Government to duplicate 4.5 kilometres of William Hovell Drive

Lachlan Roberts 18 September 2019 86
William Hovell Drive

William Hovell Drive between Drake Brockman Drive and John Gorton Drive is set to be duplicated. Photo: Ozroads.

The ACT Government has released a tender to duplicate 4.5 kilometres of William Hovell Drive to improve commute times as new suburbs are developed in the Molonglo Valley and West Belconnen.

The section of William Hovell Drive between Drake Brockman Drive and John Gorton Drive, previously named Coppins Crossing Road, is the latest stage to be duplicated, with on-road cycle lanes and an off-road shared path expected to be part of the upgrades.

The tender said that section of William Hovell Drive is often congested during the AM and PM peak traffic times, and the congestion will only increase as the Molonglo Valley, the estate of Ginninderry, and the new suburbs of Strathnairn and Macnamara continue to develop and generate traffic.

The upgrade must remain within the existing road reserve as the important nature conservation areas of the Pinnacle Nature Reserve and Kama Nature Reserve that lie to the north and south of the road must not be encroached upon, the tender said.

The project may also incorporate ecological corridors between the two nature reserve areas into the design, as well as roadside parking.

The tender also recommended a traffic study to determine the capacity of the existing Drake Brockman Drive roundabout and whether a signalised intersection should replace the roundabout.

With more than 20,000 vehicles using William Hovell Drive every day, ACT Minister for Transport Chris Steel said there is a clear need to improve commute times as new suburbs are developed in the Molonglo Valley and West Belconnen.

“We are providing significant investment into road and cycling upgrades to ease congestion, and keep Canberrans safe and moving around our city efficiently,” Mr Steel said.

“Canberra is growing and we’re committed to investing in our road network whilst also improving cycling, walking and public transport infrastructure, ensuring that Canberrans have a choice in how they commute and move around our city.”

Detailed designs will also be prepared in coming months to upgrade Morisset Road in Mitchell to support future development in the area. Morisset Road is currently 1.25 kilometres long and built to rural road standards, meaning it is only suitable for low volumes of traffic.

Mr Steel said the government is investigating upgrading the existing road to meet current design standards, extending it by 1.2 kilometres to the Antill Street/Federal Highway intersection and providing stormwater infrastructure on Sullivan’s Creek to reduce flooding incidents.

He said providing a link directly to the Federal Highway along Morisset Road will divert heavy vehicle traffic away from Flemington Road which will improve the safety of all road users.

The works will also include paths for pedestrians and cyclists directly to the future light rail stop in Mitchell.

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86 Responses to Government to duplicate 4.5 kilometres of William Hovell Drive
DB4 DB4 8:35 pm 28 Sep 19

Kuringa Drive must be upgraded too and lights put in at its intersection with Kingsford Smith Drive. Nightmare trying to turn onto Kuringa drive in peak hours

    JC JC 8:36 am 29 Sep 19

    That intersection could be improved by straightening the approach from Fraser to give better visibility of vehicles coming from Fraser. Not sure why when the resurfaced Kuringa about 10 years ago they didn’t straighten out some of it. It wouldn’t have been too hard.

    And lights on Owen Dixon will help the Kingsford Smith drive intersection by providing a break in traffic coming from the Barton Highway direction.

Crazed_Loner Crazed_Loner 11:23 pm 26 Sep 19

Hooray. I’m sick to death of following muppets doing 75 kph downhill (and often braking to boot) in a 90 zone.

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 7:46 am 23 Sep 19

The "moving the traffic jams to somewhere else" policy announcements always appear in the lead up to the next election

Lauren Walker Lauren Walker 9:39 pm 22 Sep 19

So we’re pushing more traffic onto Parkes Way, which is already a parking lot heading to the City in the morning.. BUT we’re not doing anything at the City end of Parkes Way where the actual problem is, we’ll fix 4kms of road near Holt.. Genius 🤦🏼‍♀️

Peter Ellis Peter Ellis 10:49 pm 21 Sep 19

While they are at it, how about turnout lane(s) from Drake-brockman Dr eastbound into William Howell Dr northbound? And, a slip lane northbound at the Belconnen Way corner, plus a slip lane southbound into Belco, and westbound into WH Dr.

gooterz gooterz 2:01 pm 20 Sep 19

Shows the contempt for sourthsiders

Last election the duplication of Athllon drive was promised, all we got was a new bus stop later followed the removal of several bus routes. (Lucky we got the new one ay).

Now the government is duplicating William Hovell, previously it was only mentioned to be design work.

North side projects are funded off the back of closing up southside infrastructure.
No more buses hydro pool or indoor ice skating rink.

The first hint of complexity barr threatened to cancel the tram leg to woden. (Of which he doesn’t want to do anyway.)

The only duplication happening in half of canberra is Rates!

Christopher Mawbey Christopher Mawbey 5:25 am 20 Sep 19

That's a long article about re painting Lines a road

David Jackson David Jackson 8:46 pm 19 Sep 19

Gréât idea? Once again let’s forget about Tuggeranong. The Ashley drive supposed duplication was stuffed up at Richardson with a single lane. Take Monaro highway and drake ford drive out and every other road in Tuggeranong is single lane.

About time Tuggeranong leaves the act and looks after itself. We get absolutely nothing for our rates contribution.

    Karl Edmondson Karl Edmondson 9:14 pm 21 Sep 19

    David Jackson start a Tug-xit campaign! The Hyperdome can hold your council meetings and the lake can be your drinking water.

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 8:06 pm 19 Sep 19

Hasn’t our Minister for Road Transport been Green Shane Rattenbury for a decade? Won’t his “car free days” fix the problem?

Daniel Howell Daniel Howell 6:59 pm 19 Sep 19

Could think of way better roads that need it in Canberra

Toshy Roy Toshy Roy 6:54 pm 19 Sep 19

Well just look how long it's taken to go the Cooper crossing upgrade i would say 4 years

Toshy Roy Toshy Roy 6:51 pm 19 Sep 19

About 40 years over due

Wade Bermingham Wade Bermingham 5:17 pm 19 Sep 19

ACT is expanding pretty fast and getting more dense in the middle they'll need to do this harder and faster than they are

Pete Black Pete Black 3:38 pm 19 Sep 19

How about a 2 way cycle lane with a pedestrian lane on the side🤔

Katie Irving Katie Irving 2:59 pm 19 Sep 19

Ev Schneider ... more roadworks!

travis bugg travis bugg 2:39 pm 19 Sep 19

Will make getting to the jam on Parkes Way so much quicker!

Grimm Grimm 2:26 pm 19 Sep 19

Just don’t use the same contractors that did coppins crossing road and its intersection with william hovell. I could have done what they did with a shovel and wheelbarrow in the >12 months it took them to do less than 1km of road and an intersection.

Michael Thomas Michael Thomas 2:17 pm 19 Sep 19

How many years will this take??

Peter Mackay Peter Mackay 2:03 pm 19 Sep 19

Sounds good to me. That bit of road gets a lot of traffic. Should have been done thirty years ago.

Not sure about the bike lane, though. It’s a tough climb.

Briar Caldwell Briar Caldwell 2:03 pm 19 Sep 19

Peter - how long do you reckon that will mess with traffic for?

    Peter Caldwell Peter Caldwell 2:06 pm 19 Sep 19

    Briar Caldwell will take ages but long term will be awesome.

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