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Hargreaves shows contempt to Vietnam Vets

By Thumper - 22 June 2007 12

Apparently our highly esteemed and well mannered MLA John Hargreaves has compared his Grassby statue with that of a Vietnam Veterans memorial statue and has suggested that both are as important as each other.

Sadly hansard is not on line yet so i can’t post the actual words.

Of course, he has since come out and stated that he was misrepresented and that was not what he meant to say.

Mr Hargreaves, you are a disgrace and an embarrassment.

What’s Your opinion?

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12 Responses to
Hargreaves shows contempt to Vietnam Vets
Mr Evil 9:54 am 25 Jun 07

Yeah, Sonic is fireproof. 😉

Pandy 11:39 pm 23 Jun 07

I wish I could vote him out. But i will voting out that blue man Corbell. Sonic no-one can touch.

Vic Bitterman 7:55 pm 22 Jun 07

hargreaves is an embarrassment. With luck he’ll be voted out soon.

cranky 4:44 pm 22 Jun 07

I weep that this man is so out of touch with the opinion of the people he governs that he can make such a statement.

To mention Vietnam servicemen & women in the same conversation as the wretched, unlamented Grasby is a travesty.

Sir, you are a knave and a fool!

Mr Evil 4:29 pm 22 Jun 07

You mean a smart arsed alcoholic?

kimba 3:37 pm 22 Jun 07

Sepi….the Vietnam War Memorial has never had any protestors/detractors. What are you talking about?

Hargreaves should stick to what he knows best – that being alcohol!

Maelinar 3:28 pm 22 Jun 07

He’s thinking of America. Australia didn’t really do the protester thing with any passion.

DuffyMum 3:24 pm 22 Jun 07

JH has a point? I thought anything he said was very blunt and fully foot in mouth.

He’s pathetic.

sepi 2:57 pm 22 Jun 07

I think his point was that both statues/memorials have had protestors/detractors.

Still stupid.

MrMagoo 1:53 pm 22 Jun 07

From the same man that stated that he like many others had played cricket ‘blind’ at the launch of Vision Impaired Sports ACT Blind Cricket. he’s a J.O.K.E.

barking toad 1:06 pm 22 Jun 07

John’s advisers shouldn’t let him out after lunch

Mr Evil 1:01 pm 22 Jun 07

Has he been on the turps again?

He was probably hiding under his bed (or at Uni) from 1965-73.

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