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Govt ‘stuffed up’ Tharwa bridge project

By Thumper - 5 December 2007 36

Probably enough said….

However, the ABC online is reporting that Tharwa general store Val Jeffery says there should be a public inquiry into the way the ACT Government has handled the restoration of the Old Tharwa bridge, something I agree with.

The Government has announced it will now consult with the community about the bridge. Sadly the word consult coming from anyone in the ACT government means that they have already made up their mind and are now ready to take on comments, so as to ignore.

I fear that this spells the end for that grand old bridge.

RA favourite Steve Pratt actually said something of note when he commented that, “There is no need for wide consultation as Tharwans and people in the Tuggeranong Valley in their thousands have signed petitions calling for the restoration of the old bridge.”

We are being run by a bunch of muppets people….

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Govt ‘stuffed up’ Tharwa bridge project
Thumper 4:10 pm 05 Dec 07


It’s a government responsibility, plain and simple as that.

If the bridge over Sullivans Creek collapsed the government would fix it, and the uni wouldn’t have to sell donuts and chocolates and those horrible chewy little nougat things.

this is why we pay taxes.

Mælinar 3:54 pm 05 Dec 07

To be clear, do they (the Tharwinians) want A bridge, or the old bridge restored ?

If its option B, how much fundraising have they done to progress their agenda ?

If its A bridge, let the old one float downstream in the next flood I say, build a new one.

Concurrently, if they want A bridge, and they want the old one restored, read my above comment on fundraising.

Typsy McStaggers 3:21 pm 05 Dec 07

Perhaps they can introduce a toll on the new bridge to pay for itself. Yes, I am joking.

Mr Evil 3:13 pm 05 Dec 07

Of course the ACT Govt could have done something about this bridge issue earlier; but then this whole fiasco reeks of payback for Val embarrassing Stanhope and Co for all their collective stuff ups and buck passing during and after the Jan 2003 fires.

Thumper 2:55 pm 05 Dec 07

I sincerely hope that you’re right caf.

Sadly, all of this could have been done a long time ago.

caf 2:46 pm 05 Dec 07

My reading between the lines tells me that the old bridge will be rebuilt. This is based on the fact that the Government is putting forward 4 options, 3 of which involve rebuilding the old bridge. Usually the way these things go is that the most “extreme” options are ruled out (in this case, demolition of the old bridge, and rebuilding it with a raised deck), leaving in this case the two middle of the road options. I reckon one of these two will be the way forward.

Thumper 2:41 pm 05 Dec 07

Thanks Caf,

but I still think that, for all those words of reassurance by the CM, that the old bridge will be consigned to history.

how long has it been so far?

caf 2:09 pm 05 Dec 07

You probably should have linked to this remarkably frank media release on the subject in addition to the article (it’s unusually lengthy, too).

Basically – we were going to build a new bridge for $10m, because it was thought that it would cost too much to rebuild the old one, but now it looks like we might be able to fix the old one for between $12m and $25m, depending on how flash we want it to be. The downside is that it will probably be closed for a longer if we do that.

Thumper 1:57 pm 05 Dec 07

alternatively, he speaks up for his community.

besides, this is not about Val Jeffery.

caf 1:52 pm 05 Dec 07

He’s nothing but a professional squeaky wheel.

Skidbladnir 1:44 pm 05 Dec 07

We don’t have a mayor, and nor does Tharwa.

barking toad 1:38 pm 05 Dec 07

Val has been proven right a few times too many to take much notice of that comment caf.

barking toad 1:36 pm 05 Dec 07

But, hey, we have a bill of rights, a SIEV X memorial, a statue of a very dodgy ex-politician, an “art” piece celebrating native grasses, a mayoral arboretum underway and a 5 Star “reformatory” being built.

Isn’t it a bit much to expect a bridge to be repaired/replaced? Or even to get Defence to throw a bailey bridge over the river for a while? Or to make a decision?

You could hear the mayor squirming under some soft ABC questioning on radio late yesterday about the options they were now going to ‘consult’ about.

And, on radio samuel early this morn, they recounted a story of how the minister for getting-pissed-at-lunch-and-dodgy-statues had whined about repairing the old bridge because it would need timber from old growth forests.

Beyond parody.

caf 1:24 pm 05 Dec 07

I still think Jeffreys is a pompous blowhard, whose opinion seems to be that if something wasn’t done his way then it was done the wrong way.

Ingeegoodbee 1:15 pm 05 Dec 07

“We are being run by a bunch of muppets people…”

Too true Thumper, but then again I have long believed that we get the politicians that we deserve.

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