Gross failings in analytical rigour

johnboy 13 April 2011 6

Back in late February we had a look at the proposed options for the future of hospitals in Canberra. In the poll our respondents were overly in favour of a new hospital and no expansion of Calvary.

But the Little Company of Mary has been fighting back today and have the Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson in their corner.

He’s put out a media release quoting a report by Deloitte Access which is not favourable about the consultation process and he’s cherry picked this bit:

‘Lack of transparency regarding touted benefits, gross failings in analytical rigour, and inadequacy in consultation methods is not a recipe of consistent, sound policy formulation or for economic of socially desirable outcomes,’ (Deloittes Access Economics, Pg ii)

The Little Company of Mary’s had this to say in a media release (their website appears to be having difficulties right now):

13 April 2010

Revelations today that the ACT Government would make a decision on the future of health services in Canberra next week showed its consultation process was flawed, Calvary Health Care ACT said.

Health Minister Katy Gallagher revealed on ABC 666 this morning that the Government would make a decision about future health options next week, despite the fact that the deadline for submissions from the community is only this Thursday 14 April.

When asked about the timetable for reaching a decision, Ms Gallagher said:

“All of the submissions close I think on the 14th and that’ll feed into some decisions we take next week.”
Morning program, ABC 666
13 April 2011

Little Company of Mary Health Care Chair John Watkins said this raised serious questions about how genuine the consultation process has been.

“It would be helpful if the Minister were to clarify the decision-making process from here.

“Based on this morning’s comments, it’s difficult not to conclude that the consultation process is anything more than a window-dressing exercise.

“Community consultation is an important part of a vibrant democracy but it must be genuine, it can’t be a simple tick-a-box exercise that governments then try and fit to a pre-determined outcome,” Mr Watkins said.

“I would hope that the ACT Government would give proper consideration to the very detailed and expert submission we’ve made as part of the consultation process, and the considered contributions other stakeholders have no doubt made.

I’ve never observed Katy Gallagher’s office do anything with notable competence in ten long years. I’m sure they’ve managed something, but nothing springs to mind.

But it looks like we’re heading into the position of letting posturing on abortion determine the future of hospitals in Canberra.

That seems somewhat sub-optimal.

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6 Responses to Gross failings in analytical rigour
shadow boxer shadow boxer 10:01 am 14 Apr 11

+1, why refurbish an old broken building when you can build a new state of the art facility right where it is needed most.

EvanJames EvanJames 9:08 am 14 Apr 11

Why a religious extremist group was ever allowed to become part of the public hospital system here eludes me. Government and religion is meant to be firmly separated in this country, and here you see the ridiculous situation where extreme religous rules hold sway over secular law making. They should have been left to run their private hospital.

Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 8:32 am 14 Apr 11

I have major concerns with Calvary receiving public $$$$ and then refusing to allow IVF services and having a particular religious view on transplants, genetic research and euthanasia which colours the services it provides.

I don’t particularly like the Stanhope government but I fully support them building a new hospital & bypassing Calvary.

facet facet 8:14 am 14 Apr 11

Ghee LSWCHP, don’t sugar coat it, I did not know use of lower case was insulting. I live and learn.

Deref Deref 7:47 am 14 Apr 11

The Large Mulitinational Corporation of Mary will bring all its guns to bear to ensure that the Vatican’s coffers continue to be swelled by ACT ratepayers.

I hope this government toughs it out – the Catholic (or any other) church has no role in public health provision in Australia.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 8:54 pm 13 Apr 11

Bugger the Little Bloody Company of Mary and all who sail in them. These whacko religious fruitcakes shit me. They attempt to pervert the simple business of caring for sick people with their crazy perverted ideology driven by some prehistoric foolishness about an imaginary sky friend who will look after us when we die as long as we believe in them. And if we don’t believe in them then we will burn and be tortured for eternity, just because the imaginary friend is perturbed by our disbelief. How nice is that?

The stupidly contemptible little company of mary (lower case deliberately insulting there) is a good justification for the existence of flamethrowers. The sooner they and all their maniac religious mates of all persuasions disappear into the toxic cesspit where they belong, and where they can torture each other with their ridiculous delusions and leave the rest of us alone, the better off we’ll all be.

I saw a woman imprisoned in a burqa at Belco mall a few days ago, and that experience significantly lowered my tolerance for organised religion of any kind.

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