Government targets illegal dumping with concealed cameras

Dominic Giannini 27 July 2021 28
Illegal dumping

The ACT Government has released footage of illegal dumpers. Photo: ACT Government.

Illegal dumpers have been put on notice, with authorities stepping up their surveillance of hotspots like Mugga Lane and Majura Parkway, installing concealed cameras to catch people disposing of rubbish on the side of the road.

Isolated rural areas are popular dumping spots, according to Transport Canberra and City Services, which has placed 16 cameras around the Territory.

The ACT Government says the problem is hard to fix and disappointing as it affects the amenity and the safety of our city.

To highlight their new enforcement efforts, the government has released footage on social media of people illegally dumping their waste.

Basic littering penalties range from $1000 for individuals to $5000 for businesses, while fines for illegally dumping rubbish that could be a safety risk to people or animals carries a higher penalty of $5000 for individuals and $25,000 for businesses.

People can also face up to six months in prison.

The dumping of illegal substances carries penalties of up to $200,000 for individuals and $1 million for businesses. People can also face up to seven years’ imprisonment and the possibility of other penalties.

Compliance officer

The ACT Government has released a new video targeting illegal dumping. Photo: ACT Government.

Large household waste items can be taken to the tip at either Mitchell and Mugga Lane, but Canberrans can dispose of items free of charge if they are still usable at a Green Shed.

To report illegal dumping, call Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or fill out the Access Canberra Feedback Form.

More information about recycling and disposing of waste in the ACT can be found at Recycling and Waste.

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28 Responses to Government targets illegal dumping with concealed cameras
Kirsty Noad Kirsty Noad 6:26 pm 07 Aug 21

This completely disgusts me. Look at him, seemingly decent member of society using our public spaces to dispose of his rubbish ,what for? To avoid paying a tip fee?

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:55 am 30 Jul 21
Roc Cecere Roc Cecere 6:42 am 30 Jul 21

Scrap tip fees, we already pay for them in our rates/taxes

Steven Bailey Steven Bailey 10:48 pm 29 Jul 21

Nicely written.

Cheryl Thuillier Cheryl Thuillier 6:39 pm 29 Jul 21

And people shouls stop throwing there rubish, drink bottles on the side of the roads.

Jo Miles Jo Miles 10:39 pm 26 Jul 21

I don't know much, but wouldn't it be crazy if there was free bulk waste pick up. Oh. Wait ...

Jason Malcolm Jason Malcolm 9:50 pm 26 Jul 21

I mean that's great and all...but they can't place cameras on roads where cars are frequently dumped and set alight, starting bush fires...

Shawn McIntyre Shawn McIntyre 8:55 pm 26 Jul 21

Not good. Maybe a couple of tip vouchers for ratepayers, if you don’t use them you can give them away or flog them on marketplace.

Aj Biega Aj Biega 8:00 pm 26 Jul 21

Trades keep dumpibg at our flats.

Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 4:41 pm 26 Jul 21

Fantastic what a great idea

Guy Noble Guy Noble 4:34 pm 26 Jul 21

I hate illegal dumpers,,,, but what does this mean??? we will now pay a judge, prosecutor, aids, and court time to give someone a slap on the wrist?

Robert Lehr Robert Lehr 4:30 pm 26 Jul 21

Maybe it’s time to set up more cameras to catch illegal graffiti

    Kirsty Noad Kirsty Noad 9:26 pm 29 Jul 21

    Robert Lehr I REALLY like this idea too. About time people are held accountable

Janine Gilchrist Janine Gilchrist 4:30 pm 26 Jul 21

Good. I hope fines are issued and followed up on.

Josh Prucha Josh Prucha 3:55 pm 26 Jul 21

Great work ACT Government 👍🏼 - we need more of it!!

Annie Wyer Annie Wyer 3:52 pm 26 Jul 21

Why doesn’t the ACT government make tips free of charge at entry but add a once a year amount to the rates, separating households from businesses, apartments from townhouses etc judging on number of bedrooms and size of employee/businesses.

I know a lot of people will object to it because some people obviously ‘don’t make rubbish’…but you’ll see far less dumping.

And have a twice a year large items pick up - like they do in capital cities.

The best thing about all of this is it employs people to sort it all out and send it to appropriate places for recycling or whatever.

The stupid thing about the ACT is that they charge a lot for rates but you get incredibly basic or nothing in return. Capital cities do an awful lot for a lot less rates.

Apartment complexes must do a once a year skip hire for residents, it’s amazing how much stuff gets put out.

    Annie Wyer Annie Wyer 4:13 pm 26 Jul 21

    Blake Anthony Cross easy fixed, rego plate recognition at the tip, like they have at Westfield.

    Jody Maree Harrison Jody Maree Harrison 4:25 pm 26 Jul 21

    Annie Wyer

    I think you can sign up for bulky waste pick ups once a year or something

    Craig Neiberding Craig Neiberding 4:35 pm 26 Jul 21

    Bulky waste pick ups are available for households as of 1 July

    Anura Samara Anura Samara 5:01 pm 26 Jul 21

    Annie Wyer if you reduce the threshold for any offence, by definition you’ll have less offending! But the reality is that landfill isn’t free - it’s our job to recycle as much as we can and then dispose of the rest. Canberra is pretty good - at the coast you have to pay to dump green waste.

    Amy Pendragon Amy Pendragon 7:41 pm 26 Jul 21

    Why don't they force them to go back and clean up the entire area and take it all to the tip?

    Kirsty Noad Kirsty Noad 9:24 pm 29 Jul 21

    I think just pay for what you use. I don't use the tip so I shouldn't be made to pay for it. Just take some personal and environmental responsibility for what you buy and dispose of.

Jane Skillicorn Jane Skillicorn 3:42 pm 26 Jul 21

Filthy pigs!!! Just imagine what their houses are like - dumps!

    Bronwyn Meredith Bronwyn Meredith 4:21 pm 26 Jul 21

    Jane Skillicorn Their houses are probably neat but everywhere they have been is a rubbish tip.

opso opso 3:36 pm 26 Jul 21

So have they actually issued any fines yet?

Tracy Robinson Tracy Robinson 3:25 pm 26 Jul 21

Dumpers are lazy morons!

Craig Neiberding Craig Neiberding 3:22 pm 26 Jul 21

Let them triple the amount of cameras available to them, 16 isn't enough. I hate illegal dumping.

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