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Hand holding for Canberra’s worst crime families [with poll]

By johnboy 7 February 2011 23

On Saturday the Canberra Times had an intriguing story on the 12 families in Canberra responsible for 25% of property crime in the city.

Sadly the families were not named, but an intriguing approach to the recidivist criminals was announced:

As The Canberra Times reveals these astonishing numbers, the police are taking a unique approach by sending case workers to try to dissuade the families from a life of crime.

It is, however, a carrot and stick approach. The police are determined to crack down on repeat offenders if they show no signs of ceasing, aware that householders are very fearful of intrusions on their property.

”It’s not always about joyriding or drinking or drugs, there is a significant socio-economic driver here. We’re dealing with these families’ underlying problems, not just the manifestation of them, which is crime.”

Assistant Commissioner Quaedvlieg said police were leading a whole-of-government effort involving housing, health and education services to help the families and cut crime. ”Some of the kids don’t have birth certificates, they don’t have access to health benefits, and because of those things which disengage them from the social machinery, they are suffering poverty,” he said.

”We’re case triaging each of the families, they each have a case officer, we’re giving them access to employment opportunities, educational programs. That is taking bite.

Helping recidivist crime families to better integrate in society

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23 Responses to
Hand holding for Canberra’s worst crime families [with poll]
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Erg0 9:35 am 09 Feb 11

Interesting idea, and worth a shot I think. I’d rather have a reduction in crime than an increase in imprisonments, especially since the former is probably more likely than the latter in the ACT. It probably won’t have an immediate impact, but if they’re so far gone that they don’t even have birth certificates for their kids then locking up individuals isn’t going to do anything to change the behaviour of the group.

I doubt very much that burglary is a particularly competitive industry, so I don’t think that there are 12 other families waiting in the wings to take the place of the current high achievers.

beejay76 9:13 am 09 Feb 11

facet said :

Sounds a lot like the Restorative Justice, Social Psychologist rubbish.
You know the academic nonsense that says these people are not criminals but victims.

Criminal and victim are not mutually exclusive categories, you know. Life is a little more complicated than that. Can you not see that a child growing up in an environment where their parents consider drugs, theft and abuse as normal, the child will also? Kids emulate the adults around them. That’s how they learn. It’s not about anxious hand-wringing, it’s about understanding how humans operate and trying to use it manipulate the target families into behaving in a more socially acceptable way.

I reckon trying to prevent crime is definitely worth an attempt. It might work, it might not, but surely it’s worth a crack.

Captain RAAF 8:29 am 09 Feb 11

bigfeet said :

Deano said :

So your solution is that we should encourage these people to commit more crimes just so we can lock them up.

Bring in a three strike rule. Third time for the same offence then you get the maximum penalty. Or a four strike rule…or even a five.

Why should it be the same offence? It should be any criminal offence outside of traffic offences, excluding culpable driving, DUI, and other high end vehicular related crimes.

The three strikes are there to demonstrate to a judge that this member has continuously thumbed his/her nose at the laws of society and needs to go away.

So, a crim steals a car and goes away for his stint (assuming he gets one), get’s released and assaults some innocent person so goes away again, then when he goes DUI it’s his third strike and he goes down the river for 20 years!, Stiff sh*t crim, we gave you enough opportunity to do the right thing!


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