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Hallejuah! Hargreaves comes down for the car!

By johnboy 23 April 2007 64

The Canberra Times reports that Simon Corbell’s efforts to force us onto crappy busses have been shelved!

“Mr Hargreaves said he would use his new-found power to restructure the troubled bus network, instead of backing initiatives that were too expensive for a city which was “designed for the car”…

Mr Hargreaves said last week the busway would not be built “in the foreseeable future”. He said he had not asked for funding for it in this budget round and would not have supported the bid. He had concerns about spending $115million “to save 10 minutes on the journey”. Mr Hargreaves said people in cars might not look kindly on a new road just for buses, and the money would be better spent on the Majura Parkway.”

We’re seeing a lot more sensible policy since Simon got sidelined. Anyone want to bet the Liberals will even hold the seats they’ve got at this rate?

UPDATED: Busnews is very upset.

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Hallejuah! Hargreaves comes down for the car!
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Pandy 11:48 pm 24 Apr 07

Nemo: Nail on the head.
But you don’t pay the same rates: every suburb pays different.
I suggest you compare land prices in your suburb and an equivalent boondocks ‘burb for your rates review this year. If you are getting a lesser Action service than demand to have your rates reviewed.

Nemo 11:07 pm 24 Apr 07

It’s all very well to make the bus free, however for many people who are moving to new suburbs, there is no bus to catch.

The infrustructure is just not there – and it isn’t something that can be fixed in the future because the roads are too narrow.

If they used Dunlop’s bus service as the model for the ACT, we could move to three bus routes servicing Belconnen, one down each of Ginninderra dr, Southern Cross Dr and Belconnen way – everyone would have to walk to the main road.

The Govt is creating pockets within Canberra. The have’s, and the have nots.

Why should every house in Forde have a bus stop within 400m, whereas other new suburbs have none.

I pay the same rates, I expect the same service.

VicePope 8:38 pm 24 Apr 07

Ignoring the environmental issues for the moment, how much would it cost to buy a car for each of the tiny minority of us who catch a bus?

Alternatively, would we be better off increasing the price signal between car and bus by making buses free rather than making cars more expensive?

Pandy 6:43 pm 24 Apr 07

Bonfire, at the top of the page you said it would cost $115 million to
build light rail from Civic to Gungahlin. You took those figures from the
CC verbatim (thus mantra) right? Later to justify your figure you said it
would cost a mere $15 million for the 8 or 9 tram units.

You poo-pooed the figure I quoted of $200 million that the consultants
quoted in 2004. I have provided you with ample evidence from recent
projects around Australia that your figures are unrealistic and yet you
still cling to your figures. Why pray tell?

No wonder I get frustrated with your pig-headed attitude.

The figure of $1 billion quoted by Hargraeves was for a WHOLE of Canberra

I see that the reports in todays paper shows support from developers to
dropping the busway and light rail. Well gee that is a complete turn

When you admit that you are wrong and are willing to back-down on your
figures then I’ll stop calling you a raving foamer. If you however can
give a credible backing-up of your costings then I’ll shut-up.

Furthermore, buses are at a peak because the coffers are bare and the
government has cut back on services. If on the other hand funding for the
buses had been increased by 10% then we would not be having this
conversation right now.

And yes think BIG: it comes at a cost to society too. At present I think
that water security is a FAR more important issue to spend my taxes on
than to support the whims of trainspotters.

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