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Government regulations shut down the southside farmer’s markets

By johnboy - 20 January 2011 16

where the eggs come from

Over the weekend there was great consternation over the sudden cancellation of the Southside Farmer’s Markets.

Today the market’s website explains a sorry tale of incompetence and red tape (thanks to trevar for the heads up):

Dear valued customers,

As many of you are already aware, unfortunately we were in the position where we had to cancel the market last Sunday.

As you can imagine this was not a decision that was made lightly, but we were informed that for legal reasons we were not to run the market.

Over the past days we have been holding discussions with our lawyers and the Southern Cross Club, with whom we entered into an agreement in November to use the stadium on a long-term basis. Unfortunately the club was not aware, and did not advise us until early January that using the stadium to hold the market was not permitted by government regulations. We have now confirmed that unfortunately the use of the stadium to hold the market is not allowed due to government regulations that stipulate what activity is permitted on the stadium land.

It is regrettable that our stallholders and customers have been inconvenienced.

We are now urgently looking for new accommodation. We have discussed our needs with the government, and they are providing assistance. We are actively in discussions with two possible venues. As you can appreciate we have quite specific needs, and so we want to be sure we meet them as closely as possible. We are working hard to get the market up and running again as quickly as possible.

You, our valued customers have been very supportive. We have spoken to some of you directly, and have received many phone calls and emails. Your positive feedback has also been passed on to our stallholders.

We are sure that you will want to know our progress, we will post the latest news on the market web site. Once we are ready to reopen we will place notices in the press and on the website.

We want to reassure you that we remain completely committed to our stallholders and customers. This is a temporary situation, which we will do our utmost to resolve quickly. There is absolutely no intention to close the market.

We want to thank you for your understanding during this period, your very kind offers of help, and your continued support for the market. We really appreciate it.

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16 Responses to
Government regulations shut down the southside farmer’s markets
The cat did it 6:50 pm 22 Jan 11

Southern Cross Club asleep at the wheel again?

A Noisy Noise Annoys 4:36 pm 22 Jan 11

trevar said :

Most recent update on the site says the government has given permission for them to use it for four weeks despite the zoning, but the Southern Cross Club inexplicably refuses to allow them to do so.

Typical of the Catholics. When they’re not stuffing little boys they’re stuffing everything else. The government should just override them completely and allow the markets to stay at the basketball stadium indefinitely. The Southern Cross Club can go to buggery.

trevar 11:02 am 22 Jan 11

Most recent update on the site says the government has given permission for them to use it for four weeks despite the zoning, but the Southern Cross Club inexplicably refuses to allow them to do so.

I think I may have to lunch at the Hellenic Club instead…

MarketLover 8:33 pm 20 Jan 11

While we wait for the new South Side Farmers Market, I have heard that Choku Bai Jo is opening in Curtin. They stock produce from a few of the regulars at the markets

Holditz 3:43 pm 20 Jan 11

I note that on possibly a possibly not unrelated point the Computer Markets that have been at the Basketball Courts for a couple of years are returning to their previous venue of the CIT Woden Campus. That’s two potentially lucrative contracts that they have lost. (A real pity too, because the courts are roomy and easy to move about, while Woden Campus is small and crowded to move about in.)

Thoroughly Smashed 2:34 pm 20 Jan 11

Oh well, I guess they’ll try to work out where they stand legally in advance next time.

Chip 1:37 pm 20 Jan 11

No doubt the Woden Plaza supermarkets would rather not have the farmers market operating close by and have been good enough to remind the government of any fine print that will see the markets moved away. Just splendid to see the poor supermarkets get a win after the way the government has been restricting their access to more sites. Who will pay for the reconciliation lunch? Shoppers or taxpayers?

la mente torbida 11:29 am 20 Jan 11

Southern Cross Club … FAIL!

georgesgenitals 11:08 am 20 Jan 11

At the risk of getting slammed, surely it’s up to the operator of the market to ensure they are in an approved place?

Gus929 11:02 am 20 Jan 11

Oops, wrong Southern Cross basketball stadium. 🙂 But there’s nothing residential near the Woden one, either. (Correct map: )

Gus929 10:59 am 20 Jan 11

@tortfeaser – although in this case Southern Cross Basketball stadium may be nearly perfect in that regard, as I don’t think there are any nearby residences. (map: )

tortfeaser 10:44 am 20 Jan 11

Fair enough. I support a government’s ability to be able to decide what sort of activity should go where. I’d be pretty pissed off if I lived in a neighbourhood that didn’t permit activity early in the AM and then suddenly a bunch of farmers in beep beep beep reversing trucks turned up at 5am.

chewy14 9:38 am 20 Jan 11

Stupid Business zoning.
The government should rush through a variation to the territory plan, just like they do when it’s a developer wanting to build a block of units anywhere.

EvanJames 9:26 am 20 Jan 11

All this government regulation, insurance rules that now prevent us doing things we used to do… are any of us any better off?

KB1971 9:25 am 20 Jan 11

How come it moved from CIT?

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