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Life is looking up

Hallejuah! Hargreaves comes down for the car!

By johnboy - 23 April 2007 64

The Canberra Times reports that Simon Corbell’s efforts to force us onto crappy busses have been shelved!

“Mr Hargreaves said he would use his new-found power to restructure the troubled bus network, instead of backing initiatives that were too expensive for a city which was “designed for the car”…

Mr Hargreaves said last week the busway would not be built “in the foreseeable future”. He said he had not asked for funding for it in this budget round and would not have supported the bid. He had concerns about spending $115million “to save 10 minutes on the journey”. Mr Hargreaves said people in cars might not look kindly on a new road just for buses, and the money would be better spent on the Majura Parkway.”

We’re seeing a lot more sensible policy since Simon got sidelined. Anyone want to bet the Liberals will even hold the seats they’ve got at this rate?

UPDATED: Busnews is very upset.

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64 Responses to
Hallejuah! Hargreaves comes down for the car!
Growling Ferret 3:51 pm 23 Apr 07

Once Defence HQ moves to Bungendore, Majura Parkway and a Queanbeyan bypass will be necessary. Imagine another 10,000? cars a day going out along the Kings Highway – through Queanbeyan, up the hill etc.

Its going to be an absolute nightmare

Pandy 2:42 pm 23 Apr 07

What is your basis Bonfire?

The study in 2004 said light rail to Gunghalin would cost $200million.

Since then we have seen the cost of projects like the Gold Coast light rail increase from $400 to $550 million (and not a sod has turned) and the 2km tramway extension (no extra tram units) for Adelaide cost $31 million.

Anyway Hargraeves likes the look of the median strip along Nth Bourne Ave as is and I doubt he will put a tramway along it. He is looking towards the Majura Parkway to service Gungahlin.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:35 pm 23 Apr 07

Perhaps more thought could be given to the ‘Park and Ride’ idea…

bonfire 2:26 pm 23 Apr 07

220 new buses = 220 new drivers.

with light rail you add extra vehicles without adding extra drivers.

obviously only useful for intertown and peak employment areas, which is why you retain buses to service the suburban routes.

Al 12:49 pm 23 Apr 07

Sammy and Bonfire are spot on in this debate (oh crap, I dang agreed with Bonfire – where will it end???)
JB I really can’t tell if you are being sarcastic on this topic – I’d hate to think you are being serious…

johnboy 12:40 pm 23 Apr 07

Or you could buy a really cheap and ugly car for all the people who can’t afford a nice one, and a dedicated door to door transport service for the aged and disabled who physically can’t drive.

MrM 12:36 pm 23 Apr 07

$115 million for a light rail network? That sort of money could buy you about 220 new buses (or more realistically, a fair number of new buses and lots of bus lanes and B lights at the traffic lights to make the whole bus system work better). And you could use the buses wherever you wanted, not just on dedicated railways.

Sammy 11:21 am 23 Apr 07

Personally I think the Majura Parkway is being pushed heavily by Snow and the airport mob. They seem to have visions of making Canberra Airport a transport hub for Sydney.

If Canberra Airport had permission to receive air traffic 24/7, freight planes could land at Canberra at (say) 3am, unload to a truck, and have the goods delivered to Western Sydney by 6am.

Sydney airport has flight restrictions between 11pm and 6am, with only certain low-noise aircraft allowed to land during this period.

This also explains the airports strong opposition to the Tralee development. More residential development under the flightpath means more difficulty getting increased flight hours in the future.

seepi 11:17 am 23 Apr 07

LIght rail is a good idea, but in a time of such financial stress that they are closing schools and libraries, and selling off the bus fleet, they don’t have the cash to get it going.

By all means save some land corridors to put it in later, but I’m glad they are facing the facts that at the moment most Canberrans have to drive to work, and traffic is not getting any less, no matter how expensive they make the parking.

bonfire 11:13 am 23 Apr 07

people like travelling in their cars, but offer a viable alternative and they would use it.

as we can all see, the peak load for buses has been exceeded.

replace intertown buses with light rail and let buses feed the interchanges.

fnaah 10:34 am 23 Apr 07

I’m for the Majura Parkway, if I’m right in assuming that it will fix the russel/airport traffic nightmare. Has anything else been released on that since the report from October last year? I noticed that there were traffic survey people at the three roundabouts about a month ago…

johnboy 10:34 am 23 Apr 07

People like travelling in their cars.

Maelinar 10:33 am 23 Apr 07

115 mil might buy the property necessary to install lighrail, or it might build the train station hub in Civic, but I welcome the concept.

bonfire 10:27 am 23 Apr 07

115 mill would build you a lightrail from gungahlin to civic – solving public transport and some parking issues in one move.

jacross 10:25 am 23 Apr 07

I’ll take that bet. Our system has a high tolerance for stupidity.

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