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Greens saddened by lack self-flagellation in Murray Darling Basin plan

By johnboy 28 November 2011 23


Following from this morning’s unveilling of another draft Murray Darling Basin plan the Greens Shane Rattenbury is notably miffed that there are no painful lifestyle adjustments required by the people of Canberra.

But fear not, Shane has a plan for inflicting more pain on ourselves so we may feel righteous:

“People in Canberra want to help save the Murray Darling system so I think there will be many who are surprised that we are not being asked to do our bit”, Mr Rattenbury said.

“There was debate earlier this year about how many gigalitres of water the ACT should save and what was a fair amount to ask of the ACT. But today it has been proposed that we not have any new target and I don’t think that is what anyone anticipated.

“I encourage any Canberran who wants to do their bit to write to the Murray Darling Basin Authority and let them know they are ready and willing.

[Photo by istolethetv CC BY]

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Greens saddened by lack self-flagellation in Murray Darling Basin plan
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Diggety 11:21 am 30 Nov 11

justin heywood said :

nobody said :

Yes, yes, yes, everyone should do their bit to save the Murray Darling River System, except for us.

What if every city and town in the basin, every industry, each agricultural sector, every local government took the approach that everyone should save a bit more, except for them?

We all benefit from the Murray Darling River System, and we would all suffer greatly if the system choked and died, so a little less cynicism and a little more effort would be appropriate.

….and attitudes like yours is why people like me are cynical about Rattenbury. All the complexities and competing interests involved in the Murray Darling issue is reduced to a paternalistic call for us to ‘do our bit’ or ‘make more effort’. For a Green True Believer, the rest of the population are just children to be lectured to.

The trouble with the Greens is that they generally don’t know, or aren’t interested in, the science (unless it suits them), don’t want to deal with the complexity and think everything can be reduced to a simplistic media release that will appeal to their support base (generally half educated undergrads and women of independent means, with exceptions).


So true.

davo101 10:23 am 30 Nov 11

I encourage any Canberran who wants to do their bit to write to the Murray Darling Basin Authority and let them know they are ready and willing.

Hello Girls and Boys.

Are you worried that Canberra is not doing its bit to save the Basin? Do you feel the need to write to the MDBA? Well don’t. The good people at the Authority are mostly decent and conscientious and don’t deserve to be abused. Anyway; they’re about to be hit by a tsunami of submissions and they will be unable to differentiate you from all the other nutters.

Don’t Despair. There is an alternative. Direct Action! That’s right, with a few simple changes to your daily routines you can do your bit for the environment.

1. Remember the old rule about if it’s yellow let it mellow? Forget it, every time you flush you release 12L of water for the environment. Better still flush a second time to make sure. If your out shopping and need to use the facilities flush every cubicle, that way you make sure Corporate Australia is doing their bit.

2. Do you turn the tap off while brushing your teeth? Well don’t. Every minute you leave the tap on delivers another 5L to the environment. Better still leave the tap running while you’re out of the house.

3. Don’t shower with a friend and make sure you stay in for as long as possible.

4. Wash the car. Every day. On a impervious surface.

5. When using a sprinkler make sure you give the environment a cut by ensuring that the sprinkler is also watering impervious surfaces such as the street.

6. If your parents have installed a grey water recycling system or a water tank, then sabotage them. They are, after all, stealing water from the environment.

By following these simple suggestions you can do your bit to increase the flows leaving the ACT. As a bonus the water will cost your parents about $4700 a megalitre, which will ensure that the ACT government has more money to spend on important things like cultural festivals, cycling facilities, and public art.

Mumbucks 9:52 pm 29 Nov 11

poetix said :

If there were a monthly prize for the most disgusting image…
Wouldn’t a photo of Shane Rattenbury have been strong enough?

Isn’t that the rat in the above initiation ceremony?

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