Has the Zimbo Ambo’s stripping ways upset you?

johnboy 14 November 2010 14

The Zimbabwe Guardian is appalled over what you must all be thinking of their Ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila:

Ambassador Zwambila allegedly stripped in front of three male embassy officials after accusing them of leaking information to The Herald…

“Not only Australians, but even ordinary Zimbabweans, now wonder how such a person managed to go that far,” he said.

I have to say this is the first time it has occurred me.

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14 Responses to Has the Zimbo Ambo’s stripping ways upset you?
albertine albertine 6:52 am 15 Nov 10

‘weird’ not ‘wierd’ please.
Happy to be of help.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:58 pm 14 Nov 10

UrbanAdventure.org said :

Rabblerabblerabble, double standards, sexual harassment, you’re all horrible people, eject the ambassador.

For mine, this is just something more to put on the Embassy People Are Wierd People story pile.
Trying to directly criticise ambassadors is useless, they’re immune to external criticism by the nature of the job.
Its even worse in the case of the person whose job is to be the the face of the Zimbabwe regime, since against the backdrop of destroying Rhodesia, turning their economic activity towards endemic corruption and coffin-building , what damage to the Zimbabwe national prestige could it possibly do to have an ambassador who is tits-out-crazy?
She’d add some excitement to any diplomatic function.
And in any case, short of the ambassador herself going on a stabbing spree through the Canberra Centre in the middle of lunch hour and being caught by the news cameras, or being caught personally stealing documents from ASIS HQ, nothing less than declaring war will cause an ambassador to be forcibly ejected.

Let us have our fun talking about the relative merit of the nipples, Zimbabwe thought they were good enough to represent their nation afterall…
(and now I’m curious about the mysterious website, to see why it needed ambassadorial nipples to get a media profile)

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 8:40 pm 14 Nov 10

Sexual harassment? I must say that was not my first assumption as to her motivation. It sounds more like she intended her nudity to demonstrate a lack of respect, to protest or to insult the people present. Most women don’t hit on someone they are yelling at.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:21 pm 14 Nov 10

BerraBoy68 said :

to quote Skidbaldnir “pics, or it didn’t happen”:)

In Zimbabwae pictures mean nothing. Mein Fuhrer Mugabe saw plenty of photos of his citizens dying from cholera, but he still said it didn’t happen….

UrbanAdventure.org UrbanAdventure.org 6:06 pm 14 Nov 10

Wow, what a double standard. A woman strips and several posters write to the effect of “good on her, more please.”

If this was a male it would make headline news, he would be accused of sexual harassment, fired, sent home in disgrace and never allowed to live down the event. But no, she’d female, so that’s okay. If this had been a male rugby player, it would have been front line news for days.

And for all those blokes saying “it’s al good.”, so you’d be right with a guy coming into your work place and stripping off in front of you? Yeah, I thought most would say no.

This isn’t an acceptable work place practice and she should be shamed, fired and sent home in disgrace.

terubo terubo 5:19 pm 14 Nov 10

It certainly would be a ghastly and harrowing punishment for the alleged leakers.

This sounds more like the ongoing brutishness that characterises ZANU-PF / MDC relations. Probably all fabricated.

Thumper Thumper 5:04 pm 14 Nov 10

Zimbabwe? I’m with Evil on this one.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 4:07 pm 14 Nov 10

I’m not normally against stripping at all. Though, having seen the person concerned in the photo in the Zimbabwe Times,I’ll make an exception in this case

boo boo boo boo 1:02 pm 14 Nov 10

“usually not against” sorry

boo boo boo boo 1:01 pm 14 Nov 10

Although I am not usually not against a little office stripping, I think a regime that has knocked off a third of it’s own population should be being represented in a war-crimes tribunal, not as serious diplomats here. Send them all home.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:46 pm 14 Nov 10

BerraBoy68 said :

to quote Skidbaldnir “pics, or it didn’t happen”:)

Given the original and early context, it was an appropriately valid criticism because there was no corroborating evidence anywhere.
Then Jb went and changed the context of that particular story (satisfying the early criticism), after the police themselves provided evidence.

Anyone arriving at that thread after the first two hours just thinks I’m a knob because they forget to look at the timestamps on the evidence provided.
PS: the internet from 2001 called, they want their line back. 😛

On topic, she took off her clothes because someone leaked a website of Government policies? Wierd media stunt, or start of a new trend?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:28 am 14 Nov 10

We shouldn’t even allow Zimbabwae to have an embassy here.

Fiona Fiona 10:21 am 14 Nov 10

Would you like to accuse someone of leaking riotact secrets so you may strip?

I think that’s the link, but I’m confused

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 9:40 am 14 Nov 10

to quote Skidbaldnir “pics, or it didn’t happen”:)

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