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Avani Terraces - Greenway
Life is looking up

Gungahlin fishtail

By johnboy - 1 April 2011 30

“DRIVING CANBERRA” has posted this gem to YouTube with the following note:

Saw this at the corner of Gungahlin Dr and Wanganeen Av in Ngunnawal. Of course it had to be a white Holden Commodore ute, with standard rims on the rear.


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30 Responses to
Gungahlin fishtail
Mystery2Me 4:40 am 02 Apr 11

Some people just have way too much time on their hands…. driver and video operator included.

damien haas 11:33 pm 01 Apr 11

I agree, Im not amazed at how high the road toll is, Im amazed at how low it is, given the large numbers of idiots we all see driving dangerously every day. Talk to cops and they will tell you that a big white car with blue lights on it transforms the behaviour of all cars around them.

saraj 10:26 pm 01 Apr 11

I live near this roundabout. This crap happens every day of the week and twice on sundays….as they say.

Im waiting for someone to wipe themselves out on the many light poles around it, only a matter of time.

Davo111 9:43 pm 01 Apr 11

squirell said :

Perhaps i’m missing something, but why are you driving around filiming?

a lot of people do it for insurance reasons. There are a lot of incompetent drivers around in sydney, particularly at night. The camera might just help when it comes to an accident.

As #7 said, raises awareness. also, Hopefully the driver/friends/family would notice their car on youtube and see the error in their ways.

Special G 8:14 pm 01 Apr 11

If anyone does catch this sort of thing on camera forward it directly to ACT Police traffic operations. They love to get this sort of thing simply handed to them. Walk up start.

Deckard 8:11 pm 01 Apr 11

Nice sunset

representative 6:38 pm 01 Apr 11

does anyone know if its legal to have a camera mounted in your car?

Very Busy 6:34 pm 01 Apr 11

Every ACTION bus has a camera mounted inside the bus pointing out the front windscreen.

Keijidosha 5:06 pm 01 Apr 11

squirell said :

Perhaps i’m missing something, but why are you driving around filiming?

I know many people who have cameras set up to record traffic for the reason illustrated by the ute in the above video. Some have cameras set up on their motorbikes to record the many near misses they have with careless drivers that would otherwise go undocumented. Of course a large number of recorded incidents are purely trivial, but then again the same can be said for any number of things people chose to put on the web.

The point? Well if nothing else sharing the footage with others helps raise awareness of the appalling behaviour shown by other motorists.

Here’s one example from a friend in Sydney:

Eyl 4:45 pm 01 Apr 11

Just think if he lost it he would have wiped out that other innocent car waiting to cross.

p1 4:34 pm 01 Apr 11

I have often thought of having a camera permanently mounted on the dash to catch crap like this.

Deref 4:34 pm 01 Apr 11

Keywords: Gungahlin; holden; white; ute

damien haas 4:00 pm 01 Apr 11

Im pretty sure I saw the same car doing the same thing at the corner of Gundaroo and Horsepark in Gungahlin last Friday night. He lost it and spun out facing oncoming traffic. Fortunately the oncoming traffic stopped and didnt collide with him, but he gunned it and turned his car around by excessive acceleration and smoke.

johnboy 3:48 pm 01 Apr 11

well for a start I’m not.

Why the other dude was? Dunno

squirell 3:44 pm 01 Apr 11

Perhaps i’m missing something, but why are you driving around filiming?

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