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Handmade Market-Canberra’s Upmarket

Handmademarket 2 October 2008 35

Come to Handmade market, Canberra’s Upmarket to experience high quality, stylish, unique products created by talented artists, craftsmen, designers and gourmets.

See why Canberra’s Handmade Market will be the place to shop for original and handcrafted wares.

UPDATE: Invitations are now open to apply to show off at Handmade Market.

Places are booking fast and designers are added to the designers page as they are accepted. Check them out at

CheersMarket Girl.

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35 Responses to Handmade Market-Canberra’s Upmarket
Granny Granny 3:16 pm 18 Nov 08

Okay, Genie, we love Market Girl here in Gungahlin. Are you pickin’?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:39 pm 18 Nov 08

Don’t feed the trolls Jules.
Apples/oranges/equipment/blah blah.
Don’t like it Genie, don’t take up a stall?
Or to paraphrase one of the RA taglines – set up your own damn market.
Should be there – need some pics to slap some Molonglo MLAs around with to get the Gungahlin site happening.

Handmademarket Handmademarket 2:38 pm 18 Nov 08

Hey Genie it is a shame you have spent so much time getting it so wrong!

If only you could use your power for good instead of evil!

I am actually very proud of what I have raised and achieved. All of this is done on my own so therefore I cannot be a charity but I can give to charity, why you ask would anyone do that? Because I have had too many family members die of this disease.

Thanks for letting everyone know about Handmade this weekend though!

Genie Genie 1:46 pm 18 Nov 08

Ok so the negative biatch has more to say:

Over $1,000 has been raised so far with more to come on the day.

There are over 50 designers who feel the cost of a stall at Handmade will be well worth the effort. They have made an amazing contribution to helping spread the word about handmade.

That’s right, I am not making a profit from this event

Only $1000 has been raised… But people are paying $110 a pop and you have clearly stated that you have over 50 stalls… where is the other odd $4000.. You can’t tell me its has cost that much to hire Albert Hall and the advertising. Seems like a shame to me if you have indeed wasted that extra cash.

I’m all for supporting charities, Hall Markets supports Hartley Lifecare and only charge $35 for handmade goodies, also usually the local RFS are standing at the car parks taking donations too. The local trash and treasures support Lions and Rotary and pretty sure they charge no more than $15 a car park.

This time of year Schools and Aged Car facilities are having fetes and are only asking for small donations of around $25. The Black Mountain Special School O’Connor are trying to raise funds at their fete this Saturday for new equipment, as is the Salvation Army Mountain View Aged care Facility on Friday.

Do you have any idea how much stalls at the Old Bus Depot cost in November & December??

As far as I’m aware – no where near the $110 asking price. I can also go down the Tuggers Hyperdome and set up shop there for $110 a day and it would be more worthwhile.

FINALLY I would like to point out that the OXFAM Christmas Fair is on the 29th November 10am-4pm – Guess what AT ALBERT HALL for only the bargain price of $35 a stall. A 1/3 of what your asking price is. Yet another charity to donate too that don’t seem to be to greedy. They too will have 50+ stalls.

So I guess all up for just $10 over your asking price, Stall holders can go out and support 4 different charities (Salvo’s Aged care Fete $25 21/11, Black Mountain Special School $25 22/11, OXFAM $35 29/11, Hartley Lifecare at Hall $35 7/12) over the next 3 weekends. I say spread the love !

posie posie 4:52 pm 17 Nov 08

What’s with the attitude Genie?? This is not only supporting dozens of people expressing themselves creatively, clever & talented mummies who chose to stay home with their children & do a crafty business on the side, & raise funds for MND . . . so why would you knock such an event??

Handmade & Julie the organiser, is JUST what Canberra needs. Canberra is a city of many singles & families coming for a couple of years with work, then leaving, so they know what great markets are out there interstate. This is the style of market many small businesses have been dying to attend for years!!

So to all the other open minded, happy & friendly people out there, please come along & join us on the day. Lots of eye candy, atmosphere & festive build up. All about small business, handmade loveliness & good cheer.

FYI $110 is a reasonable price to pay for a well advertised, friendly & organised market in the Christmas Gift buying rush. It sets a particular standard & hello – 50 stall holders are more than happy to pay that, doesn’t that speak louder than Genie?? Do you have any idea how much stalls at the Old Bus Depot cost in November & December??

So write up your shopping list, get some ideas from the Handmade website list of designers & come ready to see the most fantastic gift choices around.

Buy Lovely, Locally & support small business. Regards, Jennie, of Posie Patchwork, Edna&AliceMay Vintage Sensibility, Peggy-Jean Cards & sTaRt oF FaShiOn children, & Gungahlin mother of 4 in my spare time

Granny Granny 4:27 pm 17 Nov 08

Not so fast, Market Girl … that would be three great lovers of fine coffee, thank you!

; )

Handmademarket Handmademarket 3:45 pm 17 Nov 08

Hey another lover of great coffee.

Andrew is one of Canberra’s best. Ideal coffee will be there bright and early ready to go.

The Chai Girl makes a great tea also.

Two car loads WOW thanks…. lots of free parking right next door at the hyatt.

Market Girl

poptop poptop 3:31 pm 17 Nov 08

It started out being just me and now there are two carloads of us coming.

This is more important than good craft . . . will there be good coffee?

Granny Granny 2:02 pm 17 Nov 08

I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but I can’t find my way out of a paper bag!

*tee hee*

Nevertheless, I shall attempt to do so ….

: )

Handmademarket Handmademarket 1:50 pm 17 Nov 08

Come and find me granny,

can’t wait to say hello!

Cheers and thanks

Granny Granny 1:42 pm 17 Nov 08

I’ll be there, Market Girl!

: )

Handmademarket Handmademarket 1:04 pm 17 Nov 08

Now on a more positive note, Handmade is only days away now.

Over $1,000 has been raised so far with more to come on the day.

There are over 50 designers who feel the cost of a stall at Handmade will be well worth the effort. They have made an amazing contribution to helping spread the word about handmade.

I look forward to meeting you all on the day.

Market Girl

Handmademarket Handmademarket 1:01 pm 17 Nov 08

Good Morning Genie,

so glad to have such an insightful positive person so interested in the fundraising efforts being done for Motor Neurone Disease. That’s right, I am not making a profit from this event. handmade is designed to raise the profile of designers in the region and MND.

Market Girl

Genie Genie 11:17 am 17 Nov 08

Wow at $110 a pop for stallholders I think they are going to need all the support they can get.

What a rip off….

Handmademarket Handmademarket 12:11 pm 13 Nov 08

Here is your 1 week to go reminder!!
There are over 50 stalls of the most fantastic handmade goods.

Check out the great articles in the Capital Magazine and Canberra times.

I hope to see you all there!
Market Girl

Handmademarket Handmademarket 9:19 am 02 Oct 08

Mmmm so much for spell check!

Handmade Market is indeed raising funds for MND. I will also be running a stall at the Old Bus Depot markets on the 26th Oct selling MND goods to raise money for them as their ACT group is very low on help. Come and say hello!

The Handmade Market website has a newsletter that will send you lovely people a reminder!

I will keep you all up to date right here as well.


P.S Granny thanks, it’s been a while since I was cool!

johnboy johnboy 9:07 am 02 Oct 08

It’ll show up in our events listing… bottom right of the page…

Feebles Feebles 6:30 am 02 Oct 08

This sounds like a great Christmas shopping opportunity. Could you post a reminder closer to the time please? I have the memory span of a goldfish.

Granny Granny 10:46 pm 01 Oct 08

Handmademarket is a really cool person, and am even considering going myself if not double-booked. There is some nice stuff on that website and they even support the association for Motor Neurone Disease.

I-filed I-filed 10:35 pm 01 Oct 08

Shouldn’t it be ‘Commomwelf’?

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