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“Greener” Electricity in the ACT – At What Cost ??

By rommeldog56 11 March 2014 42

A while back, I recall the ACT Government proudly announcing that the feed in tarriff to make the Royalla Solar Farm economically viable, would add about $13 pa to everyone’s electricity bill in the ACT.   Doesn’t sound like much, does it.   But, multiply that by the number of Solar Farms planned ???  It must be getting up towards a permanent $100pa increase to each electricity bill.

Now, the ACT Government has announced some other hair brained scheme to burn rubbish (i think ?) and use the emissions to create electricity.   But, Rattenbury hasn’t announced how much this new scheme will add to each electricity bill pa.

So, why doesn’t Rattenbury release the aggregate impact of alternative sources for generating electricity on all our electricity bills ?????    Surely, they must know !     But why worry us with the potential impact of that on employment in the Territory, on families, on self funded retirees, on pensioners and those already struggling with the cost of living impact of  constant rises in ACT Government charges and Annual Rates !   I’m sure we are all too busy to consider that anyway.



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“Greener” Electricity in the ACT – At What Cost ??
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howeph 8:34 pm 17 Mar 14

dungfungus said :

But isn’t all this solar and wind power exclusively for the ACT?

No. All the energy of the eastern states, including the ACT, is dispatched and consumed through the grid and traded on the NEM.

dungfungus said :

I thought Corbell’s mission was to make the ACT almost totally reliant on renewables so there won’t be any left over to sell (at a discounted price) to the grid.

The point is not to have surplus to sell, but rather to displace CO2 emitting fossil fuels. Wind and solar renewables will always displace fossil fuels because their marginal cost is zero.

dungfungus said :

By the way, while you may say now there is plenty of heavy industry around the country, this is all about to change so what is the point of increasing generation of electricity anyhow?

The point is not to increase capacity. The point is to transition to energy sources that don’t emit green house gasses.

Despite what you might think Dungfungus, the government isn’t doing all this for “shits and giggles”. The government is implementing policies to effect an efficient transformation of the energy sector because that’s what the scientist and economists agree must be done. Why on Earth would they want to do this – suffering all the political and budget costs – if they didn’t agree with the experts that such change was necessary?

dungfungus 6:00 pm 17 Mar 14

howeph said :

dungfungus said :

howeph said :

dungfungus said :

howeph said :

dungfungus said :

Chop71 said :

It costs a lot to feel warm and fuzzy in this town.

According to some people on this thread the cost is “zero”.
Someone else has to pay for it somehow.


From one of your own posts:
“…. wind and solar’s marginal cost of energy is zero”.

You do know what marginal costs are don’t you?

Qualifying the word “costs” with the adjective “marginal” could mean anything you want it to be.

No, it has a very specific meaning –

So I’ll take it that the answer to my question is “No, you don’t understand what marginal costs are”.

dungfungus said :

It’s a bit like the terminolgy “non-monetised costs” that the ACT Capital Metro Agency use to confuse the issue of the real costs of the “must have” light rail.

I’m sorry if being precise in the way I use terminology confuses you. However grown-ups (and I’m not talking about age) use precise language and terminology when discussing complex ideas and issues. If you want to make constructive contributions you’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

And no red herrings please. We are not talking about light rail.

Jeez, yet another elitist thinker.

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