s rocky style movie.

Yes the water is being pumped through pipes through burra creek that runs right through the centre of the park. Anyway, as my husband says, leave it alone because time will tell. I’ve had my say.

Chop71 Chop71 5:50 pm 14 Dec 11

100 posts, raise your bat, take off the helmet and kiss the coat of arms.
Who would have thought a smelly chick from Burra could ever win such a prestegious award.

We should all make a road trip for the presentation and get ACTEW to supply the coffee and bix

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:04 pm 14 Dec 11

GardeningGirl said :

I’m still trying to figure out the real issue but I’ve gained more understanding about the pipeline from some of the other posts than from the video rant. Honestly, if someone is passionate about protecting the environment then they’ve half won me over already but you’ve done a great job of losing that advantage.

Holding the bloody camera still would have been a good start, haha.

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