Government eyes double lanes to Tuggeranong’s southern fringe

Ian Bushnell 13 July 2020 26
Tharwa Drive

The 1.6 km stretch of Tharwa Drive is suffering from traffic congestion and delays. Image: ACT Government.

Moves to duplicate a 1.6 km section of Tharwa Drive in Canberra’s far south will buoy residents regularly stuck in peak hour traffic and ease concerns about emergency vehicle access and evacuation needs during a bushfire crisis.

Transport Canberra and City Services is seeking a consultant to conduct a feasibility study and provide design options for duplicating the single lane road between the Woodcock Drive/Box Hill Avenue roundabout and Pockett Avenue in Banks, the final suburb on the urban fringe before Lanyon Homestead, the village of Tharwa, and beyond that Namadgi National Park.

The tender documents say this stretch of road is experiencing significant congestion and causing delays for commuters at peak times, which will only get worse with further urban development in the area.

TCCS says morning traffic moves slowly until it reaches the duplicated lanes past the Woodcock Drive/Box Hill Avenue roundabout at Lanyon Marketplace.

Last summer’s devastating fire in Namadgi National Park highlighted the threat to Tuggeranong’s southern suburbs such as Banks and Gordon, and the risk to firefighting operations posed by sightseers clogging local roads, as well as traffic management issues if residents needed to be evacuated.

TCCS wants to see three design options, including a preferred design for the ”most cost-effective, sustainable and appropriate solution to ease congestion, improve safety and to facilitate an improved road network in the Tuggeranong area to meet current and future needs”.

This will include cost estimates and a cost/benefit analysis for each option.

The consultant will need to model traffic flows but take into account the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people using the road.

Any noise impacts, particularly on residential areas, will need to be identified so mitigation measures can be taken, including buffers.

The consultant will need to confirm areas such as heritage-protected sites, areas of ecological significance or protected flora and fauna, or any areas of environmental concern within the project area that require remediation.

It is expected that local businesses, residents and community groups will contribute to the feasibility and design process through meetings and workshops.

The consultant’s findings will go to supporting a business case for the duplication.

The tender closes on 30 July and the government will award the contract by 21 August.

TCCS says the Tharwa Drive duplication would complement other improvements already made to the road network in the south including the duplication of Ashley Drive, the safety improvements underway on the Monaro Highway and the future duplication of Athllon Drive.

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26 Responses to Government eyes double lanes to Tuggeranong’s southern fringe
Carole Ford Carole Ford 7:46 am 15 Jul 20

About bloody time!!

Edd Dornan Edd Dornan 9:13 pm 14 Jul 20

How about selling that stupid tram we could of do a hell of a lot to the cities traffic problems. With all the Billion Spent on old useless technology didn’t everyone expect Melbourne scrap trams as they are noise un viable and expensive to tax payers

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 6:39 pm 16 Jul 20

    Edd Dornan can’t sell something they don’t own. You do realise this don’t you?

Pamela Gonzalez Pamela Gonzalez 6:44 pm 14 Jul 20

So it's a study. In the 2023 election they might decide to do something with the outcome of the study 😂

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 6:18 pm 14 Jul 20

I think there are other areas that need attention before money is spent on this. For example, the high level bridge over the Molonglo near Whitlam remains delayed. A real shame on the Messiah's 104 th birthday!

    Edd Dornan Edd Dornan 9:08 pm 14 Jul 20

    Bill Gemmell Messiah dose any one know who the Messiah is because im not 104

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 9:20 pm 14 Jul 20

    Edd Dornan the dude that was sacked on the same date that Ned Kelly was hanged

    Edd Dornan Edd Dornan 9:22 pm 14 Jul 20

    Ok thanks didn’t know that

    John Madelly John Madelly 5:02 pm 16 Jul 20

    The bridge over the Molonlo at Coppins Crossing is the completion of a vital road network between Molonglo, Belconnen and beyond. Don't forget Murrumbateman, Yass and the rest of NSW.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 8:24 pm 16 Jul 20

    John Madelly haven't forgotten nearby NSW. But, that is the very reason why the feds should be kicking the can so to speak.

Johnathan Davis for Brindabella Johnathan Davis for Brindabella 3:43 pm 14 Jul 20

I’m keen to see improved transport options in Lanyon, but I’m not prepared to trust the same government that dropped Lanyon from the Canberra wide light rail master plan AND recently cut bus routes in and out of the valley. We could get away with not duplicating another road if we actually invested in mass transport like rapid bus routes and eventually light rail.

    Michael Smith Michael Smith 3:49 pm 14 Jul 20

    IMO this road isn’t busy enough to warrant spending millions in duplication especially if there is no more house development happening this far south. I for one would much rather see light rail put back on the master plan and an increase in bus services. The improvements to the park at point hut pond are great and money into the other parks in the area would also be money better spent

    Neil Chandler Neil Chandler 6:30 am 15 Jul 20

    I'm very pro-light rail, but realistically, it will be close to 20 years before it reaches Tuggernong, let alone any extension to Lanyon. It doesn't have to be either/or - it makes sense to address capacity now AND plan for the future too. Suggesting that the road shouldnt be duplicated because you are unhappy with an easily reversible decision is like cutting off your nose to spite your face!

    Johnathan Davis for Brindabella Johnathan Davis for Brindabella 11:49 am 16 Jul 20

    I understand what you’re saying Neil. As keen as I am on light rail, I appreciate it won’t happen over night.

    That’s why I reckon we need more rapid bus services, more covered well lit seating at bus stops and a better connected walking and cycling path system in the short term. These investments will make it easier for some people to catch the bus or ride their bike which would ease congestion, eliminating the need for duplication. Then we can focus on getting Tuggeranong back on the governments light rail map.

    Electing a local member who is a passionate supporter of light rail would be a start 😉

Jane Barratt Jane Barratt 3:35 pm 14 Jul 20

We dont need to duplicate a road that goes out to farmland. How about some infrastructure that allows for bars and outdoor dining in Lanyon.

Mat Barber Mat Barber 11:48 am 14 Jul 20

About time

Bradley Fox Bradley Fox 10:11 am 14 Jul 20

Can you smell an election in the air?

David Lane David Lane 10:08 am 14 Jul 20

Lisa Brill - opening up the old neighbourhood 😉

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