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Has anyone noticed the Flock of Sea Gulls in Civic?

By Ageless - 9 October 2010 37

Has any one noticed the flock of sea gulls in civic? These scavenging Gulls come in the form of  full time change scabbing. With the full bevy of pitches under their wings…

    — Can I Borrow some change for the bus?
    — Kind sir/madam can you spare some change so that I can get some lunch?
    — Would you spare some change so that I can get to the Doctors?

It has gone so far that a lady with a pram with a blanket draped over the pram concealing the baby inside and out of  the elements. She then aproached me and told me That she had some money in her account $20 or $25 from memory (as if telling me that she had some money incresed her chances of me giving)  and that she and the baby were going to in a hostel and how she needed some money to get there and to feed her child. As I started to some what feel her and the situation that she and her child were in a big gust of wind picked up and the blanket went flying. What do you know there was no baby. Another great sales pitch was revealed to me.

After I have been hit up day after day for change by the same people I can not help relate to  people as a pesky scavenging bird . As I believe that the majority of the Gulls/people are more than likley on some kind of Government Benifit and have blown all there money for the fortnight in a day or to on what? is anyones guess?. 

I am not  cold hearted for refusing to give the 15 cents that I have in my pocket.  As I am a keen contributor to the Red Cross and the Smith Family giving what I can when I can.

I know that there are deep and underlying issues and problems that these people have and this post is doing nothing to bring up any of the problems at hand that are driving people to these extremes.

But for the love of a God please stop asking me for money it was a no yesterday and a no today guess what the answer will be tomorrow?


What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Has anyone noticed the Flock of Sea Gulls in Civic?
Auntyem 8:04 am 10 Oct 10

I liked the one who rushed up to me and told me she’d had a fight with her boyfriend and needed 10 bucks to put petrol in her car to get away. I told her I’d walk her to the petrol station in Braddon and buy her a jerrycan but she told me that wasn’t good enough. She needed another 10 bucks on top of that to get a taxi to Lyneham because that’s where she’d left her car. Then I noticed the gold chain around her neck and told her it looked like one I used to own before my house was robbed and she ran away. Odd.

The mineral make-up stand people
“Can I ask you a question?”
“‘You just did.”

Amanda Hugankis 12:07 am 10 Oct 10

Next time it happens – reach out a hand and touch their face, they’ll slowly disappear from your view. If this doesn’t work, don’t try again, otherwise you could end up floating in a beam of light with this person. Sounds like you have enough on your plate without being stuck in a beam of light, levitating in the interchange … you might miss your bus.

dtc 11:14 pm 09 Oct 10

To the one who claimed he had been at the Civic Pool and had his wallet and keys stolen and needed $20 to go and pick up his daughter from school at Yass:

1. dont ask when you have a set of car keys in your hand
2. dont ask when its school holidays
3. why are you asking in Marcus Clarke St (given where the pool is)
4. why havent you asked the cops to help you out, such as calling their counterparts in Yass

Well, it amused me that he was so incompetent.

screaming banshee 6:22 pm 09 Oct 10

Jethro said :

Or we could show a bit of compassion for the less fortunate.

Offer to buy them lunch next time they ask you for money for food and see what they say.

farnarkler 5:45 pm 09 Oct 10

Ahhh the mossad mineral makeup sellers. I stumped one the other day. I told her that by offering me the product she was insinuating I had bad skin and that that was an insult. Certainly stopped her.

indigoid 4:59 pm 09 Oct 10

What’s with the gold buyers everywhere anyway? Was there some law recently removed or adjusted that had been preventing their operation?

farnarkler 2:57 pm 09 Oct 10

Don’t let them venture north of lake Burley Griffin. Simple as that.

Genie 2:11 pm 09 Oct 10

You should mention the people from gold buyers and the mineral makeup stands in the canberra centre. Man those people are annoying.

astrojax 1:15 pm 09 Oct 10

Thumper said :

A flock of seagulls?

Did you run?

I did. I ran so far away, but couldn’t get away.

the more you live, the more you love – mebbe the op should adopt this as a motto

enrique 1:00 pm 09 Oct 10

Hey AGELESS, you must be either quite young or quite new to Canberra to only have realised this issue now… As Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot has pointed out, this has been going on in some shape or form forever in Canberra.

Your best response is none at all. Just ignore them, don’t make eye contact and keep walking past. They’ll eventually recognise you as someone not worth wasting their time on (assuming they’re not off their face on something and they can actually remember anything at all).

Jethro 12:43 pm 09 Oct 10

I propose we use the old British system of putting these people on hulks (preferably ones plagued by typhoid and dysentery). A possible location for the hulks is the West Basin of Lake B.G, since I rarely go near there. They could then be transported somewhere like Nauru, which is in desperate need of some more unfortunate souls to lock up.

Or we could show a bit of compassion for the less fortunate.

Either way.

vg 12:18 pm 09 Oct 10

I saw them when I was walking along the avenue, but I never thought I’d meet a girl like you.

Meet a girl like you

anticodon 11:06 am 09 Oct 10

Undoubtedly these people will read this post and amend their ways accordingly; Chalk One Up for the Good Guys.

Eyeball In A Quart J 10:51 am 09 Oct 10

They’ve always been in the ‘city’.

This is hardly new.

Thumper 10:16 am 09 Oct 10

A flock of seagulls?

Did you run?

I did. I ran so far away, but couldn’t get away.

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