Gungahlin Al nominates for the Greens in Molonglo

johnboy 7 February 2012 58

The Canberrra Times brings word that RiotACT’s own Gungahlin Al (aka Alan Kerlin) is throwing his hat into the political ring as a Green candidate for Molonglo.

With the Greens hard up against it to hold Caroline Le Couteur’s seat (kindly calculated by neutrals to have roughly a snowball’s chance in hell) a new high profile Molonglo candidate would at first blush appear to be what they need like a hole in the head.

So Al, is this a profile building exercise? Or are you seriously tilting for Shane Rattenbury’s seat?

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58 Responses to Gungahlin Al nominates for the Greens in Molonglo
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ma7trlb ma7trlb 9:40 am 07 Feb 12

Finally a sensible candidate emerges. Its just a shame half of Gungahlin has bee re-distributed out of Molonglo.

JessP JessP 9:58 am 07 Feb 12


EvanJames EvanJames 10:02 am 07 Feb 12

Good to see. A person who is really representative of his area, people know him and what he thinks and stands for. The Greens do seem to get better grass-roots candidates (our shire Greens are excellent, and very popular across the area, one of them regularly gets the highest personal vote in council elections), but their national candidates are less impressive (Bob Brown and Scott Ludlam being exceptions).

And sometimes running isn’t about winning, but having a chance to get a wider audience for ideas.

El_Mariachi El_Mariachi 10:18 am 07 Feb 12

Their best chance of getting 2 MLAs elected in Molonglo is running lots of strong candidates. Good candidates will increase the vote for the Green ticket.

00davist 00davist 10:58 am 07 Feb 12

Considering my only concern here is that you have trouble distingishing Piranha Plants from Triffids, I’m glad to see this!

Provided we are never under full-scale plant attack, I think you have allot to offer Al, and I will be very interested to see what you have to offer.

chewy14 chewy14 11:03 am 07 Feb 12

I think Gungahlin Al is a far superior Greens candidate than Shane Rattenbury or any of the Greens currently in the assembly at the moment.
While I don’t agree with a lot of his politics, I’d be much more confident in the Greens if Al was their member in Molonglo.

Thumper Thumper 11:04 am 07 Feb 12

Good to see. I do like that he’s grassroots and actually believes in what he does as well as in his local community.

A refreshing change in a world of self serving duplicitious egotists.

Bluey Bluey 11:23 am 07 Feb 12

Saw this coming 12 months ago.

As knowledable as Al is on Gungahlin what can he bring to the biggest seat in canberra that runs as far south as Woden and Weston Creek?

Chop71 Chop71 11:34 am 07 Feb 12

Al will do a fantastic job for those north of the lake.

aussielyn aussielyn 11:42 am 07 Feb 12

Caroline or Shane from the Greens has attended almost every public meeting, in the inner south; I have been to in the last 3 years. The major party MLAs from Molonglo are never present. Ministers & PR savvy shadows have the benefit of media recognition and profile and so can take re-election for granted.
Al has achieved a lot as advocate for his community through GCC. He is always assertive at the Planning & Development Forum. The vilification and hate campaign will now start. The electorate of Molonglo is the key to ACT Govt. as the election of Caroline showed in 2008.
PS I have no political party affiliations

Thumper Thumper 12:01 pm 07 Feb 12

The vilification and hate campaign will now start.

From who?

dpm dpm 12:04 pm 07 Feb 12

Chop71 said :

Al will do a fantastic job for those north of the lake.

As long as he is aware that about a third of Molonglo is south of the lake…. He might have to take the “Gunner’s only” blinkers off for his new role, if successful! 🙂

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:11 pm 07 Feb 12

Thumper said :

The vilification and hate campaign will now start.

From who?

Shane and Caroline?

Jethro Jethro 12:42 pm 07 Feb 12

I was hoping Al would run as an independent Senate candidate at the next Federal Election.

yellowsnow yellowsnow 12:44 pm 07 Feb 12

Anyone know many Molonglo MLAs currently live on the northside v southside? Jeremy Hanson is one southsider i’m aware of, any others?

Maybe that’s why the interests of Woden-Weston Creek-Inner South often appear ignored in favour of Inner North and, to a lesser extent, Gungahlin

Gungahlin Al, if elected, would add to this spatial bias. The parties need to preselect more southsiders, or push for more logical electorate boundaries

poetix poetix 12:48 pm 07 Feb 12

He’s gone all quiet. Maybe he’s done a Mal Meninga…

shadow boxer shadow boxer 12:50 pm 07 Feb 12

You should try Federally Al, that would really get us some attention (and some pork barrelling)

buzz819 buzz819 1:04 pm 07 Feb 12

The problem is that I would never in my life time vote Greens….

yellowsnow yellowsnow 1:11 pm 07 Feb 12

Having said that, better Al than yet another Green from the Inner North. He seems to have a broader perspective of the issues, unlike some of the others, whose world seems to stop at the city gates and does not extend to suburbia

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 1:46 pm 07 Feb 12

Good luck to him. I just hope Canberrans know who to thank when they forget their shopping bags or haven’t got the right coin for a shopping trolley.

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