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Grandma Foskey on rampage regarding water penalties

By Thumper 23 October 2006 9

The Canberra Times reports that the Green MLA, Deb Foskey, has criticised Actew’s approach to water restrictions as too lenient and seems to be implying that a lack of enforcement has led to people maintaining unsustainable gardens.

Although I don’t believe that people are continuing to maintain unsustainable gardens, I do agree with her stance on enforcement.

Afterall, there is not much point in having water restrictions if nothing happens when you break them.

Personally, I believe that, given the length of time we have gone without decent rain, that the current government, instead of simply slapping restrictions on water use, should have started planning for this many years ago.

So, congratulations to Ms Foskey for bringing it up, but now lets see her follow up with mandatory water tanks for all new buildings, residential or not, more use of grey water on ovals and parks, and a decent government subsidy for those who wish to put rainwater tanks on their property, without having to go through 100s of metres of red tape to get it all approved.

[ED – Or how about putting a sensible price on the bloody stuff and let people make their own decisions about what sort of garden they’re willing to pay for and what sort of water saving systems they’d like to put in place?]

What’s Your opinion?

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Grandma Foskey on rampage regarding water penalties
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VYBerlinaV8 8:57 am 24 Oct 06

I am watching with interest my bro-in-law’s lawn, where he has just installed on of those sub-surface dripper systems. The idea is that you regularly pump a few litres through, and it goes straight into the root system of the lawn. You don’t need to use much, because there is no run off or evaporation. If it works for him, I might spend a few weekends digging the trenches in my lawn to cut down on water use.

seepi 7:18 pm 23 Oct 06

Garden beds generally need less water than lawn, so they should be encouraged. Also, lawn should be maintained (not lush, just not quite dead) rather than let to die, then replaced with new turf or reseeded. It costs more water to start a lawn than keep one alive if people want one. Similarly with govt run ovals – they shouldn’t have ceased all watering, just cut it right back, then maybe they wouldn’t be starting again at great expense now.
I bought a house with a great garden, and I would pay money for water to keep it alive too.

Pandy 7:14 pm 23 Oct 06

Thumper, Water is not cheap now. However, I am prepared to spend hundreds more than I did a few years back to have a green garden, unlike the red scoria blocks I have seen sprouting around the place.

futto 6:29 pm 23 Oct 06

I have an evaporative airconditioning system installed and the water runoff goes on my garden. The hose gets moved around as the plants start to look a sad.

VYBerlinaV8 4:43 pm 23 Oct 06

Isn’t there already a spot picked out up in the Auroral Valley?

el 4:23 pm 23 Oct 06

I hear the residents of Ainslie and other inner north suburbs are quite accomodating towards new developments.

smokey2 3:34 pm 23 Oct 06

In whose backyard in the ACT are we planning to build this new dam?

VYBerlinaV8 3:21 pm 23 Oct 06

I’m with you Thumper – they should have been planning for this for years. What about the glory days when they took our revenue by making home water tanks illegal?
We should be building at least one new very large dam, and planning to fill in next time we have a wet year or two. We live in a country that is frequently dry, but occasionally gets lots of rain – we need to use this information to plan more effectively. Garden water usage is bugger all in the scheme of things, it’s time to work out a sensible charging methodology and a proper long term collection and storage solution.

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:30 pm 23 Oct 06

I looked at getting an evaporative airconditioning system installed on the weekend. I was a bit worried about the 17 litres of water it’d use every hour – at 12 hours a day for 90 days, that’s a whopping 18 kilolitres. Imagine my relief when I worked out that’s only an extra $20 on my water bill.

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