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Has there ever been a nicer morning?

By johnboy - 4 April 2012 29

the pinnacle

Canberra was one happy town as I rode into The Eagle’s Nest this morning.

Is it just because the summer was so awful? Or was this morning particularly magical in its own right?

[Photo by Ben Dover]

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29 Responses to
Has there ever been a nicer morning?
Growling Ferret 11:08 am 04 Apr 12

I think JB is just gloating he got lovin last night.

It was a brilliant morning to ride in. Perfect temp, warm sun, no wind.

If only every day was like that!

Overheard 10:55 am 04 Apr 12

I adore autumn in Canberra. There’s a glut of activities (for want of a more appropriate collective term) and most importantly, there are myriad frissons of excitement as the National Folk Festival cranks up.

poetix 10:04 am 04 Apr 12

But the apostrophe has gone all shy now. Shame really.

And I hate autumn, because it goes out with winter. I have to remind myself of that, on perfect days like today. Or happiness might break out.

JessP 9:52 am 04 Apr 12

Canberra…Beautiful most days, perfect in Autumn!

Ello Vera 9:46 am 04 Apr 12

Primal said :

I’ll swear there was less traffic on the Monaro this morning. This is just getting creepy.

That’s interesting, what time? I get in earlier than most and I encountered more traffic at 7:30 so maybe more are leaving earlier than usual. Still adjusting their internal clocks?

Rollersk8r 9:42 am 04 Apr 12

My thoughts exactly! Best morning ride ever! Should have just kept on going – some morning tea at Yarralumla, lunch at Tuggers…

Almost killed by a taxi pulling out on Mort Street without looking, but I could almost forgive the guy on a day like this!

Primal 9:41 am 04 Apr 12

I’ll swear there was less traffic on the Monaro this morning. This is just getting creepy.

poetix 9:38 am 04 Apr 12

I couldn’t help but notice a particularly lovely apostrophe falling like an autumn leaf from a word in your third sentence. Not because it was needed, but just because it wanted to say hello.

davo101 9:35 am 04 Apr 12

It’s Canberra. Every day is a great day.

steveu 9:35 am 04 Apr 12

I think you are on the money there about daylight saving yellowsnow.

Awesome morning, not too chilly, not too hot, and just the right amount of sunlight.

trevar 9:29 am 04 Apr 12

I also enjoyed the same conversation with my neighbour was we were both getting into our respective motorised conveyances. We then both drove away, chugging out a little bit of carbon monoxide in a vain attempt to moderate the morning’s beauty…

toriness 9:19 am 04 Apr 12

canberra autumn and springs are the best. i would loathe to live somewhere which didn’t have seasons to speak of, so bland *staring north*.

Deref 9:18 am 04 Apr 12

Magnificent. Wouldn’t be dead for quids.

yellowsnow 9:15 am 04 Apr 12

Funny … I had pretty much the same conversation with people at my bus stop this morning.

Something about the day just seems qualitatively different.Sun and warmth, the feeling that winter is near so make the most of this moment. Plus daylight saving change – people are fooled into thinking they’re sleeping in / coming to work later than usual, so are generally happier and more awake than, say, last week

Thumper 9:04 am 04 Apr 12

Canberra always puts on its fair share of glorious mornings, especially in autumn and winter.

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