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Halal certified – is it out of control and being forced onto our kids

By scoobydoo_1968 - 17 March 2014 196

So I find out by accident that Melrose High School is pushing Halal onto the students there.  Cooking a traditional Aussie breakfast but no bacon because that’s not allowed in the school kitchens, traditional Aussie breakfast is bacon and eggs so WTF is going on, and than the camp only has Halal certified foods.  So scripture, Easter hat parades, celebrating Christmas and birthdays is banned in case it offends some but the Halal way of life is enforced.  I am sick of not being able to be Australian in Australia and so are many other people, parents and kids at this school. what a joke this country has become

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196 Responses to
Halal certified – is it out of control and being forced onto our kids
dungfungus 6:03 pm 17 Mar 14

In case you are unaware of what is likely to happen if we let this nonsense infiltrate our schools, watch this:

dungfungus 5:48 pm 17 Mar 14

Have you contacted the Minister for Education and asked for an explanation?
If this is true then the question I asked recently on another thread namely “what is the special relationship between ACT Labor and the Muslim community?” has to be asked again and again.
Who is the person in the ACT Labor Party that is promoting Islam’s agenda over our traditional Australian ones?
This is a very disturbing development if of course it is true.

AngloCeltic1788 4:56 pm 17 Mar 14

As a multicultural society, I believe that it is courteous for the mainstream culture to offer different food options to satisfy the needs of new cultures joining our society. However, that does not mean ignoring our own culture in any way. Moreover, it does not mean pandering to particular cultural groups, when their practices conflict with mainstream cultural practices, the nation’s laws, and mainstream ethical principles.

If only Halal options are available at the school, then as a parent, I would be very disturbed and would form a group of like-minded people to lobby the principal and PTA. If that didn’t work, I’d take it much higher.

It wasn’t long ago that Australians were outraged at the Halal method of slaughtering animals. I think a lot of people would be outraged if ONLY Halal food options were available in any Australian school.

Aussie culture is important and must be protected. Our culture is the gift our ancestors gave us; and I, for one, treasure that.

Bacon and eggs… yum 🙂

Smackbang 4:44 pm 17 Mar 14

what a joke this country has become

Feel free to leave.

Skidbladnir 3:54 pm 17 Mar 14

Not being able to be “Australian”?
As in denied your rights to be racist, wifebeating drunks, too busy celebrating your own mediocrity while basking in the reflected glory of sports icons to notice that you’re susceptible to political stereotypes and dogwhistling against minorities?
PS: Good grief, RiotACT. You ought to be ashamed.

PPS: I declare “unAustralian” on you Scooby. Vegemite toast is the only acceptable weekday breakfast for True Australians.

p1 3:37 pm 17 Mar 14

I know you are a insane nutter. I can tell because you think bacon and eggs is more ‘Styain then Vegimite toast.

Rangi 3:07 pm 17 Mar 14

This is part of the reason my children go to a Catholic school is because I like the traditional Aussie Christian values, even though I am not religious myself.

Disclaimer :- I acknowledge any Aboriginal and Catlick kiddy fiddler sentiment anyone may bring up

It would be interesting to know how many students there actually require the halal food and if there was actually a demand from them ( or their parents)

I recognise peoples religious right not to eat certain things, but their choice should not effect anyone else, the same as a vegans choice should not effect the rest of the school

Get the students to sign a petition stating they have a strong moral belief that they cannot eat halal food, so the school will have to cancel the whole thing or provide 2 options.

I don’t know why everyone is so worried about offending Muslims all of the ones I have worked with etc are just normal people and don’t give a rats arse if you have a bit of pig on your own plate

I can see the future (present)

” oh I am allergic to fish, hey I can’t have nuts! Halal for me please, vegetarian here, well I won’t eat anything that had a face” and so on

Attention school breakfast :- distilled water will be served only, please bring your own BPA free non disposable cup

“Ahh excuse me Miss I have Aquagenic urticaria”

Rumorsontheinternets 3:02 pm 17 Mar 14

Is that you, Cory Bernardi and/or Kevin Andrews?

Cass01 3:00 pm 17 Mar 14

Hey scoobs, want so desperately for your kids to eat bacon – why not serve it at home?
Don’t like it – transfer your kid to another school. That would be a fun story to tell your kid in years to come. “Dad, why did you transfer me to another school?”
“Well, you see, jimbo, they were pushing politically correct food down your throat and I couldn’t stand for that, so I decided to gamble your education on a shoddy principle that the school should serve you food that’s ‘patriotic’.”
Get over yourself, sir.

MrBigEars 2:56 pm 17 Mar 14

According to the automated lunch ordering thing,, a true blue stalwart of breathing through the mouth can purchase an egg and bacon roll from the Canteen at Melrose High School.

gospeedygo 2:37 pm 17 Mar 14

I’m sure there are just as many people there sick to death of intolerant views like yours that drown out anything sensible or contrary due to the sheer volume and outrage of it all.

So, so what? Unless you’re concerned with the method of slaughter (which I see no indication of) used in the production Halal certified products, it’d barely make a difference to anyone apart from the absence of pork products which, hell, might even be a good thing…along with things that you wouldn’t expect to have animal products in but do.

I suspect your intolerance stems from the fear of the unknown, you’ve been told that this is bad by Today Tonight or whatever but have never really gone and done any objective reading of your own to know all the ins and out of this boogeyman so you just accept what a certain sphere of the media tell you. If you’re not prepared to go do some research and critical thinking, then I’m sure there are plenty of rocks for you to crawl under.

Grrrr 2:21 pm 17 Mar 14

Let me guess – they’ve also stopped serving peanuts, right? How dare they cater to minorities like the peanut-allergic! That’s so Un-Australian!

We should all be Fat WASPs or Lapsed Catholics (Christmas Days only) driving fat cars, listening to 80s rock and drinking beer whilst getting stupider by the day. Everyone else should go back to where they came from, except if they were born here – in which case they should go to ..uh.. Adelaide.

Ever noticed that racists like to portray themselves as the silent majority whilst ignoring the irony of them being the noisy minority?

I couldn’t give a rats if anyone I’m related to has to miss out on processed Pork products a few times a year for whatever reason. Probably do them some good.

DrKoresh 2:09 pm 17 Mar 14

Your ignorance isn’t even worthy of a reasoned response, just shut-up.

joingler 1:58 pm 17 Mar 14

As someone who works with children and prepares food to them regularly I can say either you are full of bull**** or Melrose High is taking this to the extreme.

We always buy halal meat (chicken fish etc) as there are numerous children in my care that require it. But we have NEVER been asked to remove ham/bacon/pork from our programs. We just have to ensure that it is prepared completely separate from the rest of the food.

Got a source to back your claims up?

Stormfront Org 1:14 pm 17 Mar 14

Be prepared to be called “a racist”. Only because you want to adhere to custom traditions enjoyed by many Caucasians for centuries.
You’re correct, it’s gone too far.

You don’t go to their countries demanding full breakfast with bacon, yet,they come here and force their customs. Sharia patrols next in Civic?

You don’t have to have anything against other races, you just have to want yours to survive and have their own home where they make the rules in their interest. Many of us wish the same for other races as well, in their homelands.

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