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Googong to get water!

Thumper 21 September 2005 15

Although this may sound good I still feel its a bit of a band aid solution and that the real issues are not being addressed.

This is a lot of money for something that will happen if it rains.

And it begs the question, should this money be going towards a feasibility study into a new dam?

CT article here.

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15 Responses to Googong to get water!
bulldog 1:35 pm 23 Sep 05

I feel you knockin' Mael, but is glimmertwin's number of $200m accurate? If so then other long-term alternatives need to be investigated, such as equitable sourcing from our three dams, industrial/commercial water wastage and catchment areas.

I'm no tree-hugger, but I am a mad angler and what has been done to Gogong is horrendous. It neds time to recover; if we can assist then so be it. But at $200m you have to ask yourself if the money can be better spent in the name of future planning.

Maelinar 1:11 pm 23 Sep 05

more water all round = good thing + I'm a keen fisherman.

I think as far as white elephant projects go, they could do worse, and the end result is more water avaliable for the next onslaught of the drought, seems a little commonsense to me - perhaps MLA's reading RA is starting to rub off ?

bulldog 11:49 am 23 Sep 05

sorry that shoud read 90 percent dams. In my defense, my fingers were merely trying to do their duty for me by pre-empting curses.

bulldog 11:48 am 23 Sep 05

The issue has been that the ACT and Queanbeyan has been sourcing all of it's water from Googong since the fires; hence one 37 percent dam and two 90 percent damns.

The next issue is catchment. Perhaps Googong isn't the best place to capture the most amount of rainfall.

In any case, more water in Googong is a terrific idea, and as ssanta pointed out the fishing is an added bonus. Yet, I'm strangely conflicted in that I don't won't to see yet another white elephant project...

el 1:48 pm 22 Sep 05

...and two other dams that are near capacity.

glimmertwin 10:03 pm 21 Sep 05

Just seems to be commonsense to me - why not transfer surplus water from the full dams to the empty dam?

why spend $200m building a new dam when you have one that is only 37% full?

Mr Evil 4:09 pm 21 Sep 05

I hadn't thought about the silicone option! I might have to give it a go.

ssanta 3:15 pm 21 Sep 05

Mr evil,

have you thought about siliconing their taps so water does not come out if they aggreve you so much? I did that to my neighbours, they cracked the shits but it took thema good few days to figure out what i had done!

Mr Evil 2:12 pm 21 Sep 05

Yay, now the people at the end of my street will be able to have their sprinkler going all the time, just like they did last Spring and Summer! Maybe a bit of Roundup sprayed on their lawn one night might help them see the error in their ways?

ssanta 12:56 pm 21 Sep 05

I think that trapping the snow melt into googong looks a bit shaky of the vurface, but i think it might actually work. Pumping the water from the dams further up the catchment who have up to 90% capacity cant exactly hurt. Plus there is nice fish in googong so they could do with some water

Indi 12:44 pm 21 Sep 05

It is apparent that Mine Leader has ruled out the possibility of any new dam.

This of course will leave water sport fans furious as there is really nowhere to go except for the Molonglo Creek...heaven forbid anyone was allowed to have any fun in this town, let alone breath!

Kerces 12:26 pm 21 Sep 05

Well good.

Thumper 12:24 pm 21 Sep 05

Sorry 'bout that K

next time I promise to summarise the story.

Rooly and trooly.... Ya gotta believe me!


Kerces 12:09 pm 21 Sep 05

Thumper sweetie,

Can you bloody well explain what is in the story you're commenting on and not just comment then link to it in future? This is the second in a row today and it's damn annoying.

Not all of us have had time to read the papers or check out the news prior to coming to the RiotACT for the day and I for one would like to know what it is I'm supposed to be thinking about before I have to read other people's opinions about it. Even just one sentence explaining the context would be fantastic.

Thanks honey.

bonfire 12:03 pm 21 Sep 05

im doing my part by only drinking scotch, brandy, beer and OJ.

if it gets any worse, i'll take the ice out of my scotch.

every little bit helps.

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