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Guns stolen from Adventure Paintball

Kerces 18 September 2006 13

The Australian reports on police warnings about the theft of five paintball guns from Adventure Paintball.

Police are concerned because when used incorrectly the guns could cause serious eye injuries or soft tissue damage.

The guns were taken from a locked shipping container sometime on Friday night, although an AP spokesperson said they could not be used for long because there was little ammunition and gas in them.

Police were also worried the guns may be mistaken for real firearms, although the paintball spokesperson thought this was unlikely (though personally I haven’t seen a real gun but I find those paintball markers damned scary when pointed at you).

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13 Responses to Guns stolen from Adventure Paintball
Cameron 12:34 pm 19 Sep 06

The location and type of crime don't rule out 13 yo kids. The methods used to break in and the obvious patience shown whilst doing it do.

Nik_the_Pig 12:30 pm 19 Sep 06

sorry, where is Adventure Pantball? I take it it isn't the one out between the airport and Queanbeyan.

I suppose it's also part of my world view. I've locked up a number of criminals aged 13 but but for some reason I don't see them as "kids". "Kids" do stupid things (like stealing occasionaly) but crimianls don't care/comprehend that there actions are anti-social. I have a hard time alocating human characteristics (like everything I think of when I think of "kids") to people whose only qualification as human is their physical description. My bad.

Thumper 10:38 am 19 Sep 06

Good point Seepi....

I wouldn't want one pointed at me in a dark alley especially if the plastic paint ball holder had been removed.

James-T-Kirk 9:45 am 19 Sep 06

Nik - "vehicle only accessable forests."

There are sh** loads of houses about 50m from the location. All with a high kid (13 - 25) ratio. All it takes is for one of them to borrow Dad's universal key (Hacksaw, Bolt cutters), and there gone.

The fact that only a couple of guns were stolen suggests that it was kids without transport. An adult would have had transport themselves, and would have emptied the container.

seepi 9:41 am 19 Sep 06

a lot of people have never seen a real gun. People would find these scary out in public I think.

RandomGit 9:00 am 19 Sep 06

IN YOUR FACE you theiving goons!

kieran AP 8:46 am 19 Sep 06

Update from the horses mouth:

The markers were partially disassembled or parts only in a 'spare parts' bin. We had been 'cannibalising' broken markers to repair others. They may be able to make one or two functional if they stripped all the markers and used the bits to rebuild them. If they were 13yo they were organised, they got into a locked container, with a 'lock box' on it, using a combination of drills, hacksaws and bolt cutters. They must have been at it for hours. The reason they only took the marker bits they did get was because all the functional markers are ALWAYS secured offsite.


johnboy 8:32 am 19 Sep 06


Reasons why parents are downright NEGLIGENT if they don't let their kids play with war toys.

Thumper 7:54 am 19 Sep 06

I wouldn't want to get pinged in the face by a paint ball though.

As for looking like the real thing, not a chance, unless like K you've never seen a real gat.

johnboy 7:19 am 19 Sep 06

Dunno NTP they get a lot of trouble with vandals on site.

The number suggests to me the kids want to play a game of their own.

And sure a marker lets you know when it hits, but it's not so unpleasant that people don't pay hundreds of dollars to get tagged by them all day long.

Nik_the_Pig 6:30 am 19 Sep 06

13 yr old kids rarely break into locked shipping containers located out in vehicle only accessable forests.

My guess is that they will be sold, probally in sydney, but I'm surprized only 5 were stolen.

Cameron 11:12 pm 18 Sep 06

Nevertheless, so long as it is gassed up it could cause some major damage to someone if fired with ill intent.

More likely however is that some 13 year old kid is going to paintball his cranky next door neighbour and then ditch the gun in his wheelie bin when he realises he can't re-gas it.

johnboy 10:05 pm 18 Sep 06

I think we can all agree that between the gas bottle and the paint hopper there's not much resemblance to a real gun.

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