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Life is looking up

Goons at the Hyatt

By johnboy - 21 June 2010 27

see you, see me,

“fgzk” has sent in some pix of the protests outside the Hyatt for the Chinese Vice President’s visit (the Chinese can manage to turn up unlike the leaders of the current hegemon) with the following note:

Some of you may have seen the dual protest outside the Hyatt on the way to work. One group from the Falun Dufa and one group of young uni students with Red Chinese flags. Then there was the guy in the Mercedes who pulled up and started taking photos of the Falun Dufa speaker as they where leaving. When he saw me take a photo of him he pulled up next to me and said “why you take photo of me. This is my hobby”. He then proceeded to take multiple photos of me. The Chinese government provide really nice cars for there agents. I especially like how he has disguised it with the green a gold scarf. Agent or hobbiest? What do you think?


(More photos below the fold)


student organiser

red guards

man in the merc

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Goons at the Hyatt
p1 3:56 pm 21 Jun 10

Disposable said :

The secret agent guy is on a roadway with both hands on the camera and none on the steering wheel.

But it isn’t a mobile phone, so it probably is fine…

I suspect being available for counter protests is a condition of these students being let out of the Motherland.

Skidbladnir 3:11 pm 21 Jun 10

It could be worse…
“PM apologises to Chinese delegation over protest”
[New Zealand] Prime Minister John Key apologised to the visiting Chinese delegation after Green Party co-leader Dr Russel Norman’s free Tibet protest at Parliament on Friday….
Dr Norman waved a Tibetan flag and called for democracy as Chinese vice-president Xi Jinping’s delegation arrived at Parliament.
Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully was critical of Dr Norman’s action and last night told The New Zealand Herald that Mr Key had telephoned the most senior minister in the visiting Chinese delegation to apologise on Friday night.

Trade trumps free expression.

amarooresident3 2:56 pm 21 Jun 10

Well his hobby could be taking photos of anti-chinese protests. People do all sorts of weird and wonderful things in their spare time.

Or maybe not.

harley 1:21 pm 21 Jun 10

Get the RiotACT’s defenses ready. You’re sure to get DDOS’d now…

neanderthalsis 1:15 pm 21 Jun 10

I drove past there this morning on my way to work, there was only the Falun Duna mob there att that time. I guess the Chinese Embassy had to call in a flash mob of students to even out the numbers and provide a spot of intimidation.

Funky1 12:51 pm 21 Jun 10

To fgzk,
Just watch out for any white Mercedes “work” vans parked in your street.

RAGD 11:52 am 21 Jun 10

HA! I just saw that guy driving on Northbourne Ave.

PBO 11:52 am 21 Jun 10

Like Pokemon, we gotta catch em all!

Rawhide Kid No 2 11:40 am 21 Jun 10

PBO said :

Post more images of these guys! As many as you can!

Yes! ..Good close ups.

Rawhide Kid No 2 11:38 am 21 Jun 10

Was that Cameras at six paces?

PBO 11:28 am 21 Jun 10

Post more images of these guys! As many as you can!

grundy 11:15 am 21 Jun 10

I still can’t believe the aussie feds let the Chinese blatantly get away with this sort of stuff in Australia…

georgesgenitals 11:03 am 21 Jun 10

That’s quite a neat little Renault!

Disposable 10:53 am 21 Jun 10

The secret agent guy is on a roadway with both hands on the camera and none on the steering wheel.

54-11 10:34 am 21 Jun 10

I guess it’s a cultural thing, but the Chinese government just makes itself look stupid by these stunts. They already know who the Falun Gong people are (maybe even have a rat or two amongst its ranks), so this intimidation on foreign soil is just rubbish.

Good luck to the Falun Gong – they are persectuted something terrible for their beliefs, which appear to me to be quite benign, but the Chinese govt sees it as a threat.

What a shame these Chinese govt turkeys need to continue their persecution on Australian soil (yes, I know the FG are protesting here as well, but they can’t do that in their own land so they’ve got to take every opportunity they can).

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