Gungahlin Police Station finally fully operational

johnboy 5 February 2009 17

The ABC brings word that the long held dream of wind-swept Gungahlin has finally come to pass. They’re getting a 24 hour police station.

    The ACT Police Minister Simon Corbell says the around the clock operation fulfils an election commitment to Gungahlin residents.

    Mr Corbell says the change will mean an extra 24 police officers and two patrol cars will service the area.

    “The Government has paid for these additional officers and those additional officers supplement the existing resources of ACT Policing,” he said.

It always seemed basic that people should be able to go to a police station to seek help, whatever the hour.

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17 Responses to Gungahlin Police Station finally fully operational
Granny Granny 10:52 pm 06 Feb 09

Welcome to Gungahlin, police type people!!

: )

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:29 pm 06 Feb 09

The Gungahlin plods are having a field day on Gungahlin Drive at the moment. We drove through (city bound) about 30 minutes ago and there were seven cars, yes seven, between Palmerston and Mitchell. It looked like they were on RBT duties.

The coopers were on both sides of the road, with three cars on the city bound side, two on the other. About 350m before on the city bound side were two Police cars parked, one stationary just off the left lane, the other on the median strip. Until we saw all the flashing lihgts up ahead at the RBT point we thought the first two cars might have been a mobile speed trap.

They appeared to have quite a collection of civilian cars parked off the side of the road on the city bound side as well.

We didn’t get stopped, so couldn’t ask any questions. With no street lights where they were stationed it was quite tricky to see what was going on.

Tooks Tooks 10:43 pm 05 Feb 09

bd84 said :

yay another understaffed police station which probably draws from the other understaffed stations to begin with.

I must’ve missed the part that said the new station is understaffed.

Ian Ian 10:25 pm 05 Feb 09

Is it really open and operational 24/7, or “open” a la the jail?

bd84 bd84 10:18 pm 05 Feb 09

yay another understaffed police station which probably draws from the other understaffed stations to begin with.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 3:28 pm 05 Feb 09

As I said when interviewed by 666 today, it will mean when we have drunken toerags up to no good in our streets at 2 in the morning, we’ll be able to get someone to actually do something about it. (Think I was a bit more diplomatic about it on the radio.)

Credit should go to former station head Bob Muir who had a lot to do with this outcome I believe. And to the government for delivering on their election promise.

Granny Granny 3:10 pm 05 Feb 09

It’s like parents – they can be a bit scary and annoying at times but you feel like an orphan if you don’t have them ….

ant ant 3:00 pm 05 Feb 09

Some police is truly a wonderous thing.

Granny Granny 2:34 pm 05 Feb 09

That is very cool, crabb.

We are pretty happy about our police.

To give others some idea of the magnitude of our jubilation, it’s like imagine you’re out digging in the garden and you see a pixie sitting on one of the lettuces. Or you’re out having a beer by the lake when the Loch Ness monster swims by. Or a flying saucer lands in your back yard while pegging out the washing!

Granny Granny 2:28 pm 05 Feb 09

That is kind of bad police work ….

crabb crabb 2:28 pm 05 Feb 09

I assure you it’s true!! AND they stopped to talk to a shifty, ne’er-do-well behaving suspicioulsy (i.e a twat in a 4WD parked ON the Gungahlin Linear Park while making a phone call). I almost broke out into applause!

ant ant 2:17 pm 05 Feb 09

He’s lying. There’s no police in Canberra. On the way from SLC airport to Park City, I saw 3 separate cop cars with their lights going, harassing motorists. They must have been very bad as I had severe jet lag and was crawling along with traffic banked up before I remembered that in the US, you drive slow in the RIGHT lane. Ooops.

Granny Granny 1:45 pm 05 Feb 09

You spotted a police officer!!

*faint* *splat*


*re-faint* *re-splat*


crabb crabb 1:34 pm 05 Feb 09

I saw 2 police officers on foot patrol at the Gungahlin shops, 2 days in a row. Had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t imagining it – as Granny said, very welcome indeed!

cleverclogs cleverclogs 1:10 pm 05 Feb 09

Real world open – They have two shiny new motorbikes parked out front (and does anyone else find the motorbike sirens laughable?) on either side of their official banner and a podium, and a lot of people standing around looking very pleased with themselves. So it’s ‘ficial!

Granny Granny 11:02 am 05 Feb 09

Fantastic news! This is really needed and very appreciated.

: )

Heavs Heavs 10:40 am 05 Feb 09

Jail open or real world open?

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